Starting August 20, 2013, AirTran is changing the fees charged to passengers changing and canceling their flights. I personally hate the high fees all airlines impose, but I will say AirTran has been somewhat reasonable up until now. The new fees will start to be in par with the other major carriers, unfortunately.

Here is the new policy:

  • Canceling a flight:¬†$150 fee per passenger. The remaining balance will be placed in a credit file, which may be used for future bookings for up to one year from the date of the original booking.¬†Failure to cancel reservations one hour prior to departure will result in the forfeiture of airfare. Currently, this fee is $75 per passenger.
  • Changing a flight: $150 fee per passenger.¬†Customers not sure of which flight they may want also have the option of placing unused airfare in a credit file for one year from the date of the original itinerary booking, for a fee of $75. Currently, this fee is $75 per passenger.
  • Changes at the airport on day of travel (2 options – this fee is NOT changing)
    • Confirmed change: Based on space availability, customers may reserve a confirmed seat on an earlier flight to the same destination for $50 per person per segment
    • Standby: Standby for another flight to the same destination at no charge.

While some other airlines have increased their change/cancellation fees by 25% to a ridiculous $200, AirTran is doubling these fees which I find a lot!

Just make sure if you have to change or cancel a flight you do so by August 20, 2013 to keep some of the flight cost for a future flight.

  • dhammer53 said,

    Considering they’re owned by Southwest,this may spell trouble down the road for Southwest flyers.

  • JL100 said,

    That’s exactly what I was thinking…

  • AlohaDaveKennedy said,

    Afraid the old Southwest is long gone, as is their renowned customer loyalty. Long live the new Delta!

  • Eric O. said,

    I really don’t think SWA will adopt AirTran’s fees once it fully converts everything to SWA. If they did they would have made the changes already. I think they are just trying to make as much money as possible from fees while they can.

  • Gary said,

    FYI, all you have to do is book the flight on Southwest’s website (exactly same flights on AirTran) and you get the SWA policy on change fees and baggage charges. Any educated flyer would not book on AirTran.

  • Jayson said,


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