Welcome to a weekly feature on the Delta Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.


It is fitting that this week, marking 1 full year of Rookie Wednesday posts  that we touch on a reader question and in a rookie way look at all the ways to keep up with the latest Delta news from the blog (be sure to take the time to review the full year of posts).

The first one is RSS. What is RSS, you ask? You can look at this wikipedia to see, but basically it is, in plain English, an internet page sent to you, most times as it is published, & designed to view as it appears on the web. OK, how do you get an RSS or RSS feed of DeltaPoints? The DeltaPoints RSS feed address is simply:


How do you view, not only DeltaPoints, but other blogs and such in this way. One way is via email. You can look HERE to find out how to add RSS to your OUTLOOK for example and adding it to other email programs progresses in a similar fashion.

Another way is via an RSS reader. What is an RSS reader? Well there are a BUNCH of them and you can look at a popular list at PCMAG.com to see some of their top pics.


Now I am not telling you that this is the best reader or you should use this one but  TheOldReader  is very simple to use. To add a feed, you simply click on:  “ADD A SUBSCRIPTION”


Then in the box you cut-n-paste in the DeltaPoints feed address [ Http://boardingarea.com/deltapoints/feed/ ] and you are all done.


It really is that simple. You can right click and copy other addresses from other BoardingArea blogs as well. Then when they publish they are there in your RSS reader. Simple right!

What other ways are there to keep up with the blog. One of the other simple ways is just check the blog a few times a day. I know this is just DUH but I post each day, normally around 8-9 AM ET and then a few more times a day when things come up.

Another great way is via e-Mail subscription. Each day, around 10:30AM ET, an email goes out with the current day’s post as well as any other post from the day before that did not make the 10:30AM cut off time. It only goes out once so your in-box will not be overloaded with info.

Twitter. All DeltaPoints readers should have a twitter account. Not for me, but for @DeltaAssist. A Delta flyer MUST be able to reach @DeltaAssist. For crying out loud you don’t even need a smart phone to use Twitter and @DeltaAssist. As long as you can text, you can use them. But if you also follow me, you will instantly get notification of ANY posts I put up on the blog.

updates from twitter delta points blog

You can even set it up to send an alert to your phone if you want to get a text that a new tweet has shown up (careful, this could be non-stop of you follow a lot of people). Another way would be to make a second Twitter account and ONLY follow DeltaPoints on that one and use that one for a TEXT alert that a new post is up (but you will also get other random tweets I send out). Or, you can simply use the twitter app on your phone and check that way.

Lastly, if you have missed out on a bunch of posts from the past month, be sure to review the monthly newsletter (comes out last day of the month each month – like tomorrow).

Thanks everyone for following the blog and I hope to see you sitting next to me one day on a Delta jet to somewhere! – René

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3 Responses to “Rookie Wednesday: RSS, E-Mail, Blog, Twitter – all the ways to keep up with DeltaPoints!”

  1. craig says:


    I followed your instructions pasted the link and The old reader says “Feed cannot be fetched”

  2. Don in ATL says:

    Great post Rene. I think I will set up a second Twitter account to get fast news from you. BTW, I signed up to get SMS’s whenever you found a MR. Is that system up land running yet? I don’t think I’ve received any MR SMS flashes yet. Thanks.

  3. Delta Points says:

    @don – (ashamed face look) I must find time to update list. May change it over to twitter based.

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