One of my favorite promotions of this year is back! Wyndham is again offering 16,000 points for each stay at 20 of their hotels up to three stays. The promotion that ended October 6 seemed to be targeted and you had to receive the promotional email to earn the bonus points (at least that’s what the representatives told me on the phone, anyone have a different experience?), but the terms of this new promotion have left out that clause, so my assumption is that it is open to anyone and everyone.

How to take advantage of this promotion: Stay at one of the 20 participating hotels and receive 16,000 points after your first stay (up to three stays) through December 31, 2012. Per the terms of the Wyndham Rewards program, no-show stays will still be awarded points, so you can easily “stay” at a hotel from the comfort of your own home. During the last round of this promotion, some hotels were canceling stays and not charging the credit card for no shows (specifically the one in Orlando).

My experience: I took full advantage of this promotion during the last go around and had two stays at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Chicago-Schaumburg and one stay at the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Hartford Meriden (which actually is a decent highway hotel near Hartford). Since I stayed during the 4x point/mile promotion (that is now over), I earned a total of 48,000 Wyndham points and 5,400 Southwest points. I had my stays credited to miles instead of points and with Hawthorn hotels you earn 600 Southwest points per stay (typically 500 miles if crediting to another airline). The 5,400 Southwest points alone is worth $90 towards Southwest travel, and the 48,000 Wyndham points can be transferred to 14,400 Southwest Rapid Reward points, worth $220. For my three stays I will ultimately end up with $320 in Southwest points. I spent $184.75 out of pocket, so will end up with $145 of free money with Southwest! You can read more about my experience and my success in this prior blog post.

The main reason I selected Southwest is because once I transfer the Wyndham Reward points to the Southwest Rapid Rewards program, those points will count towards Companion Pass status (at least of today – this could always change). I currently have a Southwest Companion pass, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, so will wait to next year to transfer these points over.

Instead of Southwest points, you can select another airline to transfer your points to instead, i.e., United, American, etc. For these options, the 48,000 Wyndham points earned after the three stays will transfer over as 19,200 miles. You can see all of Wyndham’s mileage partners here. Additionally, you can use those 16,000 Wyndham points for hotel stays as well. A night at the Ramada in NYC will cost you about $300 (which is ridiculous, but true!) or you can use your 16,000 points! Not a bad ROI to spend $50-$60 on bonus points when you can then redeem for a night in NYC! While I haven’t stayed at this hotel the reviews on TripAdvisor are actually great!

You can also double dip this 16,000 point promotion with the general Fall promotion where you will earn 5,500 bonus points or 1,000 bonus miles after your 2nd and 4th stay (capped at 11,000 points and 2,000 miles). This promotion is good through November 26, 2012 and you must register prior to your stay. I can vouch that the double points will post because during the last go-around my mom’s last two stays overlapped with this promotion and all points posted.

Some things to note: First off, my 16,000 points from the previous promotion have still not posted! I’ve called Wyndham about this and they say they cannot do anything until it has been 8 weeks since the stay posted to my account, so I have 5 more days to wait. My mom’s points, however, did post within a week or two of each stay. Also, all point earning stays seem to work with this promotion – pre-paid rates, AAA, AARP, etc. The Chase Freedom card also has 5% cash back/5x points during its Q4 rotating categories.

I will absolutely be taking advantage of this promotion again, and suggest this is not one you gloss over. The hotels average about $75/night, but I’ll personally be looking for a hotel more in the $40-$50 hotel range to take advantage. My goal is to not spend more than $160 on this promotion including tax.

Thanks to View from the Wing for letting me know this promotion is on again!

  • BothofUs2 said,

    Thanks for this! How quick are the points transfers to airlines in your experience?

  • CCHuang said,

    Did the Orlando one also cancel the pre-paid rate reservations when no-show?

  • Dan said,

    Great post for those of us in the DC metro area since there are so many cheap Wyndham hotels in the area. Got my stays booked at a Days Inn 1/4 mile from my apartment.

  • Dan said,

    Now that I have read the fine print I retract my prior comment. Will have to stay at the one in CT on my trip there.

  • MJM said,

    @Dan, check the link as it is only 20 specific hotels in the whole USA that count for this.

  • Veen said,

    @Dan – this promotion is for stay in 20 participating location only (not all of them) – I see no participating Days Inn … plz check :)

  • CU said,

    thanks for a great post; I am definitely doing this!

  • Tonei G said,

    If you’re not looking to actually use the hotel nights, it looks like the Florida hotel is the cheapest – $52.83 after tax.

  • Tonei G said,

    Also, BigCrumbs offers 2.1% cash back at Wyndham.

  • Tonei G said,

    Sorry for the multiple comments…just noticed that it may be worth the extra few $ to pick up the Best Available + 1000 points rate – at least at the dates I’m looking at for the Florida hotel, it’s $8.50 more expensive, but 1000 points is worth $16.66 in Southwest credit.

  • Todd said,

    If a family member earns the Wyndham points, can they be converted into miles for ME, or only for that family member?

  • dealswelike said,

    @Tonei G – Unfortunately, Wyndham Reward points do not transfer as 1:1 ratio. You will receive the extra 1,000 points as 1,000 Wyndham Reward points and then will need to transfer them to Southwest or another airline partner. Transfers can only be made in increments of 8,000 points. But ultimately 1,000 points transfers to 300 Southwest Rapid Reward points, which is worth $5 in Southwest credit. If you transfer to another airline, those 1,000 points ultimately transfer as 400 miles.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Todd – Currently, you are able to transfer your Wyndham points into another family members frequent flyer account.

  • Tonei G said,

    @dealswelike Yeah, I just realized that.

  • David said,

    3 one night stays is not the same as one 3-night stay, correct? the latter only nets 16k pts?

  • dealswelike said,

    @David – that is correct. Your stays cannot be back to back.

  • David said,

    thanks dealswelike!

  • dealswelike said,

    @David – You’re welcome!

  • KevininRI said,

    The eligibility is a little fuzzy though if you participated in the previous promotion which ended 10/6. The new promotion runs between 9/12/12 and 12/31/12. I had 3 stays from the previous promotion, but two of them were between 9/12 and 10/6 (9/27 and 9/30). Does that mean I’m only eligible to get one more stay for this promotion instead of the full 3? Or do they not count the other 2 that counted for the previous promotion?

  • dealswelike said,

    @KevininRI – I noticed that as well and agree that the terms are definitely fuzzy. I personally will be waiting till we here a little more about the promotions to have my stays since I as well participated in the last one.

  • Yi said,

    I participated in the last promotion ending on Oct 6 with 3 no show stays. I got all the base and promotional 16K*3 points.

    Still wondering if I could also take advantage of this once again? There are overlapping days between these two promotions. I doubt they are the same one, because each gets their own names and webpages.

    The old one is called “One Stay = A FREE night on us!”:

    The new one is “Limited time FREE Night Bonus”:

    I noticed in the urls, it is “partner=bonus16″ in the new one and “partner=hotel20″ in the old one. May this be something like promotional rate code or something?

  • Nathan said,

    Can anyone list the conversation rate for the partners? I don’t have enough points so it won’t show me.

  • BostonSun said,

    thepointsguy is reporting that this is targeted.. have you heard anything similar??

  • Nick Knight said,

    I wrote them on Facebook about this. They gave me an email, and told me they would look it up. I never heard back. I have never scene a company this large be so unprofessional. Amazing.

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