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The latest and most lucrative travel offers, in-depth analysis of frequent flyer miles and points programs, insights that will make your next trip more rewarding — it's all on BoardingArea.

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Featured BoardingArea Blogs

  • The Wandering Aramean
    The stories brought home by his traveling father planted a desire in The Wandering Aramean to see, feel, taste, touch, hear and truly experience the world. Now he shares his own collection of stories from his life on the road with all of us.
  • Fly and Dine
    Fly and Dine aims to give readers a comprehensive view of dining in relation to air travel. It covers food options in the air, at the terminal, and on the ground.
  • Jeffsetter
    Free World Traveler - Travel Deals, Using Points and Miles and Travel Advice
  • Point Me to the Plane
    A young professional's perspective on the latest point offers, industry news, and redemption opportunities.
  • Hack My Trip
    You don't need to be an international globetrotter to benefit from travel hacking.
  • Extra Pack of Peanuts
    Travel Frequent, Travel Far, Travel Free
  • Frequent Miler
    Join me in the search for the Perfect Perpetual Point Machine.
  • Delta Points
    Delta Points shares tips and hints on how to fly 'in front of the curtain' on all your upcoming Delta flights. Learn from René's 10+ years of flying Delta Airlines and how to enjoy the Delta travel experience!
  • Points, Miles & Martinis
    The Weekly Flyer focuses on all topics relating to travel, reward program points/miles and helping readers travel better.
  • Mommy Points
    Authored by a mother who is "obsessed with both maximizing point earning and usage for my own family and helping you do it with yours," Mommy Points is a great read for parents who want to give their children the world.
  • Marshall Jackson on Travel
    Marshall is a former airline guy turned professional frequent traveler. His shared experiences from life on the road coupled with his insider knowlege gained from 10 years in the airline industry make for an informative and entertaining read.
  • UnRoadWarrior
    The UnRoadWarrior provides Practical Tips for Frequent Flyers to Maximize your Airline Miles and Hotel Points and make the most of the Loyalty Programs you participate in.
  • Road Warriorette
    A twenty-something professional woman who travels for work. A lot. She does her best to give advice, observations, and insight to women who travel for work, or for fun, or who would like to travel more.
  • Frequently Flying
    Having worked for United Airlines & other travel industry companies, Darren brings a unique perspective to his Frequently Flying blog featuring airline, hotel and travel industry news, reviews and opinions.
  • Deals We Like
    Deals We Like is passionate about finding and sharing the best tips, tricks and travel deals that will help you earn maximum miles and points.
  • Flying With Fish
    Steven Frischling, aka: Fish, is a self employed photographer, and founder of The Travel Strategist, who has flown approximately 1,000,000 miles since he began to track his mileage in 2005.
  • Loyalty Traveler
    Among the vast number of travel accommodation options, this loyalty traveler looks into the value of hotel frequent guest programs for strategies to stay and save in the world of high-cost hotels.
  • One Mile At A Time
    This recent college graduate travels more than 180,000 miles a year, and shares some of his tips and tricks, as well as some of the more interesting parts of his travels, regarding both the journey and destination.
  • View from the Wing
    Gary, a frequent traveler and chief financial officer of a university research center in Washington, writes and comments on changes and developments in the travel industry. He includes the latest airline and hotel offers you don't want to miss out on and recommends the best mileage earning credit cards.

More BoardingArea Blogs

  • You Have Been Upgraded
    Auf der Suche nach guten Upgrades, guten Hotels und Luxus. Das Motto: Bevor ich Langstrecke Economy fliege, bleibe ich zu Hause
  • Lufthansa Flyer
    Lufthansa Flyer is dedicated to following the Lufthansa Group of airlines and help travelers maximize their Lufthansa experiences.
  • Fammi Volare
    notizie, dritte e racconti dai cieli; passione e business di chi viaggia e vola news, hints and tales from the skies; travellers and flyers passion and business
  • InsideFlyer Blog
    InsideFlyer has been around since 1986 as the first of its kind to provide a complete rundown of airline, hotel, car rental and credit card news; frequent travel program reviews; interviews with newsmakers; long-format feature stories and a host of other special features of interest to the road warrior / frequent flyer.
  • Frequent Flyer University
    The one goal of Frequent Flyer University is to help everyday people earn miles so they can travel around the World for free.
  • Maltapoints
    Maltapoints is dedicated to earning and maximising the value of frequent flyer points for people based in, or who regularly travel to, Malta and Southern Europe.
  • Running with Miles
    Running more races in more places for less!
  • Points & Pixie Dust
    Points & Pixie Dust is a luxury bargain and travel blog...a roadmap for those who live the high/low lifestyle. The blog has a community of enthusiastic, style-conscious trend-setters who love to travel, shop, and discover new things.
  • Plane 'n Simple
    Miles to go before I sleep
  • Heels First Travel
    Sophisticated Travel. Uncomplicated Advice
  • Michael W Travels
    Keeping you informed about most things travel
  • Points to be Made
    A European blog on maximising loyalty programmes.
  • Canadian Kilometers
    Points, Miles, and Travel for those north (and south) of the 49th Parallel.
  • modhop
    Travel upgrades, reviewed
  • Just Another Points Traveler
    I am just an average gal without access to a multi-million dollar hedge fund to allow me to travel abroad several times a year, hence I rely (heavily) upon opportunities that allow me to travel for sometimes close to nada.
  • The Military Frequent Flyer
    Listen up Troops! You are about to receive a series of highly unclassified briefings on frequent flyer miles from a senior Army officer who has over 26 years in the service, has flown all over the world and has accumulated millions of miles.
  • Rapid Travel Chai
    Planning and research is the key to seeing the world in a hurry. Rapid Travel Chai will help you build your own travel skills so that you can have 'trips of a lifetime' without anyone knowing you were gone.
  • Wild About Travel
    Martin J Cowling is Wild About Travel. He has experienced boat travel and train travel on or between five continents and buses plus cars everywhere - and he enjoys rating it all and sharing those ratings with you.
  • Miles from Blighty
    Miles from Blighty offers a different look at Miles and Points, from the other side of the Atlantic. It's an in-depth review of the current world of travel from an Old World perspective.
  • Ghetto IFE
    If you like your frequent flyer news with a side of slightly twisted humor, then Ghetto IFE is for you.
  • Live from a Lounge
    AJ is a financial services professional based in Mumbai, India. He frequently travels within India and also in Europe and Asia on work, and would go to any lovely place for a vacation (including Antarctica!). This blog is a collection of raves, rants and all things travelling from the other side of the globe.
  • AAdvantageGeek
    Thanks to the American AAdvantage program, the AAdvantageGeek has been privileged to ride in first and business class to far-off cities and distant countries, all on miles, and all while enjoying copious amounts of Dr. Pepper and listening to in-flight announcements spoken in a Texas twang.
  • MilesQuest
    Jason works in international business. He has traveled to 21 countries and quickly began to turn his love of travel into a full blown obsession of aquiring points and miles. This all lead to his blog MilesQuest.
  • Fly Gracefully
    A flying addict sharing her stories so you can either learn from her experience or teach her where she goes wrong.
  • Pearls of Travel Wisdom
    Pearls of Travel Wisdom and its companion website, were founded by Carol Margolis, a wel-traveled consultant, businesswoman and international speaker who has collected countless pearls of travel wisdom over many years.
  • The Skeptical Traveler
    The Skeptical Traveler selfishly enjoys sharing humorous stories of his many travel adventures, as well as tales that you will find entertaining if only because they happened to him and not you.