I get a ton of credit card questions via e-mail every week. I am more than happy to answer since I do tend to work through a few cards each year.

Some years, like last year with the 100,000 Capital One deal, I pushed it a bit and it did have an impact on my credit score in the short term and my ability to get more cards (I am not, over the next two years, going to buy a home or request an equity line). So, I thought today I would toss up a chart of my score for the past 18 months to get some perspective for those who have questions and for those who have never ever done a round before. (do you know your score?)

Let’s start with 2011. As you can see, the offers were coming fast and furious and I pounced on them one after another after another. Then I just had to cool my heels and get back on the 3-4 months “normal” schedule. The impact of this, and the subsequent rebound, is much better as you can see from December and March of this year!

Another fun fact that you can see is I now hold more credit cards than I have for a long time and yet my score is at it’s highest level in almost two years! You can see the benefit of ALWAYS paying off your balance in FULL each month and ON TIME.

If you have never even though about a round, please take the time to read my “ROOKIE” tab today and be sure to look at the 50,000 BA Avios Points VISA card, this could mean a ton of short haul trips on American Airlines. For my recent family reunion I flew my Dad up from Miami to Philadelphia for just 15,000 points plus $5.00 round trip!

And if you want some extra DELTA miles, in addition to the obvious Delta AMEX cards, consider the Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® or the US BANK FlexPerks card as these points can be used to buy a Delta ticket to where ever you want and will earn both MQM’s and RDM’s for the trip!


BTW this past Thursday I went ahead and did my current round and will have the results on Monday of what cards I went for and if I succeeded in keeping my 100% approval record going! And to make it fun, guess YES or NO if I was successful or not here in the comments section of the blog for a chance (it will be random so feel free to guess either way) to win some DELTA swag today!

EDIT: I will pick the winner Sunday AM :-)

Have a great weekend everyone – René


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77 Responses to “The impact of Credit Card apps on your credit score – why not look at mine and see!”

  1. Greg Z says:

    I vote YES, though maybe with a few calls :)

  2. Scott says:


  3. Scott says:

    YES you will!

  4. Karim W says:

    I think you will still be 100%.

  5. Kay says:

    Yes with a few reconsideration calls

  6. Paul W says:

    I didn’t get instant approval on my latest application last night so I vote NO

  7. Marianne says:

    Yes but maybe not instantly.

  8. Bruce says:


  9. JRG says:

    Yes, you will.

  10. Mike says:

    yes, you’ll make it aga

  11. Nadine says:

    Yes, but not automatically

  12. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    Yes…… of course!

  13. FEV says:

    I’m guessing yes

  14. Delta Points says:

    @Paul – keep in mind the reconsideration numbers. I have them at the bottom of the best point cards tab.

  15. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Yes, but you should do a write up how yesterday’s credit card settlement and how it’s could affect the points game. Merchants can now charge a fee to consumers using cards. If they charge 3% I for one will being paying cash instead.

  16. Bill N says:


  17. Brian J. says:


  18. Delta Points says:

    @MSPDeltaDude – I saw that. I am thinking about it a ton. It will be fun (like poking yourself with a fork fun) to see where it goes. Can you see Walmart doing this? Can you think of the nightmare of that much CASH each day? Is that worth the cost of CC processing? Almost no one has much cash anymore (well those of us who are addicted to points that is). I will blog about it soon but I see this more of an impact on small mom & pop stores but that will be it. I do not see say Olive Garden saying pay with cash for 1-2% off your bill. – Rene

  19. xavier says:

    yes no reason not to be successfull

  20. steve c says:


  21. ffi says:

    I think if credit card volumes go down the bonus offers will go up as banks struggle to keep the overhead paid with people who really use the cards….!

  22. smitty06 says:

    I guess all instant approvals!

  23. Curtis says:


  24. BostonBen says:


  25. MSPDeltaDude says:

    Ya, I was think more of the debit card factor. It there going to charge a swip fee of let’s say .49 for debit cards vs a % when using a CC. I’m worried I will having to use my DC to save money and not earn miles. Might be time to open a Suntrust account :(

  26. Pauline says:


  27. Craig says:

    Yes, of course!

  28. Sarah says:


  29. Barb says:


  30. Segments says:

    Besides Mom & Pop stores, I foresee more stores enforcing a minimum for credit card purchase though. They might claim CC fee is waived if you spend more than X.

  31. Bruce says:

    i’m hoping so

  32. wingsotworld says:


  33. Lynn says:

    Yes but all will not be instant.

  34. soccergod says:


  35. Christeen says:

    Yes, but I think you’re going to have to call the reconsideration line.

  36. Bender says:


  37. tiff says:

    Yes the power of positive thinking!

  38. Kevin says:


  39. Greg says:


  40. gpapadop says:

    Yes, see you in Ann Arbor!

  41. Vinay says:

    Yes!! :-)

  42. Nina says:

    Hi Rene
    What sm incredibly informative post !
    I’m checking out Dublin in a minute……
    I think with regard to your blog question , you will
    Be 100% successful
    Good luck!

  43. James H says:

    My vote is Yes you will.

  44. Peter says:

    200% YES

  45. Jnk says:

    I say yes

  46. Sherri says:


  47. Tom says:

    Yes, successful I’m sure

  48. Phil R says:

    I say Yes.

  49. Noah Kimmel says:

    Yes, but may take a phone call!

  50. Milezjunkie says:

    I vote yes!

  51. BunMama says:

    Yes, with reconsideration calls.

  52. worldtraveller2 says:

    Yes, but not instant….recon line phone call

  53. Ari says:

    No, things are getting harder

  54. SC says:

    Yes but after a bit of difficulty.

  55. williamfinger says:

    Yes, you are still at 100% !

  56. Sajer Guy says:

    Yes, you’ll talk them into it :)

  57. Jayson says:

    any surcharge of any kind will immediately move me to cash only status. I do not pay extra to spend money.

  58. Divyesh says:


  59. Joel says:


  60. Joan Bowling says:


  61. Christina Oddy says:

    I’d say sure, no problem for you!

  62. Rick says:

    I vote yes

  63. Kathy says:

    I guess YES!

  64. Stevelpaso says:

    If I get a BA visa and earn “Viose” points, how do I use these poins for travel on American Airlines (the airline I mostly use out of El Paso)?

  65. Delta Points says:

    @Stevelpaso – simple. You start at the BA site, and pick you want to include partners, then look for seats. In my example I found a direct American Air flight from MIA to PHL and the same thing on the return. – Rene

  66. dotti cahill says:

    i think u got the churn…..

  67. […] round of cards every 3-4 months. Why? Every time you apply for a credit card you will get a hit of 2-4 points against your credit score. This, btw, is a reason so many say they never want to apply for cards. They miss the big picture […]

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