Do you value good service on Delta flights? I do!

A new reader asked me why I like Delta so much. I answered him by saying this:

“Delta is the best airline in the air! Yes Skymiles can be hard to redeem, but as you can see on the blog, there are ways around that and you can do so many things with Skymiles you can not do with any other airline. Plus, all the perks, rollover MQM’s, @DeltaAssist, the Delta Phone app, the Delta credit card bonus MQM’s.. I could go on all day long!”

The one thing I did not say, and want to correct that now, it that Delta has some of the BEST Flight Attendants in the air. They really CARE about the company and us as flyers. Even most of the regional FA’s are just tops!

Delta itself has a great recognition program for the best in the company. This is the time of the year, the 16th in a row in fact, where the company awards the best of the best. Take a look what THIS LINK says in part:

ATLANTA, Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) tonight will honor 100 of its top employees at its 2012 Chairman’s Club gala at the Fox Theater in Delta’s hometown of Atlanta. Induction into the Chairman’s Club is Delta’s top honor in employee recognition.

“Delta has incredible momentum heading into the New Year, and much of that can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of Delta’s dedicated and high-performing employees,” said Richard Anderson, Delta’s chief executive officer. “Our 2012 Chairman’s Club honorees are a perfect example of how Delta employees live the values of this great enterprise as they serve our customers each day.”

Honorees are nominated by their colleagues and selected based on their embodiment of Delta’s values and principles, their distinguished contributions to the company, their dedication to their community and their exceptional service to Delta’s customers. Honorees live and work in communities across the globe, including Frankfurt, Germany, Bangkok and Delta’s hub at Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

Now a while back I had a post HERE about what I do. Why don’t we take the initiative to say thank you (I even have a foldable PDF card HERE for you to use). I am giving out, to some, a $25 AMEX gift card. But, if that is a bit much for you, why not a $15 Starbucks gift card you can buy online with free S&H to say thanks!

If that is too much, stop by a Target or Walmart and get some $5 or $10 cards and give them out now and them. The point is, you will make a Delta employee’s day and show them that their hard work for us all means a TON and I bet they will work twice as hard from now on to keep doing that tomorrow as well. Pay if forward everyone – René

 BTW – has done a MAJOR graphics makeover
check it out!

PS – I have a twitter ReTweet drawing going on till 6:PM today


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  1. How about designing some sort flare that could be handed out to crew members of all types. Most wear some sort of lanyard so maybe something small they could add to that. I would buy some to hand out.

  2. Wow big changes on today. I think it’s a improvement but it will take a little getting used to. New format works differently so takes more time to navigate through it.

  3. I do and in the past always travel with starbux cards with $10 or $15 on them in case an FA or gate agent or someone else does something i think is going out of the way for me or someone else … last sfo to jax via atl an FA stood her ground and made people only put one bag in the overhead bins even when the woman next to me had 3 bags and tried to put all up in the bin… over and over.. it meant that many people did not have to give up there one carryone that should have fit into the overhead anyway–she got a starbux card i also give them out to active service who i may talk to or sit next to… as a way of saying thanks for keeping us safe…

  4. While Delta may be one have some of the best domestic FAs, international carriers are so much better. Delta should not rest on improving service, they can do so much better. I’m thinking of the great service I get on Cathay Pacific and Singapore Air.

  5. @Dave W – Hey I love Lufthansa 1st class. I mean, DANG, wow, ge-wiz, but that is not Delta. They are upgrading to all full flat and that works for a top end biz product. They will never have 1st class but that is OK for me and what they sell and offer. (not to say I will not keep adding points for use on other airlines)! ;-)

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