It is EZ to sign up for a credit card bonus deal. You get the card and then buy what ever you want with the card.  Not rocket science and not much to keep track of other than spend (X-$$$) inside of (X-months) = points.

But there are a bunch of other deals that take just a little more time and entering of you data and then following up and the Delta points rewards can be big. Look at some of the ongoing deals right now:

Marriott has a deal where you can earn up to 50,000 points. (note you can ONLY register if you pick skymiles as your rewards for stays).

Hilton has one where you can earn 2012 points per stay.

Hertz up to 3,400 with rentals

You gotta eat, so Skymiles Dining can earn you a lot and 1,200 bonus points.

Both Wyndham and La Quinta stays can earn 1,000 each.

There is a new survey site that many have already been e-Mailed about called Whiteboard.

Also you can still get points for Fedex Shipping

And all of these can be found on the official web site.

So please take some time now and then to make sure you are maximizing your Skymiles earnings for all your activities you can and naturally pay for them with the card that get’s you the most points as well! – Rene

Get ready for LEAP DAY TOMORROW. We will giveaway THIS!
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Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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10 Responses to “Never ever leave Delta points on the table!”

  1. Mike says:

    Please dont make giveaways so long like some others do!

  2. @Mike – txs – this is a rare giveaway. 99.9% of the time they will all be one day ones. But I do appreciate your input very much! – Rene

  3. Ben says:

    You’re always the best about giveaways. Keep up the great work and great promos!

  4. Pointasaurous says:

    The Marriott link is expired

  5. @ Pointasaurus – hummm the T&C say good till the end of April – I will see what is up. Txs – Rene

    PS I have an email in. It still shows active on the main promo page but does not work. May be a bug. Will update.

    UPDATE: in order to be eligible to register for the promotion you have identified, you must first alter your earnings preference on your Marriott Rewards account to miles rather than points and select a participating airline in the MegaMiles promotion before registering.

  6. Jimgotkp says:

    Funny how this is today’s post after I donated my DL miles last night to the Dream Foundation. :P

  7. HikerT says:

    I’m a DL medallion and will always leave skypesos on the table when there is and option to earn points or RDMs on another programs. For the same reason, I won’t waste an AMEX credit inquiry for 30K skypesos. Only time I favor skypesos is when it earns MQMs.

  8. @HikerT – when you ( me ) run up to 12 cards a year, you look at every card you can get. I am soon like Rick the FTG who has just about run out of cards as we have had them all! … but they do seem to keep coming up with “NEW” ones all the time.

  9. G. Roger says:

    Marriott says you have to choose to earn miles not points for the promotion!

  10. @GR – yes – i attempted to make that clear but did not. I have edited post to say SKYMILES not points. – Rene

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