View from the Wing
Pay Anyone You Wish Via Credit Card and Earn Points for Less than Paypal Charges (Without Paypal’s Annoyances)

With lower fees, greater convenience, and seemingly less risk than Paypal, you can use a new service to send payments to anyone you wish and charge them to your credit... Read More

One Mile at a Time
SkyTeam Fare War Continues: Philadelphia To Europe ~$1,700 In Business Class This Summer

As both Ben and I mentioned on multiple occasions last week, it's a good time to buy a business class ticket to Europe for travel this summer, particularly if you want... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Delta Launches More New Service from Seattle

Delta recently announced that they would be expanding their Seattle service and their most latest announcement adds four new destinations which the airline will serve... Read More

Pizza in Motion
Citi ThankYou Premier Card Gets Better And How To Make Sure You Find The Best Price On Delta Awards. The Best of The Rest on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Citi ThankYou Premier Card increases in value and a tool to find the lowest price on Delta SkyMiles awards. The Best of the Rest... The post Citi ThankYou Premier Card... Read More

British Airways Offering First Class Complimentary Upgrades?

I received an email today from British Airways outlining a promotion that’s currently running through June 26th.  When you book a Club World return... Read More

Road Warriorette
Poll: Do you check your bag?

If you have read this blog for any period of time you’ve probably recognized my obsession with carrying on my suitcase whenever possible. It saves time, money, and... Read More

One Mile at a Time
A Singapore Airlines Plane Lost Both Engines And Kept Flying

Flightradar24 is reporting that Singapore Airlines flight 836 from Singapore to Shanghai suffered a double engine failure yesterday at cruising altitude. The flight was... Read More

Mommy Points
Purchase Hotel Points for 1/2 Cent Each Via Sale

Usually the best way to earn miles and points is by doing so via credit card sign-up bonuses or leveraging everyday tasks like shopping, eating, etc. to earn miles... Read More

View from the Wing
How US Airlines Benefit from Gulf Carrier Service

There's a tremendous interdependence between US airlines (which don't service the vast route network in India and surrounding countries that the Gulf airlines do) and... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
Lot Polish ORD and JFK Europe low fall fare sale in $400s

Star Alliance member LOT Polish has a fall fare sale from New York JFK and Chicago ORD to Europe with some airports in the $400s and $500s. Moscow is as low as $416... Read More

Heels First Travel
Birchbox Picks Announced for June

Just got the email with my “you choose” selection for the June Birchbox. A pretty good lineup and once again I’m torn about whether to choose one item... Read More

One Mile at a Time
The Most Likeable Celebrity I’ve Ever Flown With

When I talk to my non-frequent flyer friends about our hobby, one of the most common questions I get is "what celebrities have you flown with?" While I've flown with a... Read More
Should flight attendants prohibit passenger communications?

Karen Momsen-Evers, a Southwest Airlines passenger, received a text message from her husband shortly before her plane was to taxi that read, “Karen, please forgive... Read More

Loyalty Traveler
He travels the fastest who travels alone

Rudyard Kipling wrote the words “He travels the fastest who travels alone” in poetry. Bruce Springsteen wrote these words in the song Valentine’s Day,... Read More

Michael W Travels
Threats Cause Planes To Be Searched, One Gets Military Escort

Phone threats against airlines caused planes to be searched by authorities in Boston, JFK Airport in New York and at Newark Airport yesterday. One threat was credible... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
NYC Is Officially A No Catcall Zone

Nora Crotty at Yahoo! reports that New York City is now “officially” a no catcalling zone. She reports seeing the new signs posted more than 50 times around... Read More

Miles To Memories
Chase Ink Bonuses Lowered – But Here is a Working 60K Link

The offical bonus has now been reduced to 50K, but I havea working link to an application still giving 60K Ultimate Rewards points. The post Chase Ink Bonuses Lowered... Read More

View from the Wing
Buy Up to 160,000 Hilton Points for Just Half a Cent Apiece

Hilton is offering to sell HHonors points at the lowest price I've ever seen -- half a cent per point. That's actually a reasonable price, and one you can get a lot of... Read More

Economy Class & Beyond
BREAKING: Irish Government Agrees sale of share of Aer Lingus to IAG

Bit of breaking news, with the Irish Government is now in a position to dispose of its stake of Aer Lingus to International Airlines Group – the holding company of... Read More

Miles To Memories
São Paulo Guide – From a Local’s Perspective

A complete São Paulo Guide from a local's perspective. Find out about the food, safety, transport and what to do. The post São Paulo Guide – From a... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Review: SriLankan Business Class A330-200 Bangkok To Colombo

As soon as we arrived at the gate the passengers terminating their travels in Bangkok deplaned. A vast majority of passengers seemed to get off, including the one other... Read More

Trip Report: Aer Lingus business class meals best in class

Back in March, Aer Lingus invited TravelSkills along for the maiden voyage of a big green A330 outfitted with its new lie-flat business class seat and enhanced service.... Read More
Skip a leg and they’ll cancel your flight — but why?

If you miss one leg of a flight, can an airline really cancel the rest of your trip? Jacob Bozeman wants to know. And we want to help him. The post Skip a leg and... Read More

Heels First Travel
“Wang Had to Burn” and Other Hilarious Mistranslations

A friend posted this hilarious compilation of Chinese mistranslations to Facebook this morning. I don’t usually laugh out loud while reading things, but some of... Read More

Running with Miles
6 Reasons To Pick Turkish Airlines For Summer Travel

Tens of thousands of people will be traveling to Europe (and beyond) this summer, many because of the increased strength of the US Dollar. Finding travel in such a... Read More