Miles To Memories
Staples Is Selling $300 Visas Online & Why It Is A Bad Deal! (And a Good One!)

A detailed look at the new Staples $300 Visa gift cards including an analysis of why this is both a good deal and a bad one depending on your perspective. The post... Read More

Travel With Grant
Random News: $300 VGCs, $10 NetSpend Check Deposit, $15 RushCard Bonus, Free Shyp Pickup, Chime Card Offers & BankAmeriDeals

Good morning everyone, happy TGI Friday! Here are some random news items and deals that caught my attention this week. The best thing I learned was that Staples is now... Read More

View from the Wing
350 Free Starwood Points

Starwood is offering 150 points for updating security questions, and many can get 200 points for opting into emails. Continue reading 350 Free Starwood Points... Read More

Points With a Crew
REVISITED: I’m taking my bags in an airplane evacuation

Last month I wrote that in an airplane emergency, I planned to take my bags with me. This led to some.. interesting discussion. Now it's time to followup and examine... Read More

Travel Codex
Are Free Drinks a Reward or an Opportunity to Recognize Loyalty?

View from the Wing criticizes United’s new complimentary beverage policy for Premier 1K and Global Services members because it might mean fewer drinks overall, and... Read More

Rapid Travel Chai
Angola Cracks Open the Door on Tourist Visas, Here’s How to Get an Angola Visa

Angola famously has one of the toughest visa regimes in recent times. Those not formally invited for business face conflicting requirements and interminable waits for... Read More

Points, Miles & Martinis
Staples: Now $300 Visa Gift Cards Online

Staples is now selling $300 Visa gift cards online which is a better value then the $200 gift cards when you look at the percentage of the fees. The fee on the $300 gift... Read More

Heels First Travel
Powerless. One Travel Mistake I Didn’t Want to Make.

Every trip is a learning experience. I rarely make the same mistake twice, but it’s annoying to see how many mistakes are possible! My dad and I took our first... Read More

Deals We Like
New Perk of the Amex Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum credit card is getting a new perk – all card members (both primarily and authorized users) will receive Hilton Gold status. I... Read More

This new car rental idea will disrupt

It’s not new for rental car companies to offer a car delivery or customer pick-up service, but it may involve a trip back to their office to handle the paperwork.... Read More

Lufthansa Flyer
New Business Class Coming To Austrian? Yes, According to CCO

It looks like a new Business Class cabin is coming to Austrian long haul aircraft..... Read More

One Mile at a Time
Air Marshal Sues After Being Kicked Off Flight

We've seen tons of people in the airline industry on power trips post-9/11, be they flight attendants, TSA agents, or air marshals. Just about anything can be justified... Read More

Lufthansa Flyer
Strict Carry On Policy Enforcement Begins At AUSTRIAN….Beware!

AUSTRIAN has begun strict monitoring of Carry On Luggage as a result of the new fare structures within Europe. Be prepared to be inspected! Read More

View from the Wing
United’s New Domestic Free Drink Policy. Is It as Generous as You Think?

United now gives a free first drink to top elite frequent flyers seats in coach. But 1Ks and Global Services members were already getting free drinks (annual drink... Read More

Pet Policies on Flights

For most airline carriers, pets are accepted as a checked or carry-on baggage; however it is always important to check the terms and conditions before booking a flight.... Read More

Michael W Travels
Southwest Mocks Airline Fees, Giving Away 3 $250 Gift Cards

I’ve mentioned many times in the past how I like Southwest for their friendly customer service, unorthodox boarding procedure, no change fees and not charging bag... Read More

Rene's Points
Should you go for Delta Platinum Medallion status or stop short for rollover MQMs?

First things first. A number of folks have Gold Medallion status due to being gifted Gold status from a Diamond as a Choice Benefit. This post is not directed at you... Read More

One Mile at a Time
SAS Launching 737 Flights Between Boston And Copenhagen

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has announced some impressive international expansion lately. In 2016 they'll be growing their US route network by adding flights from... Read More

Frequent Miler
Bet You Didn’t Know: The Citibank ThankYou Business Card

By Julian, author of Devil’s Advocate…   A few weeks ago our friend Stefan over at Rapid Travel Chai wrote about the “zombie”... Read More

You Have Been Upgraded
REVIEW: Malaysia 737 Business Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi

Trip Report eines Malaysia Airlines Inlandsfluges in der BUSINESS CLASS! Read More

The Gate
Best Western Hotels & Resorts: Is Its New Brand Enough to Change Its Image?

Best Western International recently announced sweeping changes to its brand — including heralding a “completely new look” — and the changes are... Read More

New York to Dallas $178 & 5954MQMs at 2.9CPM Weekend +1 Delta Elite Mileage Run

OK this is just crazy. What is up with Dallas. To get even close to being UNDER 3CPM is just amazing. The best price is doing the run non-stop in a day-ish with a... Read More

Seattle to Alaska $241 & 7834MQMs at 3.1CPM weekend +1 Delta Elite Mileage Run

Only seeing once single date for this one and it is a red-eye on top of that at this low price. However, at just a smidgen over 3CPM this is an amazing price and it may... Read More

Michael W Travels
You DID NOT Win An All Expenses Paid Trip to Paris

A rather odd e-mail arrived in my inbox earlier in the day from Aeromexico. The random e-mail that I received from Aeromexico was in Spanish. When I signed up to... Read More

Points With a Crew
Well at least I’ve never lost a kid in a foreign country…

Top travel news - the truth about family travel (including losing children in a foreign country!), Amtrak card, customer service, getting the perfect flights to... Read More