Hope you’re having lots of fun, food, and maybe even a nap!

I hope this is waiting for me under the Christmas tree: a remote control Airbus A-380 (of course, rather than Singapore Airlines, I want my A-380 painted with the livery of oneworld member British Airways)!

Fast forward to 2:20 to watch it take off.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Points Traveler said,

    That is awesome! You are gonna need a really big tree to fit that under!!!

  • Levy Flight said,

    Well, that is very cool. I guess the control transmitter is the limiting factor on range. Wonder if they have a return to home fail safe if loose connection. Nice landing! Also, love the sound of the engines.

  • Ozaer N. said,

    That was one of the best ones I have ever seen!!! We need to book this guy for the next FTU!

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