UT vs. OU

This is the weekend that fans from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas meet in Dallas for the annual Red River Rivalry football game.

(A little trivia: almost nobody actually refers to the game as the Red River Rivalry. The correct name is the OU-Texas game.)

It’s a really big deal: the city is awash in red and orange, stores decorate for the game, the restaurants fill up, hotel rooms become hard to find.  It’s almost like a holiday.

I’m part of the Oklahoma expat community here in Dallas, so this weekend I’m busy with the game and playing host to friends from the Motherland.

This means that there won’t be the usual AAdvantage or AA related post, and instead, I’m having a Reader Giveaway!

Here’s your chance to win an either an American Airlines or a Cathay Pacific amenity kit. The Cathay Pacific kit was donated by a generous reader (and UT Longhorn fan). Thanks Mike H!

I’m making it easy to win the American Airlines kit, all you have to do is guess who will win the football game: OU (likely) or Texas (yeah right).

• I’ll have a random drawing on Monday to pick a winner.
You don’t have to guess the correct answer to win, all you have to do is leave a guess in the comments section.

To win the Cathay Pacific amenity kit, I’m making it a little more difficult:

• Place your guess with a winner  (just like above) and both teams’ score in the comments section.
• The closest to the actual score of the game wins.
• If we have a tie, whoever comes closest to guessing Oklahoma’s actual score, closest without going over, and then first received will be the tie breaking order.

The game will begin tomorrow (Saturday, October 13) at 11 AM Central, so you’ll have to enter by kickoff.  One entry per person.

Good luck and have a great weekend!

Go Sooners!

Photo: OU-Texas Game Day at the Cotton Bowl
Credit: cybertoad on Flickr

  • Andy said,

    I hate to say it, but I think texas wins 34-24

  • Sebastian said,

    Texas !

  • Sebastian said,

    Texas 32- OU 22

  • Bev Cooper Wright said,


  • Bev Cooper Wright said,

    Texas 24- OU 20

  • Kathryn said,

    I can’t go against my Sooners!! OU 24 Texas 22

  • Amy S said,

    OU of course!

  • Bryan Schmiedeler said,

    OU 31 Texas 14

  • Ralph L said,

    OU 31 Texas 27

  • Marilynn said,

    Texas 23 OU 20

  • Rongbiao Fu said,

    OU 23 – Texas 33

  • Desmond Gunatilaka said,

    Texas will win

  • GiGi jeffreys said,

    OU 31, Texas 28

  • Pointasaurus said,

    Oklahoma wins 17- Texas 14

  • Kenny said,

    UT – 24-17

  • Andrew said,

    Texas wins 28-24

  • Britt said,


  • Wis said,

    OU wins, 24-17

  • TAM said,

    OU Beats texas 38 – 28

  • Heather Buen said,

    Texas baby! 38 – 37

  • Cameron said,

    OU 24-UT 20

  • Ethan said,

    OU wins 24 to 14

  • Marc W said,

    Texas 25-22

  • Sy said,

    OU 23 – Texas 33

  • Erik E said,

    A little trivia for you: it’s the Red River Shoot Out and plenty of people refer to it as such . . .

  • Don T said,

    Go Horns! Texas wins.

  • Chris said,

    UO 21 – Texas 20

  • Frank said,

    OU over Texas 32-14

  • BunMama said,

    I believe it’s called the Texas-OU game. Grew up in Dallas. Hook ‘em Horns!!!

  • Patrick said,

    OU for the win, 28-24.

  • Lance said,

    Its called the Texas-OU game and Texas wins this year. 24-21

  • SF said,

    Texas 34, OU 17

  • Pratik said,

    OU !!

  • Bill n DC said,

    OC (Booby Stoops, former Hawkeye!) 38 texas 20

  • Kevin Brown said,

    OU (24) – Texas (10)

  • brl said,

    31-28 oklahoma, ps i know tons of UT fans that refer to as the red river shootout maybe its a texas thing

  • David E. said,


  • Monica H said,

    Sooners Hook ‘em! OU 31-Texas 28

  • FEV said,

    I’m going with Oklahoma over Texas, 34 to 30

  • Jacob said,

    Texas 28 – OU 24

    *And it’s the Texas-OU game

  • Jayhawk said,

    OU 27 TX 7

  • Christeen said,

    Oklahoma 35 Texas 21

  • Linda said,

    OU 28 Texas 21

  • Ari said,

    Boomer! OU 34 TX 31

  • Shannon M. said,

    Doh! OU 28 TX 31

  • Joel said,

    OU 24, Texas 20

  • gluedtothewindow said,

    OU 32, Texas 30

  • Charlotte said,

    Texas OU game (shame on whoever came up with Red River Rivalry or Shootout)

    Texas 34 OU 21

  • kaye said,

    OU 52 Texas 18

  • Jay said,

    Ou 45
    TU 24

  • TerryRH said,

    OU 28 TX 20

  • Johnny said,

    Texas in a surprising blow-out

  • J.F. said,

    “Damien Williams broke off a 95-yard touchdown run for the longest rush in Red River rivalry history, Blake Bell powered his way in for four TDs and No. 13 Oklahoma beat No. 15 Texas 63-21 Saturday for its second straight blowout in the series.”

  • Dave said,

    OU 32 TX 26

  • bruce said,

    41-28 OU

  • Barbara said,

    27-24 OU

  • Sarah said,

    34-10 OU

  • Sam said,

    31-21 OU

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