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Another year, another Mothers Day.  Happy Mothers Day to all the traveling moms (and just all moms) out there. On this Mothers Day the Deals family has a very special announcement…

First, a few questions. What’s the youngest age you can acquire a passport? Are you eligible to start earning points even while on your parents lap?

You guessed it folks, a Baby Deals is on the way! In just a few short weeks, Baby Deals will be entering the world with the goal of being the youngest person with Platinum Status, ever. In fact, I’m busy figuring out ways I can get Baby Deals on the fast track to status with all the hotel/airline groups. I think Southwest should have a companion +1 pass eligible for babies.

Now I know what a bunch of you are thinking, ‘great another kid in the skies that will be crying and screaming all flight.’ I don’t know why you would think that way as I know a lot of you have status and fly business or first. We are usually at the back of the plane, not to worry. Otherwise, I’ll be the guy with a bag of earplugs if you can’t deal with it.

Even with a baby on the way, I won’t forget about my loyal readers (even though I have been for a few weeks). In fact, Mrs. Deals said I could be acting CEO of while she’s in the hospital. I was honored and then asked what my normal role was. I didn’t get an answer.

Oh well. Look out for some posts with how Mrs. Deals is going crazy maximizing deals on diaper purchases and whatever else this little nugget needs. I have a feeling Baby Deals is going to be very valuable with providing extra points on our credit cards.

Happy Mothers Day!

  • mommypoints said,

    Can’t wait and so excited for you guys. Happy Mother’s Day and many more to come!

  • Elena said,

    Congrats on your future bundle of joy :)

  • Theresa said,

    So happy for you…congrats!!

  • Deb said,

    Mabel Tov!

  • Deb said,

    Oops. Mazel Tov!

  • Joseph said,

    you have no idea how excited my wife and I are to hear that! My bride is due at the end of August and we are looking at possibly giving the little man his first international trip during Christmas! I accept your challenge of “being the youngest person with Platinum Status, ever”! Bring it on!

    -and btw, you guys can get Baby Deals their first pasport the day the birth certificate shows up ;-) already looked into it

  • dealswelike said,

    @Joseph – congrats to you too!

  • Ryan H said,


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