Delta Points readers are at all levels of knowledge. There are those Flyer Talkers who know enough to speak an entire weekend at a “DO” to those who don’t know what a Flyer Talker is or what a “DO” is. You know what, we all have to start somewhere and that is just fine by me. All of us who have been at this for a while simply tend to forget that everyone does not know as much as we do. I cringe every time someone is overly critical of a “newbee”. So in that vein, here is today’s post and request of you who have been around the block – share and share with a smile.

Let’s answer some Delta Air Lines questions I get all the time and use this as a post to refer back to now and then as well.

Q1) Does Delta allow one way award tickets?
A1) Yes. Sorta. The answer is yes because you can buy a one way award ticket. The sorta part comes in because the amount of miles you need are the same as a round trip ticket (all of us hope this will change in 2013)

Q2) Are there ever any low level award tickets on
A2) Yes. But there are a ton of factors that go with that yes. Our airline is just about the stingiest major when it comes to the low level awards seats in coach and business class. Also, the higher your medallion level the more likely you are to find the seats you want. Lastly, especially for international awards, searching for seats on Skyteam partners is often a better choice to find seats.

Q3) If I get a DELTA AMEX card do I get both Skymiles and Medallion points?
A3) Yes and No. The DELTA GOLD card gets you ONLY Skymiles (RDM = redeemable miles). The Platinum card gives you some RDM’s and some Medallion points (MQM = medallion qualifying miles). The Reserve card give you just MQM’s but 10k with your first purchase.

Q4) Who can pick an exit row seat?
A4) Any level of Medallion, and all on the same itinerary can pick exit row seats and other “preferred” seats. Now to get access to Economy Comfort you must be Gold Medallion or higher to get them free. Anyone can purchase upgraded seats if you want them.

Q5) Will I get food in 1st class?
A5) What do you call food? Just kidding. On international flights in business class the food is quite good. You get appetizers, salad, a good meal and a good desert. A breakfast or light snack pre-landing as well. Good wine and other liquer is also complimentary. Now on domestic it depends on the length of the flight. Here is an area Delta is lacking in, but seems to be aware that they are behind.

Q6) Is it worth $25/$50 to visit a Skyclub?
A6) Sky clubs are nice. I would say it is worth it under these conditions. First, it is only $25 IF you have a Delta AMEX card (gold or platinum – your visit is free if you have the reserve card). For $50 it is a big maybe! But for $25 yes if. If what? If you have a long layover. IMO if you have 2+ hrs or want to take a shower it is well worth it. For 3+ hrs it is a simple choice to have free drinks, some snacks, wifi and more. If you fly a bunch, just get the DELTA Reserve card and you can go all you want for free!

Q7) I always fly another airline, should I switch to Delta?
A7) YES! (ok maybe I am a bit biased). Why do I say this? I love my Delta. Wifi on almost all planes, the best flight attendants of any airline, regional jets going away over time, economy comfort seating, easy to earn miles and so much more.

Q8) I just made medallion. Do I need my card or need to “flash” it?
A8) No. From your status to even if you have a Delta AMEX card all will show up both in your Skymiles account and on your boarding pass. There is just about no need to ever show your card. You can use it to check in at the airport kiosks etc. if you want.

Q9) Is GOES (global entry) worth it?
A) If you fly out of the country, maybe, once a year, probably not. If every year or more than once a year, you MUST have it. Plus, for the $100 fee it is good for 5 years. If you get the AMEX Membership Rewards Platinum card they pay you back for it. Plus you get $200 in incidental fees refunded each year. Just a GREAT deal.

Q10) How do I get one of those ultra kool Delta Points luggage tags?
A10) What a great question. At the end of the day today I will give away 5 of them to a once a day e-mail subscriber to Delta!

So please feel free to keep asking any Delta question you have and have a great flight if you are up in the air today and thanks for reading the blog – René


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30 Responses to “There are NO DUMB questions – some basic Delta Q&A Monday!”

  1. MSPDeltaDude says:

    What’s DL biggest hub after ATL?

  2. Delta Points says:

    @MSPDeltaDude – for now, DTW is #2 of the 8 hubs –

  3. Corey says:

    Do I earn MQM’s for flying other skyteam flights?

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Corey – Yes, but sometimes NOT full credit. You can check at to find out here:

  5. sil says:

    Thanks for the questions and answers. I have never thought much of Delta Air Miles based on all the negative comments until I redeemed an award for myself. I took advantage of the AMEX 50% bonus awhile back and transfer 100k MR for 150k Delta airmiles. I booked at trip for Summer 2013. LAX to CPH for a cruise, then to Vienna for 4 days, then back to LAX , all for 100k low miles. I actually had fun searching on
    Now I am looking for great Delta credit card sign up offers. I have 80k left in account.

  6. Nina says:

    So DeltaDenizens
    I’m at JFK my flight to slc is late :(
    I wish there were. A mp traveller who would consider guesting me in….. ;; gate 8 terminal 3
    In the meantime…. Do you think there should be really adhered to areas for families with children
    (Child Friendly) To wait at a gate area ???

  7. Chris says:

    Q8: It is good to keep your card for emergencies. I was in the NY Blizzard last Christmas and LGA was a mess once it re-opened. Boarding passes did not show priority status, so the only way to enter the priority TSA line was to show an airline status card. Having my card probably saved an hour of line-standing. You won’t need it on most trips, but keep it in your travel pack just in case.

  8. Delta Points says:

    @Chris – yes good tip. It is rare it is needed but I always have mine with me. But most times just “bag bling” to show off my status with Delta! ;-)

  9. Delta Points says:

    @Nina – oh I am not one brave enough to say pro or con baby area etc. I will leave such topics to Mommy Points! :-)

  10. Ted says:

    You also get lounge access with AMEX MR Plat when flying Delta. Same for American lounges and same for US (even when not flying US). No MQM earning like the Reserve but AMEX often does 50% transfer bonuses to Skymiles.

  11. Delta Points says:

    @Ted – yes a very good point! This is a BIG plus if you fly many airlines over the Delta Reserve card. But as you say, no MQM’s so if you fly Delta, and want status faster, Delta AMEX is the way to go. But thanks very much for the comment! – Rene

  12. sbjnyc says:

    Non-branded Amex Plat also gives access to a lot of overseas lounges unaffiliated with DL through priority pass select. And it’s been a while since the last Delta transfer promo.

    Plus the Plat gives you access to MR Rewards First which gives you a 20% refund of points spent, including delta flights (essentially 1.25 cpm). Compare this with the pay with miles (1cpm) function that the DL branded Amex cards allow: the non branded amex allows you to get MQMs and RDMs on delta while PWM does not.

  13. Delta Points says:

    @sbjnyc – Yes! as I mentioned to Ted, it is a great card if your focus is NOT on MQM’s! A clear winner that way. Txs – Rene

  14. M says:

    Are there rumors that one-way awards will be introduced in 2013?

  15. Nomad says:

    Delta Vacations sold me a package with an “unpublished fare” – or “bulk fare” as the agent called it – in U for travel after 9/1.
    Would I need to call DL in advance next time to inquire if my flights are eligible for full mileage accrual or will I later discover that I just earned the 25% for unpublished (3rd party) fares?

  16. Delta Points says:

    @M – there are so many rumors that you could pick just about anything at this point. But, like the PerkChoice, one way would be simple to do when they at last bring that back as well.
    @Nomad – Delta Vacations are 100% safe and will get full credit under the fare class booked (ie nothing lower than 100%).

  17. Anthony H says:

    I use my AMEX points, transfer into AF And use AF to book one-way awards since it allows us to book DELTA flights

  18. Delta Points says:

    @Anthony – yes this can work, with caution (don’t want to get stuck with AF points you can not use). – Rene

  19. David Young says:

    Been trying to use Delta SkyPesos for int’l business but no low-level awards even though the seat map shows business completely empty! How far in advance do they general release int’l business for low level award? Or would that be ‘never?’

  20. thrashsoundly says:

    Please tell us about stopover rules on Delta awards, domestic and international. Thanks!

  21. Delta Points says:

    @David – sometimes never, thus grab seats on AF or KLM and book up regional connections and wait for a schedule change to pick what you want! :-)

  22. andy says:

    What is the easiest way to check for low level partner awards in coach and in business?

  23. Delta Points says:

    @Andy – see my four posts about doing just that in the Essentials tab on the blog:

  24. Steve says:

    Unrelated, but I got an email today saying is offering 15x skymiles through the skymall right now.

  25. Kathy says:

    I have the Delta American Express Platinum Card. Do I have access to the The AmEx FHR (Fine Hotels and Resorts) Program or is this for the $450 annual fee card? Thanks for you help.

  26. FEV says:

    Thanks for the info for “newbies.” Great tips!

  27. Chris says:

    Love the sight. I’ve been Silver for the past 2 years and I am going to lose it at the end of the year. I have 21 segments and only about 15k miles. Living in Rochester, NY is there a way to get the 9 segments to keep my Silver another year?

    If I lose it, I can probably get it back next year by April or May, but I lose access to exit rows (I’m 6’5″). I have the Delta Amex so I can keep free bags and Zone 1 boarding.

    Any ideas or guidance?

  28. Delta Points says:

    @Chris – mileage run! I am right now on one and will do 12 segments in 3 days! Or, find a Diamond or Platinum Medallion friend who can gift you GOLD or Silver after you drop down next year.

  29. Chris says:

    Thanks for the fast reply. I doubt I can do a 15k mileage run in December without breaking the bank…and certainly don’t have any friends who can give me miles!

    I do have a couple of thoughts… I have about 50k in miles. Can I gift these miles to my wife and then have her gift them back to me to reach 25k…OR, can I trade in my miles to get the ‘credit’ I need to keep my Silver status?

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