Not all too long ago I had a Rookie Wednesday post about just who could get a Skybonus account and what it will take to remain in the program.

For me, most times, I simply redeem my points for Delta Amenity coupons. Personally I like to have a cocktail in the sky when I don’t get an upgrade or a HOOU coupon or to be able to give them away to readers on the blog now and then.

But the other day a reader asked me what I thought was the best value of Skybonus points. I answered that gifting Silver Medallion to a family member or a good friend is one of the best values. Then, the Amenity coupons. But maybe I am missing good values for these points.

So why not help this reader, as well as your fellow readers, with your thoughts of what you think the best redemption is for Skybonus points. You can look at the full list in a PDF HERE and see the point totals for each redemption. In advance – thanks! – René

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12 Responses to “What is the BEST use for Delta Skybous points? You tell me!”

  1. Charlie says:

    I would have to say that the best value would have to be the Australia/Pacific ticket. It is the same price as a European ticket and is worth much more. In addition, the taxes are under $140.

  2. Mary says:

    I was just thinking about this. We have enough points for one domestic ticket. What would the change penalties be if a Platinum? Does this ticket show up in their credit and certificates until redeemed?

  3. Rob says:

    Australia/Asia is the best. In February I did IND -> DTW -> PEK -> NRT -> DTW -> IND (I bought the PEK -> NRT leg) on two SkyBonus redemptions for my wife and I. Last August I also took my mom out of the country for the first time to London thanks to SkyBonus. The best part is they’re easier to redeem then SkyMiles, all you need is U availability and you’re set.

  4. Delta Points says:

    @Mary – From Skybonus site:
    How are SkyBonus awards redeemed?
    The program administrators, or preferred travel agency, can redeem awards for customers, employees, business associates or anyone the company chooses.
    Are changes to Award Travel reservations allowed?
    Prior to ticketing, award travel reservations may be changed at any time. Once ticketed, date/flight changes are allowed, if available, upon payment of the applicable administrative service charge when the ticket is reissued.
    I do not know if PM & DM std. skymiles award change rules apply. Maybe another reader knows but I will follow up.

  5. Rob says:

    @Mary They do not apply, it’s not booked as a normal award ticket. I actually had to make a change to one of the trips I mentioned above and was charged a change fee. Also no upgrades on SkyBonus awards.

  6. Delta Points says:

    @Rob – txs for info very much!

  7. Bruce R says:

    Australia – absolutely! I brought my wife with me to Australia in Business class using SkyBonus miles used for far too many business flights.

  8. B says:

    I would say that if you are not a DM, then the SkyClub annual pass is a good value if you have a lot of domestic travel ahead.

  9. Mary says:

    @Rob – Thanks for the info!

  10. larry g says:

    I have only cashed them in for two different rewards, skyclub for one year and silver medallion. A friend had family issues the whole year she was gold and never flew. gave her silver in July 2012 so it is good for 20 months. I think that for the extra 60k points the extra months are worth it.

  11. MR. H says:

    Can anyone highlight how the redemption process works for these tickets – i.e. how to know whether we need to select regular availability or enhanced?

    With partner availability now to EUR/MEA there could be some good stopover opportunities yielding nice value.

    Otherwise the Skyclub seems a decent value for lower level members.

  12. Farhad says:

    I’m in a bit of a quandry with my SB points — I don’t travel much on my own dime (paid travel at least) and my work travel is booked with our corporate contract and those tickets don’t get SB points (yes, I tried). However, I somehow ended up getting credit for a couple of flights and as such, I have approx 70K SB points sitting in my account. It’s unlikely I’ll be accumulating many more anytime soon so I figured I might as well use the ones I have now.

    For 70K I can get 7×10 (70!) drink coupons or 8 SkyClub passes. I don’t need the SC passes due to my Amex card and well, 70 drink coupons that expire in December are just excessive — especially given that I probably have 15-20 sitting in my bag as well!

    Any other ideas short of just getting 70 drink coupons and just giving them out to friends and family?

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