I have a personal request, not for me, but for a reader. I would like you all to meet Nina. You may have seen her at the Chicago Seminars floating around. She is a sweetheart and a regular reader and commenter on the blog. She also has lost everything, other than her life, in the Sandy NYC storm. I would like you all to please meet her.

Hello Nina how are you?

I am in a state of shock I have never seen such devastation. This is surreal.

I can not tell you how happy I was to learn you were OK. So where do (OK DID) you live?

Shore Front parkway, Rockaway Park NY in a condo directly across from the Atlantic Ocean, on the ground floor with the family room below water table!

Wow! What about your car? Is it OK?

I have driven Audi cars since 1998. My Audi was parked on a high street beach 128. The ocean surge came up like a massive churning river-ocean with waves! I ran outside. I lost my sanity and tried to wade through the water above my waist churning wildly. A friend was watching me. I fell and thought I was going to die, but I got up to my car and saw the inside was filled with water to the top. I was crying and scrambled my way back to the street shivering. My car is gone!

Oh my! That is terrifying! So your home, car, stuff is all gone! Wow! Do you have insurance?

I have condo insurance and $1000 deductible comprehensive car insurance. The condo is supposed to have flood insurance through travelers. They won’t answer any phones :-(  we are all very frustrated and have reached a wall!

I am sorry but it sounds like at some point you will be OK. So where are you staying now?

I am staying with a friend who lives on a 4th floor in the area. NO heat NO electricity, but I can get a lift to work when it resumes.

Got it. So it sounds like you could use some help. I stand ready to help. I see the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel is up and running and has cash+points rooms for 4000 SPG points plus $60.00. I have reached out to SPG and can confirm I can book the room in my name and yours and you can stay and pay the cash part can that help you?

Definitely. Please and thank you!

Great. I am 100% sure DeltaPoints readers would be willing to help out with a few nights as well. Just how many nights do think you might need (I am in for 3 nights for you)?

I could stay a night or two per week to take a shower and be warm. Transportation is rough since neither of us have cars and there is no gas. People are crazy fighting for gas. But have to see if public transport maybe on weekends would be better until power resumes services for my friend. My condo is destroyed and no utilities will be restored so I have to get strong men to empty contents. Very hard to find :-( . My sentimental treasures, everything is gone! I have nothing now!

You have YOU still, Nina & I will be happy to be the “middle man” in all this and help all I can. Again, I am so happy you are AOK and I can not even imagine what you are suffering through, but I/we are so happy to help out with a few points to help you through this!

Thank you Rene and all for any small kindness you may extend. I just filed for FEMA.

I hope you are as moved by this as I was by talking to Nina. Also a bit more info. I asked SPG if you could get stay credit for being so nice and donating a room. The official answer is you must stay in the room to get stay credit. In practice, from what I have seen, if you book it with your points and include your and another person’s name you may just get stay credit too. Either way, you are helping a reader out in their time of need and you have my HUGE thanks!

E-mail me direct if you want to help Nina out!


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10 Responses to “Are you willing to help a reader with YOUR SPG points? #Sandy NYC”

  1. Rene, email me your PayPal address and I’ll send you the $60 for her first nite. Who wants to match that with the 4k SPg points?

  2. BothofUs2 says:

    I met her at the Chicago Seminar, she was such a pleasure to meet and talk to. I am emailing you Rene, to see how I can help her out. Will be keeping her and her family and friends in thought and prayer as well.

  3. Delta Points says:

    @Rick – my hugs and txs. You can use my rene@deltapoints.com
    @Bothofus2 – yes my warm txs!

  4. Coleman Buckhouse says:

    I would love to help, I have 8,000 SPG points that I can donate…please walk me through how to do that as I am newbie to the world of points and miles! Coolmom

  5. Delta Points says:

    @Coleman – I will contact you soon. My warm thanks! – Rene

  6. Bobby says:

    How about care packages or clothes?

    I have shipping allowance at work I can use.

    Does she need anything?

  7. TexasYankee says:

    I will match Rick Ingersoll’s $60 to add another night using Coleman’s 8000 pts. Let me know what to do.

  8. Greg says:

    With all due respect for wonderful generosity…what Nina could also use is some help with understanding the benefits of her insurance policy.

    Many offer reimbursement of hotels, food, etc when your residence is made uninhabitable. And with only a $1,000 deductible she’s well into territory where that is a meaningful benefit.

    It may be worth a call to her agent to understand some of the very good things she can receive as a benefit of what she’s been paying for that policy. That way she can feel more free to charge some of these expenses going forward.

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