Today is a day that has been a long time coming. In cooperation with Boarding Area International, a site for International travel blogs, is being launched today.

Delta Puntos will not be a “Google Translation” version of Delta Points but will be edited by a fully fluent Spanish speaking translator. Some days the Spanish language blog will mirror the English language blog as the main target for Delta Puntos will not be for those outside the USA but those here who have Spanish as their primary language. Other times there will be posts specific to the Latin markets including South America.

Since there are so few Spanish language blogs, Delta Puntos will cover primarily Delta Air Lines topics, but oftentimes will have information about other airlines, hotels as well as everything else travel related.

This is a proud and exciting day for Boarding Area and Delta Points and Delta Puntos. As a Spanish speaking individual, I hope you find the Delta Puntos blog to be helpful and insightful. Feel free to sign up for the once a day e-mail from the (Spanish) blog so you never miss out.

I hope to help you travel around the planet in ways you never dreamed possible. I hope to save you money with tips and tricks along the way and to make your travel experience fun and exciting!

I thank you for reading the blog and feel free to e-mail me with any travel related question in English or in Spanish


Yours – René

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10 Responses to “ proudly announces the launch of on Boarding Area International!”

  1. Brian says:


  2. Delta Points says:

    @Brian – thank you! – René

  3. Mark says:

    Great! Congratulations!

    I was not aware that the Boarding Area had an international division.

    I wonder if there is anything already in Portuguese…

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Mark – It is all new stating TODAY. Stay tuned as more is on the way including many more languages very soon! – René

  5. Paul says:

    Congratulations. I’m impressed that you managed to set up your first site with Boarding Area yet alone another. I’ve completed the web form under ‘become a blogger’ several times and Boarding Area have yet to acknowledge my messages.

  6. Delta Points says:

    @Paul – Thanks. I can not speak for BA, so take this as such, but from what I have been told they are not accepting any new blogs for now on the English side.

  7. Jayson says:

    Muy Bueno’

  8. David says:

    Good job! Just be careful what you say, or Delta will fire YOU if you speak your mind (Delta Contractor Lays Off Skycap Featured in Ad Campaign Demanding “Good Jobs” at Sea-Tac)

  9. fosij says:


  10. Jennifer says:

    Este es un buen día para ti! Congrats!

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