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Yes, Quokka made it as a Qantas aeroplane name!

I love the fact that Qantas names their planes. It is a custom that dates back to the very first small planes that bore the Qantas name back in the 1920s.  For... Read More

Angelina Travels
JetBlue Unveils Brand New EatUp Snack Boxes

This afternoon, I had a chance to drop by the JetBlue HQ to preview (and sample) the 4 new EatUp snack boxes that will soon be available to purchase on JetBlue flights!... Read More

United’s NYC taxi tip: Newark is quicker

United Airlines has kicked off a clever advertising campaign to convince NYC travelers they should fly out of its Newark hub instead of JFK Airport. The airline has put... Read More

Angelina Travels
T-Mobile Tuesday: $20 Music Credit From Amazon

T-Mobile is a great provider in more ways than one, and I especially love the weekly freebies with “T-Mobile Tuesday”.  This week on the T-Mobile... Read More

Travel Codex
Chicago O’Hare Improves International Connectivity with New Terminal Bus

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has introduced a new shuttle service that will make flight connections substantially easier this summer for passengers... Read More

Wild About Travel
Inside Voices Please

I have just endured two four hour journeys listening to people shout at each other in a confined space. The context was I was travelling on a train in an Asian country... Read More

Point Me to the Plane
You can now use SkyMiles to book Delta premium select

Delta upgraded its website over the weekend. While the changes are subtle, the site now includes one entirely new feature: Delta Premium Select (premium economy) fares,... Read More