We are truly a unique sub-set of society. I have a minor in sociology, but could write a Ph.D. theses on us as a group. Some of us “normally” stay at hotels 99% of the people on this planet will never stay at or would do so once in a lifetime. Yours truly now expects to “turn left” when I get on a plane (sure, I’ll admit it, this is a DYKWITIA statement – do you know who I think I am).

But I opened with the fact that this is a personal post. I want you to understand how much I TREASURE FF points. Before points, I got to see my mom maybe, again maybe, once a year since I was 10 years old. Sweden is a LONG WAY from where I live. Spending the money and taking the time off was (and is) a very big expense.

Now, I go 3 times a year. Thanks to card offers and other promotions I keep earning more points than I can burn each year. Now, I could go 10 times a year (in coach) to Sweden if I wanted to (that is if did not have to work). This is unfathomable to the “me” of 10 years ago. And, thanks to the “mile-alanche” I get to not only go, but go in business or even now and then in first class on airlines other than my Delta.

I know some who collect so many points that often times they just send family members tickets to Disney. Or, like I do sometimes,  fly my good “buds” to somewhere warm to golf and spring for the hotel on points as well. That is the freedom that our “game” of collecting points can give you.

Then there is value. Think about this. Say you, like I did this year, book a trip on points that would have cost you $4000 otherwise. If you did not have points, you would have had to earn $4000 to take the trip. So if you think about it, the value of the points is not just the $4000 cost of the trip, but the $4000 you can spend on something else! In my head that makes the points worth $8000!

So enough soapbox time. I love what we do. I love being a bit obsessive when it comes to points and have started to find a happy place where some deals I go for while others I pass on. What I want to know is if you have been on the sidelines, lurking and reading blogs and such, how much longer will it be or trip reports will it take for you to read before you too get “in the game”? Why not try it and see!

I also know places like FlyerTalk are scary. There is a TON of knowledge there but users tend to be a bit hard on you if you have missed something that has been posted and talked about 6 years ago in a thread long forgotten. I will not do that nor my fellow BoardingArea bloggers. Have a question? E-Mail me or the rest of the gang. These bloggers are really tops and stand ready for even the most simple rookie question (& often can send you a link with the answer you need)! - Rene

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12 Responses to “A personal post of the value of frequent flyer points to me.”

  1. Raul says:

    Excellent game

  2. Sunny M says:

    Nice post, how ever I’m compelled to say there are also some excellent posters on flyertalk that are of great help thunderroad etc. just don’t want anyone to think everyone has the same attitude on flyertalk

  3. Glenn says:

    Rene, nice post. A Ph.D. in Frequent Flying? Now, that would be a cool thing to put on your business card!

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Sunny – sure, I agree, but for most neewbee’s FT is a scary place and you must admit, at time, FT are sorta – “why did you not search for this thread covered 100x times”!

  5. Kara says:

    Hi I just stared getting into this ‘world’ this summer and am planning my first trip for April. It is amazing but I still have a hard time understanding how people are able to collect so many miles … I’m having fun planning and like a lot of people my family thinks I’m crazy!

  6. Linda says:

    I am one of those “newbies” that finds FT a bit overwhelming :( I applied and received the SPG business and personal card as well as the Chase Sapphire over the last two months and have met the spending requirements. Can someone suggest an easier format to learn how to use the points for travel or hotel stays? Thanks so much :)

  7. Don T says:

    With my points and miles, I hope to go back to Sweden for the first time in 32 years to see my adopted country again, where my mother resides too.

  8. And this Rene is why I love you. And Boarding Area. I plan to give my dad the trip of a lifetime this November in Rome and really owe that to all of you. Thanks!

  9. David says:

    I am in the game!!! My colleagues voted me the number one guy with the most “loyalty” programs.

  10. Delta Points says:

    @Linda – Well done on good choice on cards to start with. If you are going to fly Delta, you need a DELTA card at some point for all the perks it gives you on Delta. Then, as far as ideas, start simple. Look at where you want to go. That is what I do. Then, look for FF seats. Once you can find them, start to look for where to stay and what hotel points you want to use. SPG has great deals on Sheraton and often you can get club floor for 3-5k per night. It really is that simple. But, if you can have points on all airlines and all hotels you will have so many more choices who to fly and where to stay. Does this help? – Rene

  11. Christine Pincince says:

    cayman is the one i guess for you and thanks for a great article. I am sharing with a few who think that by starting this new adventure of points pursuit I have lost what few marbles i have left..you are a great inspiration.

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