Yesterday was a fun day – again! I needed to spend $10,000 last month, and thanks to all your input, I just squeaked by  as you can see above, and have completed my $60,000 in spend for the year on my Delta Reserve AMEX card and was rewarded with another 15,000 MQM’s! So, bottom line, I will not spend one cent more on my Delta AMEX card until 01JAN2013 as I can not earn any more MQM’s there no matter how much more I spend.

Now I can earn another 10,000 MQM’s for getting a personal AMEX Reserve card, since the one I currently hold is a business card, and it has been more than 365 days since I CLOSED my old personal AMEX card (GOLD, PLATINUM and RESERVE all count officially as the same card type or family of cards).

So what is my round thinking and planning? My cards I plan to go for are:

I need to replenish the big pile of points I spent for my Grand Cayman trip on the way soon. I have about 115,000 UR points and want to build this up to 270,000 for another Lufthansa 1st class trip to Sweden. Gosh that was fun and I want another day or two in the 1st class terminal in Frankfurt!

I already have two personal ones so time for a business one as well. BTW from all reports, and from what I have been told, you can have just about as many of these as you want! Since 20,000 points = $400 off a Delta ticket, I will love using these points next year for either trips or mileage runs!

Give me all the MQM’s RIGHT NOW as who knows what Delta will do next year to the program. I would rather have as much as I can before next year’s potential changes. If nothing changes, that is fine too!

So there is is my plan and I will let you know soon if I am able to keep up my 100% approvals going with this latest round or if I make any changes. At this point, I like this mix as I only have 1 single card with big spend to get the points. I also have two biz card and two personal cards and I like that mix. 3-5 cards per round for me is just the right mix of getting points but keeping it under control. My credit score has come all the way back to 763 so approvals should not be a problem at all!

I will be positioning from SBN to PIT today on my way for a two day mileage run so if you will be in a Skyclub in ATL or DTW or CVG or LAX over the next few days shoot me an e-mail and I will buy you a beer ;-) – René


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3 Responses to “How to get Delta MQM’s part two – another day, another 15,000 MQM’s!”

  1. Winston says:

    Hi Renee. I downgraded to Delta Amex platinum more than a year ago. Does that mean that if I apply for the reserve that I will be able to get the 10k mqm initial bonus? Or do I have to cancel the delta Amex platinum and not have any of the delta Amex personal cards for a year before I can get the bonus mqm. Thanks!

  2. Delta Points says:

    @Winston – you could “MAYBE” try to upgrade but I bet you get zero. The best choice is get the BIZ card, again anyone can get that card if you say sell on ebay etc and want to keep your spend on another card, you just use your name. Then yes, you must cancel the personal card and wait 365 days if you do want to get the personal card bonus again. – REne

  3. Winston says:

    Thanks a lot Rene!

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