This is a reminder that the $50 ExtraCare Bucks at CVS ends today! I originally broke the news first thing Sunday morning when this went live and there are a few other promotions too on gift cards for Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy and iTunes. There are probably a decent number of stores that have sold out of these PayPal cards, but they are still out there. If your store is sold out ask if you can get a raincheck. They are not required to give you a raincheck on gift card ECB promotions, but it never hurts to ask! 

UPDATE #1: I can confirm you can get 2 per account, just do 2 different transactions.

UPDATE #2: If you do not unload the $150 within a short time you will be charged $4.95 maintenance fee. I purchased the cards about 9am Sunday night and the next morning when I went to activate some of the cards I saw my balance was down $4.95. Still $40 profit of ECB, but just an FYI!

UPDATE #3: If you are looking to purchase a bunch of these it takes some effort. I personally am having some difficulty! If you aren’t willing to put in the effort, I suggest only purchasing one. There is a limit of three cards per SS#.

This morning I wrote about a bunch of CVS deals where you will get ExtraCare Bucks (ECBs) for certain purchases, included PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCards. The deal is if you purchase a this PayPal card and load $150 on it you will receive $50 ExtraCare bucks printed on your receipt. I noticed this deal earlier last week as I always skim the upcoming CVS ads and was so excited when this actually went live today!

At the time I wrote about the deal I had not yet visited CVS to make my purchase. I live in NYC and unfortunately the CVS’s in NYC have only a handful of deals compared to the suburbs. Luckily though, I made the drive up to Boston today and was able to stop at a CVS along the way.

So here are some FAQs about the deal:

Question: This deal is not in my CVS’s circular, does it still apply?

Answer: There was an error in many CVS’s where even though the deal is stated in the online circular it was not printed in the store circular. To see if it is available in your CVS, check online and enter your zip code to see. If it is available in your CVS then the $50 ECB will still print.

Question: How many PayPal cards can I purchase and get the $50 ECBs?

Answer: The deal is limited to one per CVS card. Although I read somewhere that folks were having luck getting 2 per card if they made the purchase with two separate transactions. Anyone have luck with that? Update: I just went back to my local CVS and was able to get a 2nd card with $50 ECB with the same account. Just make sure to make the two purchases under different transactions.

Questions: How many Reloadable Prepaid Mastercards can I add to one PayPal account?

Answer: Three. You will need to give your SS# when activating.

Question: When do ExtraCare Bucks expire?

Answer: The $50 will expire one month from the date it was earned. You will then need to use the $50 on a future CVS purchase of $50 or more in a single transaction. There are actually a lot of free after ECB items at CVS right now so you can use the $50 for those items and then get smaller amount of ECBs.

Question: Can I use ExtraCare Bucks on a gift card?

Answer: Unfortunately no. If you were then looking to purchase a $100 Gap gift card for example (since you get $25 ECB right now with this purchase), the $50 cannot be applied.

How I took advantage of this deal?

I purchased 1 $150 PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard for $4.95 totaling $159.95. On my receipt a $50 ExtraCare buck printed which I will probably end up using tonight or tomorrow easily. The card fees state that there is monthly fees of $4.95 and the first fee is deducted from the card account within 36 hours of purchase. To avoid this fee I wanted to immediately use the amount. I first registered my card and once activated unloaded it via Amazon Payments. On Amazon Payments I added the MasterCard as a payment type and then paid my husband $150.

Upon registering I also saw that there is a referral for the card of $5, for both the referrer and referee (as long as the referee adds at least $10 onto their card). When signing up for an account and activating your card you might as well use a referral to get $5 for free and balance out the $4.95 paid for the card. Feel free to leave your referral code in the comments section. If you want to use my referral code, which of course is always appreciated, mine is: 3819876210

How much free money will you end up with at CVS?

So if you use a referral code and unload the card immediately you can end up with $50 for FREE items at CVS!

This is one you should ABSOLUTELY take advantage of and not pass up. This is easy breezy free money.

  • Mr. Cool said,

    so what happens to the funds to send to your husband via amazon payments please? are those funds only usable on amazon & no place else? they cannot be transferred electronically to a bank account, right? thanks

  • Jessica said,

    What do you do with the PayPal MasterCard after you use it? Do you just cancel the card? Is there a fee for that? Is there a fee is you keep it open but do not use it or have any money on it?

  • Stephanie said,

    Confirm you can get two cards per CVS card. The receipt you get from purchasing the second card will state “$300.00 – Offer limit reached.”

    Also, it’s been reported on Slickdeals that if you empty the balance, you will not be charged any inactivity fees.

  • Stephanie said,

    @Mr. Cool – once you send funds to an AP account, you can withdraw the funds into a bank account. You can transfer up to $1,000/month without fees with Amazon. Another option is Google Wallet, which apparently has a promo for no fees for the first $250 transferred.

  • Meghanb904 said,

    To answer your question of how many you can buy…even though the terms and conditions say 1 per household, the cashier pointed out that it says on the bottom of the receipt “Amount needed to earn next reward: $150.” So I bought a second card in a separate transaction and the extrabucks did not automatically print. However, the cashier honored the deal and manually printed me two $25 extra bucks vouchers. She said I could buy as many as I would like, but I wanted to see how easy it was to liquidate these before I splurged.

  • Miles said,

    You write, “I purchased 1 $150 PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard.” Were they marked as $150?

    The cards I saw at my local CVS did not have “$150″ printed on them, or any other amount other than the $4.95 purchase price.

  • Trudy said,

    I bought the card this am on a whim without having a way to cash it out. Besides amazon payments, do you have any advice on how to cash this out. I have a bluebird and do mo at walmart . Have a couple regular bank accounts but nothing else. Prob too late to save the 4.95 but would appreciate advise on how to zero this out quickly. Thanks.

  • Meghanb904 said,

    I used your referral code. For those who want to pay it forward, my referral code is 2222987035

  • carol said,

    don’t think this is valid in NYC! :(

  • dealswelike said,

    @Miles – It is similar to Vanilla Reload cards where you tell them the amount you want on the card. You can load up to $500 on the card.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Mr. Cool – With Amazon Payments you can then withdraw the funds to your linked checking account.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Carol – Unfortunately it is not :(

  • Debbie said,

    if I already have a reloadable vanilla pre-paid pay pal master card can I just put the money on it and get the same deal?

  • George said,

    Can you buy these with a CC?

  • SF said,

    Is the PayPal Mastercard Debit a true debit … can you setup a PIN? Wondering if I could use it to load to BB? If not, it’s not the end of the world … I can always use the PayPal balance for regular purchases.

  • Bob said,


    It worked like a charm. I used Magan’s referal code. If someone wants to pass along the karma, my referral code is 6889773177

    Thank you,

  • Stephanie said,

    @SF – Setting a PIN is one of the registration steps. I can confirm it loads to BB; tried it myself. Max load is $100/day, though, so you’d have $50 leftover for another day.

  • Daniel said,

    Do you need to provide your SSN when you activate it? I think you need to cancel the card to permanently avoid the monthly charge. I am hesitant to provide SSN and physical address to obtain 50 ECB. Thanks.

  • Yi Ding said,

    Does the Amazon Payment hold 1 dollar for adding the card?

  • Venkata said,

    I used Bob’s referral code. If some one wants, my referral code is 8404409249

  • Shawn said,

    Are there other options than Amazon Payments? Can I load it to my PayPal account directly?

  • Ron said,

    Am I the only one who has maxed out their BB and AP limits for the month? Well me and the family, that’s $24k, lol. I have to wait until next month to liquidate the funds.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Daniel – Yes you do need to give SSN.

  • Rob said,

    Can I just load the Paypal prepaid card funds to my Paypal account and withdraw it to my bank account?

  • Mike said,

    @Rob I tried and failed this method… “Money CANNOT be transferred from your PayPal Prepaid Card to your PayPal Account.”

    Please feel free to use my referral code: 8297542227

  • Kyle said,

    Can the card be used as a regular cc without registering? Or do you have to register before using it?

  • Kadence said,

    “At this time we are unable to complete validation of the information you provided. In order to use your Account, we must be able to complete verification of Cardholder’s information. Please call our Customer Service department at 1-866-753-6440 for more information.”

  • Scooter said,

    stopped by several cvs stores around chicago, but all said they never had PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCards for sale

  • Larry said,

    I was loving this deal when I went out to CVS on my lunch hour and got my $40 or $45 worth of free stuff but am hating it now that, after online activation I still can’t use the card for any purchases or Amazon payments and on a looooong hold with customer service. If Paypal ran this promo to get some brand awareness they did a great job about promoting a pathetic card with usurious fees and lousy customer service.

  • Scooter said,

    Out of curiosity, did anyone find PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCards for sale at any CVS stores in Chicago or suburbs?

  • Chris said,

    Worked for me in DC

  • Jen said,

    Worked for me in NC. The cashier said that was the biggest ExtraBucks amount she’s ever seen. I loaded up on cold meds :) I used the referral code above but if anyone wants to use mine, it’s 3024889470. Thanks!

  • Mike said,

    I stopped by my local CVS in STL and was told that the ad was a mistake and that they were not honoring it :(

  • Jordan said,

    You can for sure do this in 2 separate transactions. Where do I find my referral code?

    I used Jen twice

  • Diego said,

    @Jen, Used your referral code. If anyone wants to spread the holiday cheer. Mine is 3186721680

  • dealswelike said,

    @Mike – If you purchase it, the system automatically spits out a $50 ECB on your receipt. It does not require the cashier to manually do anything, so the $50 absolutely should be yours.

  • dealswelike said,

    @Larry – I agree, this promo does take effort.

  • Mr. Cool said,

    @diego ..used your referral code.
    if any wants to use my referral code its: 5642840712

  • Jen said,

    @Jordan, once you activate it and open up your account to manage it, there’s a link on the left titled “Refer a Friend”. You’ll see your referral code in here. Thanks for using my code. @Diego, thanks for using it too.

    Does anyone know where the referral bonuses show up? Would it be on our card or in our PayPal accounts?

    Stinks they tack on that $4.95 plan fee so quickly. I was hoping to send mine through Amazon Payments as soon as I got it yesterday, but I already hit the max for this month.

  • Jordan said,

    @Jen: I received an email this morning saying that the referral I used from you made was not eligable for a bonus…unfortunatly. I also didnt activate an account, just my card and tried to unload it right away.

    I purchased my cards around 9PM last night and i unloaded $100 via BB, unfortunatly my AP was maxed. When i woke up this morning around 7:15 AM paypal had already deducted the 4.95 account fee. Just a heads up that you should act very quickly in unloading to avoid the fee, either way ill take $100 to CVS for $20 charge.

  • Jen said,

    @Jordan, one of your cards went through. It looks like you can definitely get two cards, but only one bonus.

    “IN ORDER FOR you BOTH TO receive the $5 bonus, Jordan needs TO ADD AT least $10 TO their new PayPal Prepaid account.”

    Would this be in addition to the $150 you already loaded on your card? Under my referral info, it says the card was funded so we both receive the bonus, but it has $0 listed as the bonus earned. WTF? Anyone have any information on the bonus?

  • dealswelike said,

    @Jen – When reading the terms of the referral bonus, it looks like to get the bonus you must receive the physical card in the mail and activate it first.

  • KARA said,

    I cant find it available on long island at any CVS :-(

  • Catherine said,

    Thanks for the info! Referral code 8846713741

  • Jane said,

    I can’t find the PayPal Reloadable Prepaid MasterCards for sale in CVS anywhere in Illinois.

  • Peter said,

    Thanks so much to let me know this deal. I gave you 2 credits for the refer bonus.

  • Jordan said,

    @DEALSWELIKE @JEN so does this mean nobody will actually be receiving the referral money?

    It may say it worked, but the money will not show up? Please correct me if i am wrong. Either way i will take $100 to CVS for a cost of $10

  • Mr. Cool said,

    @Jordan ..more like 100 CVS bucks for $20 real bucks.. $4.95/card @ purchase, then paypal steals another $4.95 monthly fee.

    still not bad, but do you buy at CVS for $50 sans “tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions, gift cards”.. overpriced paper towels? looks like im buying deodorant for the next 26 months

  • dealswelike said,

    @Mr. Cool – I personally make purchases at CVS daily. I have already used all of the $50 ECB coupons I received on formula – they are on sale this week, plus manufactures coupons, plus CVS coupons make it a great deal!

  • dealswelike said,

    @Jordan – I have a hunch the referral money doesn’t show up until the person receives the physical card in the mail and activates it. This is just my gut feeling, but I could be wrong. As you said, free CVS money is still great even if the referral doesn’t post.

  • Mr. Cool said,

    well i stumbled onto an unexpected purchase opportunity with my $50 ($40 after fees) coupon…. the ALCOHAWK breathalyzer! next stop = white-girl-wasted

  • Devon said,

    My CVS online doesn’t show this $50 or the $25 GAP bonuses either. Is that an error or what?

  • dealswelike said,

    @Devon – Where are you located?

  • Devon said,

    Louisville, KY 40299

  • Diego said,

    @Mr. Cool- Awesome, Thanks!!
    @Jen- My pleasure!
    Happy shopping!

  • Kevin said,

    I went to one CVS and they didn’t have any cards. I went to another one and picked up one. I was inquiring with the cashier if these were indeed on promo as this CVS lacked signage. The lady in line heard me asking the cashier about the promo. She asked me what the promo was and I told her. She went and bought the last card! LOL!

  • Nicole @ Liberty Belles said,

    thanks for the post! used your referral code – if anyone feels generous here’s mine: 1962108889

    happy holidays!

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