If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred® card you know it is a very unique card. And I am not talking benefits here. I am talking about what the thing it is made of. It is heavy like it has some kind of metal inside it. And you know what, it DOES have metal inside it. Please don’t go sticking a magnet on your card as it may affect the “magnetic” strip on the card. I have, since my card is all cut up anyway. I pealed back the plastic to reveal what looks like stainless steel, and a magnet does stick to it.

Now don’t worry. I am not turning on my Chase card and love the card and the 40,000 they care currently running! I have been told I will have a new card sent to me tomorrow. Why? The Chase fraud department called me because someone was manually entering in my number and putting a $2.00 charge on the card. You have to LOVE these guys that they are so on the ball. My Sapphire card is one of the ones I always keep in my wallet. Sure, my AMEX RESERVE is my go to card but not at restaurants. There I get 2x points plus I am working on topping off my Ultimate Rewards account. I am almost at 200,000 now thanks to both my wife and I having the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card, & the  INK BOLD , & the  INK PLUS and Freedom cards. I plan to use all the points for our 25th wedding anniversary cruise next year and get 1.25x the value of the points to book the cruise!

But the funny thing is when the rep calls you, one of the last things they tell you to do is destroy the card. Really. How? Unless you have some tin snips do not try it. Scissors will just get destroyed if you try with them. If you put them in your shredder bye bye shredder So if this ever happens to you – find a neighbor with tin snips! – René

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29 Responses to “Today I cut up my Chase Sapphire Preferred® card and destroyed it!”

  1. Mark Little says:

    How easy it it to redeem points? I primarily use Amex Reserve, but would be interested in another card if I could use points on reasonably priced tickets. For example, how many points for a domestic coach class ticket? thanks!!

  2. @Mark – very easy. You are basically paying cash too book the ticket and get 1.25x cents per point value. You will earn MQM & RDM etc and have medallion benefits as it is just like paying cash! Now have I over 1/2 million skymiles so I just use them and will use my UR Chase points for other things as talked about! – Rene

  3. BothofUs2 says:

    Great post, I’ve wondered about how to destroy when a new one arrives. When I first read your headline I thought you were mad or found some sort of GPS tracking device in the card :-)

  4. @BothofUs2 – ya know – I did not peal back all the plastic just a little bit. HUmmm… time to see what else is under there on the rest of the card…. ;-) maybe there is one… nahhh.. but fun! – Rene

  5. Karl says:

    its not stainless steel, stainless is a non-ferrous metal

  6. @Karl – I am no metallurgist but so all I can tell you is it is metal and shinny and magnetic! – Rene

  7. Matt says:

    Depending on the specific alloy, stainless may be magnetic or non-magnetic.

  8. @ Matt – i love learning something new every day. Txs – Rene

  9. Gussomer says:

    Seriously, your card just says “Rene”?

    …you must be famous like Madonna, Sting, Prince, and Adele. Show us your AMEX Jet card Rene!

  10. kelly s says:

    You did better than my husband cutting up the card. Chase sent us a duplicate set. He couldn’t cut it up well with something he had in the garage so we called Chase. They told us they have “envelopes” they can send to us and we can mail them back to be “destroyed”……but they were ALL OUT! That was months ago and I called again asking for the envelopes. Still no luck in receiving them. But now that I think about it why would I want to mail back in an active card??? Think I will try to find another alternative to destroy it!

  11. @ Kelly – O’my – killing me. So funny ( well not for you that is ). Wow! – Rene

  12. M says:

    My blood pressure rose when I saw you were going to redeem 200,000 UR points for cruises, but after reading that you have 500,000 skymiles it made sense.

  13. @ M – yep my Award Wallet is sitting on 2.2 million right now. – Rene ;-) I love churning cards!

  14. Kathy says:

    2.2 million? I really need to get some more miles! Wow!

  15. @ Kathy – and that is before all my points post from my last churn. Plus we have my wife’s tiny churn ( only two cards so spend does not get out of hand ) so I will be adding another 100k to that total soon. ( and my 7% bonus from Chase I do not have yet, and.. so on and so on… ) – Rene ;-)

  16. Daddy Rabbit says:

    One cannot say “very unique.” Something that is unique is one-of-a kind. Thus, that word cannot be qualified.

  17. Harlan says:

    You could have borrowed my credit card shredder. I’m thinking of making the change (finally) from my Delta Platinum AMEX — I miss the double miles for key spend categories.

  18. corinne thompson says:

    yikes !!

  19. David says:

    These are both my two main cards — AMEX Delta Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred. Thanks for the advice, will be careful when trying to destroy the card.

  20. krystel says:

    great post i wouldve done the same thing

  21. Kevin Silva says:

    Excellent info….and based on your advice I now have the Ink!

  22. TravelBear says:

    I recently got the CSP and have had more comments on the card itself! “Wow, this is a heavy card.” I like tapping it on the counter since it makes a different sound than the plastic ones.

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  24. Matt says:

    I put mine through a shredder and it worked fine.

  25. Delta Points says:

    @Matt – dang you must have and industrial shredder! ;-)

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