I don’t know about you but I am really busy this week. My other job and some family “stuff” are taking all my time. So, time for some help from readers. Now this will take some effort on your part and I want to make this worth your while so how about prizes (later today EDIT: You get extra time – now Wednesday eve via random.org)!

Just what am I asking for? I want to know all the WORKING & LIVE bonus deals going for Skymiles. For example:

  • Fedex has one HERE
  • Fidelity has one HERE

What I want from you is more bonus point deals – more more more (& I will update the list above & HT you)! You have to tell me/us what the working & live Delta Skymiles promotion is and the link for a chance to win the above Mobile AC Power unit and GoGo one time pass!

gogo single use free pass delta points blog

If two comment with the same promo and link then the one that commented first with the time stamp counts. So thanks for helping me during a crazy busy week and now “get to work” and help me/us out please :-) – René

And our winner via Random.org is #21: LarsErikNYC

winner for links delta points blog


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44 Responses to “Time for a scavenger hunt for Skymiles bonus points!”

  1. Jim F. says:

    Since my passport must be renewed next year, I submit American Passport.com’s bonuse opportunity: http://americanpassport.com/index.php?login=45340&utm_campaign=deltaskymiles&utm_medium=svp&utm_source=ap&utm_content=visit

  2. joel says:

    500 bonus miles with Hertz rental:


  3. Jacey says:

    Spa finders has 5x miles for every dollar spent.


  4. Curtis says:

    Ohio Natural Gas – 2500 bonus miles for enrolling in a fixed plan.


  5. Curtis says:

    Georgia Natural Gas – 5000 bonus miles for signing up.


  6. Steve says:

    GA natural gas – 1 skymile per dollar, and 5,000 bonus for signing up.

  7. Delta Points says:

    @Steve – I did not say you can only get ONE shot so as long as the suggestions are different keep them coming. Curtis commented 3 min before you! Please find another one? :-(

  8. John S. says:

    Earn 1500 miles when you send flowers through FTD:

  9. Steve says:

    different than Curtis’s Ohio natural gas.
    This one is 20,000 skymiles for enrolling

  10. Delta Points says:

    @Steve – ah great so the 20k one counts!

  11. Delta Points says:

    @Steve – yes till they are gone and as long as they are working. Sometimes Delta’s links are expired.

  12. steve says:

    1,500 miles for skymiles dining signup

  13. Reese says:


    Sign up for Georgia Natural Gas (you are an Atlanta area resident, yes?) and get 7,500 miles and then a Skymile for each dollar of your monthly bill. I signed up in February, and am still waiting for my miles to show up in my Delta account. GA Nat. Gas sent me a letter saying that they have been funding my account with those miles all along, it is Delta that is being slow.

  14. Delta Points says:

    @Reese – I would email to Delta.com I bet you get some bonus skymiles for the delay!

  15. Randy says:

    SkyMiles Cruises powered by CruisesOnly

    •1,500 miles for 1–5 night cruises.
    •3,000 miles for 6–8 night cruises.
    •5,000 miles for 9–12 night cruises.
    •10,000 miles for 13+ night cruises.


  16. LarsErikNYC says:

    Earn bonus miles with Delta Vacations. These miles are in addition to credited flight miles:

  17. LarsErikNYC says:

    Going to a Broadway show? You can earn an average of 400 miles per ticket, and get a discount off full-price (for example, $50 off for Mamma Mia!), by buying from Audience Rewards:

  18. LarsErikNYC says:

    A great way to earn bonus SkyMiles for purchases you might be making anyway, is to use the SkyMiles Shopping portal (powered by Cartera). Earn between 1 to 7 miles per dollar right now. I’ve seen even higher special offers.

    General Link:

    If you have a American Express card:

  19. Teresa Pederson says:

    I found that Georgia Natural Gas company allows you to earn miles for paying your gas bill. Website is http://onlygng.com/skymiles

  20. Delta Points says:

    @Teresa – txs looks like we already have this one.

  21. Nancy says:

    Go through the Skymiles shopping portal for tons of deals, but this is one *I* like –
    8 miles/$ 123inkjets.com – Up to 15% off compatible ink and all other products, plus free shipping on orders $55 or more! SURF123 Aug 5, 2013

  22. uclalum says:

    ***no fair*** East Coasters always get first stab!

  23. Anne says:

    Maybe I am off-base here, but it seems the obvious one is to use your Delta AMEX when purchasing a ticket.

  24. uclalum says:

    ***Thanks, Rene. Great idea. Still love your blog anyway. If anyone knows me I will always find something to complain about***

  25. uclalum says:

    I know someone already mentioned the Bonus Points when booking a Delta Vacation. But here is another application for that. I look on Delta.com and flights from A to B are too much $$$ (yes, I know, never start at Delta.com….). I call my travel agent, she looks through Delta Vacations, and can the same flight, with two nights hotel, cheaper. IN some cases, she picks the least expensive hotel available to keep the vacation package low. Then I don’t even use the hotel and do a no-show. I stay where I normally would stay, saved hundreds on my airfare, and, to my surprise the first time we did this, receive bonus miles for booking a Delta Vacation!

  26. Patrick B says:

    Audience Rewards has a Dela connection that give 12 free miles (not much, but it comes back ever ten days or so) for answering some Broadway trivia questions. You can Google one of the questions and find a complete list of answers online. The link is https://www.audiencerewards.com/delta/trivia.cfm. I use this to keep my US Airways miles from expiring also.

  27. John says:

    One can earn 100 Delta points when enrolling in PointsHound. Not much, but they all add up !

  28. Rich says:

    Open a Share Builder Account for Skymiles
    My points account
    Avis Bonous
    As always you can upgrade a delta Amex card to a higher one all the way to reserve and get points

  29. David says:

    When renting from National Car Rental, sign up for Delta SkyMiles as your Reward Preference.


  30. David says:

    Can double dip – get both HiltonHhonors points and Delta SkyMiles with a stay in any of the Hilton chain hotels.


  31. Dotti cshill says:

    Someone beat me to the hertz deal darn :D

  32. Russ says:


    Carmel Limo – earn bonus miles with every dollar spent.

  33. Delta Points says:

    @Brett – uh I may have just talked about that one myself? ;-)

  34. Russ says:

    1000 bonus Skymiles with any 2-night Westin stay:

  35. Cherylthings says:

    New Skymiles members, Earn 5,000 bonus miles for first flight purchased and flown after enrollment on any Delta operated and marketed worldwide flight. Earn an additional 2,500 bonus miles for each of the next 4 flights purchased and flown

  36. CP says:

    I periodically use Google to search “site:http://dmn.delta.com/ace_offers/” for new promotions – never know what you might have missed in an email

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