InterContinental Hotels Group just announced their new upcoming promotion that will run from January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014. It is an interesting promotion as each account has a personalized track with different requirements to meet to maximize the points they earn. Each account also has a different maximum number of points they can earn.

Here was my personalized offer:

  1. Stay more and earn: Stay a total of 9 nights and earn 15,000 points
  2. Explore our brands: Stay at 5 different IHG brands and earn 31,200 points
  3. Survey the win: Complete a simple survey and earn 100 points
  4. Win in a weekend: Stay 5 Saturday nights and earn 15,600 points
  5.  Stay smart: Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotels and earn 12,000 points
  6. Win big: Complete 4 of your offers and earn 29,000 points

With my offer, I can earn up to 102,900 points. While this is great, it takes a lot of effort and since I do not typically stay at IHG hotels I probably will let this offer pass. The good thing though is that one stay can count for multiple requirements. So let’s say I stay at a Holiday Inn hotel on a Saturday night. This will count towards requirements 1, 2, 4, and 5. To earn the full number of points I will ultimately need 10 nights – two at a Holiday Inn, four at different brands (4 out of InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, hotel Indigo, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, etc.). And five of the nights must on a Saturday night.

The best option for me, if I decide to take advantage, is to forgo the first requirement and have 6 nights, two being at a Holiday Inn and the other four at different brands. Out of the 6 nights, 5 of them will have to be on a Saturday night. Since I am not required to stay at an InterContinental hotel, I might be able to find all 6 nights for around $60/night. For around $400 and some effort hotel hoping, I’d be able to earn a grand total of 87,900. While this is a decent return, I could ultimately “purchase” these same amount of points for $615 through a roundabout method (read more about that here).

Remember, there are many other ongoing promotions too that are stacked with this promo, so you can probably earn an additional 20,000-30,000 points. You can read about these promotions here. With those points tacked on, it would cost me over $800 to purchase the same amount of points earned, so amount double (assuming I am able to stay all 6 nights for $400). If I can find a way to do it easily, it might be worth it, but being located in NYC makes any mattress run promotion quite difficult! I’ll keep you updated with my progress. At the bear minimum I’ll get 100 points for filling out a survey, that was the best offer to meet!

To find out your personalized promotion, go to this site and enter your member number and password. Anyone get an offer that makes it worthwhile?

  • Tonei Glavinic said,

    I can get 112,000 points for 4 nights (2 at HI, 2 at HIX) as long as I book them through the mobile app and include two Saturday night stays. I have some hotel nights coming up so I’m hoping I can leverage those without too much extra effort and expense!

  • Ted said,

    Mine was really lame: 9,500 points spread over 5 offers.

  • Noah said,

    You can always book a cheap room say in Dallas and just check in over the phone. I already built my mattress run itinerary for 357.00 to meet the requirements. I will be getting 91k points. I plan on just checking in over the phone.

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