I have four available GoGo Internet passes which I am giving away to my loyal readers! Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, I was pretty obsessed with it the past week so will keep with the theme to enter.

To enter: Comment on the blog letting me know what crazy thing you did or what great deal you got on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can enter two ways: 1) Commenting on THIS BLOG post, or 2) Tweeting me using hashtag #dealswelikeBFCM. I will pick two winners from each method, so in theory you could win twice! You have until Sunday night (December 8, 2013 11:59pm EST) to enter. I will announce the winners Monday.


  • To redeem the coupon you must have a Facebook account (just the way the coupons word)
  • The Promo code is valid for flight pass or any single use GOGO product on any domestic togo equipped flight on any out GoGo’s partner airlines (Air Canada, Airtran, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, United, US Airways, Virgin America).
  • Code expires June 30, 2014

Thank you to reader Meghan for sending these to me to give away!

  • Joey said,

    I got an ipad from best buy and combined it with the amex sync deal

  • Wei said,

    Got the la prairie deals and the gifts are much more expensive than what I bought! One of the cream cost $1240 for a 50ml, isn’t that crazy!

  • Jon said,

    Not exactly Black Friday but got round trip New York to Milan for 260!

  • Josh Epstein said,

    Got our first set of baby furniture. Store called Behrs in Long Island had a special Black Friday sale. Oh and we also picked up a cool new 55 inch Samsung Smart TV and I got the new Bose wireless headphones. #blackfridaydeals

  • Matt P said,

    Love this site! Got a wifi laser printer for 25 bucks on Black Friday!

  • Noah said,

    $400 shopping spree for new work clothes. then signed up and redeemed the AMEX + Amazon offer 3 times!

  • Jim F. said,

    Used Amazon GC’s earned by participating in wellness activities to buy $120 worth of Christmas gifts for the grandkids for only $40 out-of-pocket.

  • Kevin W said,

    We were flying back from CDG, so our best deal was registering for Amex Small Business Saturday.

  • Amy S said,

    I took advantage of the 60% off coupons offered by Joann Fabrics to save over $30 on cake decorating supplies! By finding four 60% off coupons and one 40% off coupons on items that I needed, I got the gumpaste toolset that I wanted for free! ;)

    ***Would love to win the coupons, about to head out to Hawaii (10hr direct flight on United) with the in-laws, hubby, a 10yr old and an 18mo old!!! ;)***

  • Ben said,

    Took advantage of the Amex Sync Amazon deal to buy Christmas gifts!

  • Dave Golden said,

    On Black Friday I slept in because I refuse to put up with the madness – but at around 10:30am, I decided to go to Target out of curiousity and because I saw they had the Nintendo DS XL Zelda in stock for $150.00. I got there, and of course they were sold out. I asked, they checked in the back twice, and after about 20 minutes, they came out with six of them. I bought all six. :)

  • Jonathan said,

    Cashed in on Amazons cyber discount coupled with the AMEX $25 back for spending $75 or more

  • Paul W said,

    Ordered a camera from Amazon buy accidentally clicked an old address in a different city that was on file. The package was delivered at that address. Called Amazon and they quickly credit the money back for the lost item.

  • Landon said,

    Saved $1400 on washer and dryer from Sears, plus earns a ton of points by shopping through Ultimate Reward mall =)

  • Kara said,

    I bought 10 body washes on sale for co-workers and cleaned the store out!

  • MrChu said,

    Stood in a line for 2 hrs at Target with my wife to save a few bucks!

  • joel said,

    Watched videos of crowds entering the stores.

  • Adam said,

    My 6 new Nikon D3200s will be delivered to my house this weekend. Incredible “bundle” BlackFriday deal from a local camera shop. Since I can’t use all 6, two are Christmas presents and I’ll be recouping the cost by selling off the remainder! Call that rationalization for the 4 am wake-up.

  • swag said,

    90% off a few screen protectors for my new cell phone. online of course, not dealing with the lines or crowds, no way no how.

  • Ralph L said,

    Nothing too crazy just some stuff for the house at Lowes

  • Keaton said,

    Crazy black friday deals was loading up all my amex offers and knocking them out. ~$300 in statement credits are awesome!

  • Denise L said,

    I was flying home from Europe so no Black Friday shopping for me.

  • SSM said,

    My fiance and I got our wedding bands on Fri!

  • David said,

    I’m a huge fan of gogo in flight wifi. It’s quite convenient!

  • Lauren said,

    Attempted to get the Radisson Blu Philly deal at midnight on sunday

  • Arnold said,

    snagged an ipad mini at walmart on friday

  • steve said,

    I drove 8.5 hours home from thanksgiving. Best day to take a road trip because everyone else is shopping!

  • Larry D said,

    Some stuff at Lowes and Best Buy. Best Purchase was a Camera from Canon.

  • MSPpete said,

    A week before BF I scored a $200 discount on an Ipad Air by trading in my old IP2.

  • Baqa said,

    Used 12 Amex cards to max out the Small Business Saturday and Amazon sync promos. That’s a stack of cards that got me some weird looks on Sat…and a lot of Amazon gift cards too!

  • Stuart said,

    Used Amex sync on Amazon and got a $200 waterproof Olympus Camera for $55 after Amex $25 off.

  • Tonei Glavinic said,

    Still waiting to see if my small business Saturday deal panned out…but I used the amazon discount to help out a friend, and I’m working on finding some other ways to put it to good use!

  • Phil said,

    I looked into the Marriott promotion on Monday, but wasn’t able to find a location that worked for me.

  • Richard said,

    Maxed out the Amex Sync offer with Amazon on every card I could get my hands on!

  • Julia said,

    Stayed away from the mall, but maxed out online promos, Small Business Saturday, etc.

  • Chanel said,

    I spent several hundred dollars on clothes (which I never do, as I would rather use that money for travel) – I am sure I will be doing a lot of returning however

  • Coleman said,

    Craxy…I had to work so I saved money!

  • Bryan said,

    Was able to get some cheap dress shirts. Nothing exciting.

  • Missy said,

    Wasn’t able to get anything. :-( Maybe Gogo passes will make up for it. :-)

  • Missy said,

    Wasn’t able to get anything.

  • marc m said,

    Saved a couple hundred bucks at best buy for a new laptop!

  • Levi said,

    Bought a new TV on walmart.com, with AmexSync – but then found on bestbuy.com slightly cheaper, went to the local store to be able to use 2 different cards (can’t do it on line), to get even cheaper, and viola – worked like a charm

  • Mark said,

    I got a great shirt at an outdoor shopping center while vacationing in Kauai.

  • Larry said,

    Did all my shopping online well in advance and gave gifts to my kids on Thanksgivingkah Eve, ate Thai food after Thanksgiving overdose and stayed away as far as possible from the mall on Black Friday, filled my and my GF’s gas tanks, ten bucks at a time, with all my Amex cards on SBS, and ordered a stack of Amazon gift cards on Cyber Monday.

  • Harold said,

    I only slept 2 hours on from 5 to 7am just for the black Friday……

  • Daniel said,

    I bought all the ski gear we need for our 2014 ski vacations!

  • tiffany l said,

    i combined a black friday deal w/ a amex sync offer and rebate!

  • Bharath Kumar said,

    I am checking your AMEX SYNC free blogs every week

  • Lynnae said,

    I signed up for Am Ex $25 credit on $75 purchase from Amazon.com.

  • Jason said,

    How about Small Business Saturday? Got free gift cards to favorite sushi restaurant!

  • Sy Ochoa said,

    @dealswelike I got everything on my list cyber monday #dealswelikeBFCM

  • Dan R said,

    I stacked an Amex Sync deal on top of my West Elm shopping

  • GetToThePoints said,

    I got a black eye and a fat lip for Black Friday. Tried to separate two people fighting over a tablet at Walmart. I knew not to go to Walmart.

  • Christopher said,

    Black Friday craziness? Shopped for the entire night, but didn’t buy anything!

  • Neerav said,

    Amex Sync deals all the way !!!

  • ShoNuffHarlem said,

    As the family was around gabbing after Turkey Dinner I did all my Black Friday shopping online – since they open the online sales on Thanksgiving now. And I did that in view of my wife instead of talking to her family – that’s CRAZY AND DANGEROUS!

  • Jordan B said,

    Cashed in on Amazons cyber discount coupled with the AMEX $25 back for spending $75 or more

  • Lynn said,

    Amex promo’s, worked like a charm!

  • jesse said,

    the amex sync deal combined with the amazon cyber money deals were epic this year.

  • theSuperStar said,

    $99 total for 24in Acer LED 1080p monitor

  • Claire said,

    Used our synced Amex cards to buy $250 worth of gift cards at Best Buy and got $25 statement credit on 2 cards. You can load Best Buy visa gift cards onto Bluebird. I bought those ($200 visas) and $50 Kindle cards to spend the $250 on each Amex card. Then bought more Best Buy gift cards in Kohl’s ($10 Amex statement credit on 4 synced cards) with which you can buy Best Buy Visas at Best Buy and load onto Bluebird. My Best Buy store allows purchase of their visas with their regular gift cards, no problem at all.

  • Bostonwalker said,

    Used 16 Amex cards to play small biz Saturday, amazon, and Costco offers, and earned $800 in 2 days!

  • Brian said,

    Nothing big this year. I got a tiny 32 GB SanDisk flash drive for under $20.

  • The LA Lady said,

    Crazy deal??? I got round trip business class tickets to Paris for about $2k. And some socks. :-)

  • Daniel Jang said,

    Would love that gogo internet code for my flight to florida in 1 week :).

  • Dude26 said,

    Purchased a ton of magazines I don’t need for 60 AA miles per dollar!

  • Suzy C said,

    At Best Buy around 2:30p. My phone contract was up and I had been wavering on whether to get the iPhone 5s. Got in line to do it when the customer service guy came around and said they just announced $75 OFF. iPhones never go on sale. And the new plan was 6g on the data plan instead of 2g for the same price AND they would take my old phone for $105!! Total cost to me $24 for the iphone 5s :)
    Going to Hawaii in January and the gogo pass would be amazing!

  • Unrea said,

    Bought 3 PSN plus cards from Walmart and Gamestop for the discounted price of $29.95 on Black Friday.

  • Steph said,

    Target.com at 5am on Thanksgiving for Ipad Air 32G deal.

  • david zion said,

    It had to have been the cyber monday specials from Marriott Hotels – nothing like luxury on the go w/ a 30% discount

  • rasit topaloglu said,

    i will take one. thanks!

  • Trevor said,

    Maxed out the Amex sync promotions on three cards. Thanks for this promo.

  • donna said,

    I got a dyson dc41 animal complete from Kohl’s with 20% off, $120 in Kohl’s Cash and $62 back from Discover and ShopDiscover

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