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It must be that time of year. Yes, the time of year when Mrs. Deals goes to town on American Express promotions. Between the two of us we have a truckload of American Express cards. Well just before Thanksgiving, all of mine just up and disappeared. This has been a once a year occurrence for the last 3 years or so, when Mrs. Deals figured out that the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare all had these great promotions for American Express Cards around the holidays.

Oh and then lets not forget Small Business Saturday. It doesn’t matter that the promotion was only for $10 back, not $25 like it’s been in the past. Somehow all of my cards have ended up with larger than normal balances on them. The real question now becomes, have I seen any benefit from these promotions? I’m looking around and I have no idea what she’s even bought?

Doing a quick scan of the apartment, all I see are countless CVS bags with soap, paper towels and other household necessities. Last time I checked, CVS wasn’t a small business. Moving on, a scan through my email will show nothing but Amazon purchases. Hmm, again no small business here, unless you are saying it’s smaller than Walmart, but I don’t think they qualify for Small Business Saturday.

Mrs. Deals, where is all the stuff you are buying? More importantly, where are all my credit cards!?!

  • ken said,

    And the point of this blog was??? Should have stayed asleep to use your time more profitably.

  • Mr. Deals said,

    @ken – yup probably should’ve. sometimes i just like to vent and rant about the happenings being married to mrs. deals. since you read it, what would you have preferred to hear about?

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