When I was younger (& had great hair :-) ) I used to enjoy going to King’s Island amusement park outside Cincinnati Ohio and had a season pass! It just sounded fun and amazing by it’s very name and brought all sorts of imagery to mind of one of a kind rides and games that could only exist in an exclusive place like an island fit for a king. When it was sold in 1992 and the name changed to Paramount Park it just somehow changed it, made it seem strange and branded. The subsequent sale of the park in 2006 brought the name back to the original and into the Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. that also owns another favorite park of mine, Cedar Point near Sandusky Ohio.

We’re barraged with sponsorship these days. Who hasn’t heard of the United Center or Key Arena or Lucas Oil Stadium. But did you know there’s actually a Red Bull Arena and a Pizza Hut Park too? Every Olympics we’re suddenly informed of all of the official – well, you name it – airlines, energy drinks, granola bars, underwear, breakfast cereal, shoes, and sunglasses of the Olympics themselves or the athletes. There have been some major sporting events sponsored by various airlines over the years too, like Ali’s famous Rumble in the Jungle way back in 1974. Did you know that Swiss Air was the official airline for the fight?

So what sorts of things does our Delta sponsor? The pink plane certainly makes a great statement for breast cancer research & awareness, but did you know there was also a 757 with a mustache?

Delta added the image of a mustache to a Boeing 757 aircraft in 2010 as part of the airline’s sponsorship of a then upcoming exhibit of the work of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, for which Delta is the official airline. Delta is also the official airline of several sports teams, as well as having served in that capacity for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Delta isn’t afraid of musical sponsorship either, serving as the official airline of the Grammy Awards since 2008. Back in the early 80’s Delta sponsored the music in the air at Six Flags Astroworld.

How about we end this weekend this way. Tell me (by commenting on the blog), of the above 3 photos, which is the funniest, the photo of me young René, the Swiss Air, or the Delta jet with a “stash” for a random.org chance later today to win a set of iGo Noise Canceling headphones and some other Delta Points swag as well – René


EDIT: We have our winner (127) but feel free to comment if you would like!


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Posted by Delta Points | 131 Comments

131 Responses to “Just a word or two about Airlines & Official Sponsors & Headphone giveaway!”

  1. Michael B. says:

    #3 is the best

  2. arthur says:

    Definitely your picture René is the funniest, no offense, of course!

  3. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    The Delta with a “stash” is the funniest! However, “young René” is definitely a close second……… enjoyed seeing you in your younger days!

  4. Henry says:

    definitely the first one. doesn’t everyone have an id photo from their childhood that they hate?

  5. Ryan says:

    I dig the stach, although it would be nice to see even more varieties on our aircraft! Bring on the mutton chops!

  6. DaninSTL says:

    Kings island photo for sure. I graduated high school in 1985 (with hair) and can totally relate. For me it would be the season pass to silver dollar city in Branson as we lived in nearby SGF, sorry no photo of that available.

  7. Gayle Watkins says:

    I think the plane with the stash is the funniest. It’s fun to see that Delta has sense of humor. I love that!

  8. G. Roger says:

    I mustache you a question!
    Oh Wait – I’ll shave it for later…

    The mustache is the best!!!

  9. Ari K says:

    Was the 757 ‘stash only flown in March/Movember? My fav!

  10. Bill N says:

    Young Rene, for sure. Jealous of the hair!

  11. P T says:

    Definitely Swiss Air!

  12. Dom Bologna says:


  13. Billy L says:

    Gotta be your picture, which looks like you’ve got a perm.

  14. laurent says:

    #1 without hesitation.

  15. Lizard723 says:

    #1 – I have a photo just like that from my grade school days. Hello perm,, BIG glasses, and a He-Man shirt… CRINGE!

  16. Chuck F says:

    Hands down the picture of the young Rene!

  17. Chris says:

    Gotta love the i.d. card the best. Prompted me to go look for my husbands drivers license from back in the day. He got to keep it because it had Jimmy Carter’s signature as governor and he was then the president. Oops – guess that gives away my husbands approximate age . . .

  18. Deby says:

    The plane with the stash for sure. But I do like your pic as well.

  19. Jack Lumanog says:

    Young Rene – definitely the best/funniest pic of the bunch!

  20. Kyle says:

    Rene: Definitely your picture is the funniest

  21. Adam says:

    Definitely you bro!

  22. Jessica says:

    #3. Love the stache!

  23. Bruce Nightingale says:

    I love old photos. They make everyone look so funny. I look at mine and WOW.

  24. WDM says:

    The plane with the mustache to me is the funniest. (I can’t say your picture because it looks way too similar to my 1985 picture! What were we thinking?)

  25. Karl says:

    I like #1 with the hair! I used to have hair too! :-)

  26. Candace says:

    I like #3 because I always thought of Dali as a real character as well as a creative artist, always FUN!

  27. Mark L says:

    Your picture! I have an old passport picture that is much worse, though.

  28. RestlessLocationSyndrome says:

    It’s clearly the Delta plane with the stache.

  29. Quiberon says:

    #1, of course!

  30. Jeffry says:

    I have to say the Runble in the Jungle. That sponsorship line is so small, it is probably missed by most people.

    I did smile at seeing your younger self.though.


  31. JRG says:

    GOtta be the hair photo!

  32. Pat says:

    #1….You look like Albert Hammond’s brother from The Free Electric Band days.

  33. Susan C says:

    No offense but #1, your photo from ’85

  34. Greg M says:

    #1 – nice hair!

  35. John Thomson says:

    Love your 1965 pic. I look like a real geek in my high school yearbook covering that year.

  36. The ’85 “Fro” man! I think several of us had great hair in 85.

  37. Mujeeb says:

    It’s clearly the young Rene – the 1980s hair is the reason why. Nothing beats that.

  38. Annette Thomson says:

    I also like your “60′s look.” But I’ve never been to Kings Island. You should contact their marketing dept and see whether they will give you a pair of passes to give away on your blog.

  39. Mark Lindsey says:

    Dali. He would have wanted the plane turned upside down in surreal way.

  40. Marc W says:

    The vintage Rene pick is my favorite!

  41. Randy says:

    The first one no doubt.

  42. David says:

    Gotta say that while the plane is cute….your hair takes the cake

  43. Evan Rich says:

    The picture for sure! Your hair is so cool man…8675309!!!

  44. Leonard says:

    #1 is the best hair is classic

  45. Bruce R says:

    The hair is brilliant! The ‘stash on the plane is downright weird. Better than an Dali melting airplane I guess

  46. Silvia says:

    I enjoyed yo when you were young.

  47. Julie g says:

    The mustache is funniest. I loved King’s Island as a kid and my nephew was one of the performers there while he was in high school and college.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  48. Curtis Waters says:

    The Dali mustache was a very bold statement by Delta – even bolder than your hairstyle! As a big Dail fan, I love his pic. It is both an homage to an innovative artist and support for the High Museum of Art (one of my favorites).

  49. Richard says:

    Gotta love the ID photo! Hey you should bring back that look!

  50. Jeff M says:

    Love the picture of young René. Reminds me of my younger days also.

  51. Love the photo of you when you were younger!!

  52. Susan S. says:

    The Dali mustache. I think your ID photo is cute.

  53. Stephen says:

    #2 – I am not sure what the Swiss were thinking

  54. Craig says:

    The Delta plane without a doubt. Corporate America can be so stuffy sometimes it’s nice to see a company have a little fun.

  55. Julie P. says:

    #1 – the young rene

  56. Stewart says:

    Delta plane is the funniest

  57. Love the id photo. It’s great you kept it all these years.

  58. John B says:

    The picture of you is my favorite

  59. Jacob T says:

    Definitely the Kings Island season pass. I had season passes there back in the late 80′s and early 90′s. Loved that place back then. Don’t think it’s nearly the same now though unfortunately.

  60. Kathy C says:

    #1 is the best. Impressed that you kept it. Merry Christmas!

  61. Jacob T says:

    P.S. – Can I ask if anyone has these headphones and knows if they are any good? I’ve been SERIOUSLY considering getting some Bose headphones lately, but they are a little spendy for me. If these iGo are at least somewhat comparable in the noise cancellation department, I might just have to pick me up a pair (assuming I don’t win that is ;) )

  62. Steve W says:

    Your hair is classic!

  63. Brad says:

    #3 is the funniest.

  64. Ben says:

    The picture of a mustache on the plane is the best. Imagine what the person who actually painted that on the plane was thinking!

  65. Andrew says:

    The old ID is by far the best. I think I might have one like that too some where.

  66. Derek W. says:

    #1. The old picture and park pass is classic.

  67. MR. H says:

    Love the ID

  68. Matt s says:

    Swiss Air sponsoring the most iconic fight seems like the winner to me.

  69. emily e says:

    Your kings island pic is the best. I loved going there as a kid.

  70. Ryan K says:

    Definitely loving the hair on young Rene!!!

  71. Matt R says:

    Definitely #3!! I am always amazed and impressed and PROUD of “my” airline when they support such worthy causes: Breast Cancer, LGBT rights, etc. go Delta!!!!!!

  72. brian p says:

    Kings Island photo since I live in Cincinnati. My little sister worked there during summers and both my kids had the pass last summer

  73. Marc says:

    Of course picture of you. Very 80′s hair.

  74. Joanne R says:

    The ID card from Kings Island of course!!

  75. Lana L says:

    Loving photo #1. I lived in Ohio and would frequent CP and KI all the time!

  76. Matthew says:

    I’m sorry Rene, but it’s you — the hair is the deal maker.

  77. Shannon M. says:

    Funniest: photo of young René of course. Party in the back!

  78. Steve G says:

    Kings Island Pass. I once had a season pass to Cedar Point that I was unable to use, and like you, enjoyed both parks, although CP is till my favorite.

  79. Deb W says:

    Delta jet with the “stash”.

  80. Mike B says:

    No contest! You with the “honkie fro” is the funniest. That’s awesome.

  81. Peter says:

    Everyone should know the answer — Renee’s photo

  82. Bill says:

    Your picture, because it’s purportedly a real person. Actually, I have a very similar one from a water park in FL. Similar hair too!

  83. pat b. says:

    I particularily liked the Dali mustach on the plane. I am a frequent enjoyer of the Dali museum in st petersburg, Florida and will go again in January.

  84. jpgisbd says:

    #1 for sure!

  85. John S says:

    It’s got to be the old Park Pass with your classic photo!

  86. Brian R says:

    definitely #3

  87. Andrew says:

    definitely the king’s island picture

  88. Ginny says:

    Definitely your picture. Looking at it took me back to those wild and crazy days.

  89. Kristin S says:

    Rene’s picture! But in a nice way :-)

  90. DJ says:

    When you say funniest…is there any other option left? Def your ID.

  91. Sherri says:

    The Delta jet with the stash wins.

  92. Tom says:

    The Delta stash wins but your photo is a close second.

  93. B says:

    As much as I like the stash plane, I have to go with your ID. The reference to Kings Island and your hair reminded of a Brady Bunch episode where the whole family goes to Kings Island. You could be Greg Brady (or at least his cousin).

  94. Tami Faurote says:

    I’d have to go with your King’s Island ID. I hope you got lots of use out of it back then! I would have been envious back then!

  95. Boing says:

    Your photo! classic seventies look.

  96. Sam says:

    I vote for your picture….whar a hoot!

  97. Jimmy Y. says:

    Without a doubt, #1! :P

  98. Sam says:

    #3…the stash

  99. Karen R. says:

    I’m digging the “stash”.

  100. Sarah says:

    Salvadore dali…stash!!!!

  101. Barbara says:

    tough choice…but at the end of the day…STASH.

  102. Bruce says:

    gotta like the “stash”!!!!

  103. Mark R. says:

    The funniest picture, far & away, is a young Rene’. The external hard drive problem is RF radiating from the connecting cable.

  104. Curtis says:

    Young Rene and the hair.

  105. Aarash says:

    delta jet, no question

  106. Carl Y. says:

    Peter Brady called… he wants his season pass back! :)

  107. LetsGetToThePoints says:

    Why your pic of course

  108. Courtney says:

    The vintage 1985 pic :)

  109. Christopher K says:

    Definitely the King’s Island ID.

  110. Matt MSP says:

    King Island pic! That was before I was born :-o

  111. Maxweipo says:

    Definitely the ID one!

  112. phill gold says:

    I like the picture of the old you. Reminiscing is always fun :-)


  113. Char says:

    Picture #1. Reminds me of high school days.

  114. Cook says:

    Airline sponsorships of causes and organizations may provide a little warmth for the PR and corporate staff, but they are expensive. I doubt that they sell many extra tickets or help to increase those slim profits. In other words, they are a genuine loss. At my hypothetical airline, “Small but Growing Airways,” we decline all such requests, not because we don’t care, but because we are still focused on black-ink growth and without having to resort to the courts to stay in business. Crossed ribbons are cool and these causes worthy of support, but that support has to come from individuals, not struggling airlines like SGA. (And all of them ‘stole’ the crossed ribbon image from the original red.) We politely decline corporate sponsorship requests and means ALL of them.

  115. David says:

    Rene I enjoy reading your Blog. Lots of good info. Can you point me to a blog article or source for Passenger rights–delayed flights. I was traveling to MIA and two successive flights were cancelled causing a missed connection and I got to MIA 9 hours late. A second flight to Lima three days later was delayed in arriving back in the States by more then 90 minutes. I’ve been offered 15k miles but want $600 or a system wide upgrade. I’m GM. David

  116. Jackie says:

    I like them all, but the funniest is the delta plane with the mustache painted on it!! Ha ha!!!

  117. Delta Points says:

    @David – keep in mind this is NOT the EU so they are few US rules the force Delta to do anything for you now. The Delta rule is if your departure or arrival change by more than 1 hr your can change flights FREE or cancel. After the fact, not much and take the 15k and be happy (or ask for 30k – you may get it). You will not get $600 and a SWU is not worth much and you will not get that either. – Rene

  118. mary m. says:

    #1 – not so much the pic of you but the background on the card itself – pink and purple and the Eiffel Tower? odd/funny

  119. Steve A says:

    The funniest is the DL mustache. What a novel idea for them. It is easy and funny.

  120. Jeff says:

    your picture is the funniest and a lasting memory. the others will just fade away with time

  121. Debbie Carr says:

    I kinda like the “fro” you rocked back in the day. A close second would be the mustache on the plane. “oh the good old days”. Thanks for the informative blog. I’ve learned alot since I started following you this August. I have been fortunate to start earning points and miles, just can’t wait to take advantage of my spoils.

  122. Veen says:

    Pick the #3 – at first glance it seems like a paint job half done !!!

  123. joel says:

    The Delta jet.

  124. Avi says:

    #1 hands down … cool hair ….

  125. mowogo says:

    Can’t beat the picture of you

  126. Diana says:

    Photo number #1 hands down!

    Speaking my Muhammad Ali, I’ve run into him twice at SBN!!

  127. Sterling says:

    Rumble in the jungle! Living in Tanzania (fly KLM/Delta to and fro to the US) thought Swiss air is making a move these days. Full circle??

  128. JC says:

    Young Rene, and it’s not particularly close!

  129. BothofUs2 says:

    Absolutely the Kings Island ID is the best. Fun to look at older photos sometimes – in that shot I think you bear some resemblance to “Peter Brady” from the Brady Bunch!

  130. Judy Jones says:

    The photo on the Kings Island pass is the funniest! I remember going there once when I was in Air Force Tech school in IL. There was this really cool game there where you rolled a ball into a grid of holes to get a row completed for a prize. I was obsessed with it and can never remember the name. It was so frustrating to try and get that row finished!! Plus there were about 40 people playing at a time. Thanks for my memory from around 1978!!

  131. Uri says:

    The Swiss air is most def the funniest!
    Cant believe an airline advertising that kinda stuff!

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