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Since most have the day off today, how about we open up the day to some Q&A. While I can not promise I will answer all questions, fire off a bunch in the comments below on the blog and I will put up another post with the follow-ups later today.

Or, if you have some topics you would like me to cover in 2014 for Rookie Wednesday please comment as well – René

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14 Responses to ““OPEN MIC” Q&A day on the blog. Got Delta questions? Ask away.”

  1. Geraldo Sousa says:

    Dear Rene–

    Thank you offering to answer questions today. I have two questions: In a previouos posting, I think you said that when one buys a first class ticket on Delta, using “Pay with Miles,” the base fare will count as MQDs. My question is, do the miles also count as MQMs? (2) What is the best way to purchase a first class ticket (using “Pay with miles”) for two people, using each person’s individual Skymiles account? Through the Website, through our travel agent, or by calling Delta?

    Thank you.


  2. Will says:

    Can you explain how to use miles for MQM qualification for first class tickets as u previously mentioned. Or was it using miles that count for MQD.

  3. robertw says:

    Do you know of any ways to use Delta miles for New Zealand. I know I can get to AU using Virgin Blue but anything possible to add some days in New Zealand?

  4. venice says:

    I bought tickets after the April 2013 new SDC rules took effect which require same fare class for a confirmed (not last minute at the gate before boarding door closes) seat.
    Have any experience getting the platinum or diamond customer service agents to confirm you on new flight 3 or 4 hours before flight time, rather than waiting at the gate until they “officially” start clearing the stand-bys ?

  5. Kara says:

    Rene, thanks for offering to answer questions. I am getting ready to book my first award tickets for Italy next year. I have found the flight that I want but when I go to the delta website and put in that I want to book an award ticket that flight isn’t an option. Will I be able to get the flight I really want if I call delta directly? I did check that all segments are delta so that shouldn’t be the issue.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Rick Koblish says:

    My understanding is that if I use my Delta Reserve AMX it will not count as my
    25,000 spend toward mdq, I’m retired and that will make it very hard to reach
    That spend any ideas for me to reach the 25,000 spend? Thanks,Rene for all
    Your blogs as it helped me retain DM again for 2014!

  7. Arthur H says:

    Any recommendations/suggestions on booking a Round the World award ticket?

  8. Robert says:

    Rene, I have a Gold SkyMiles AMEX; can I get a Reserve SkyMiles AMES for my business and collect the bonus MQM’s and spend bonus or do I have to cancel the Gold for an entire year before applying?

  9. Sarah says:

    Can you explain, step by step, how to use/load vanilla cards, including how then to use that to pay, say, your mortgage? And, is this a viable option to get your Amex reserve card $25000 spend given the new 2014 rules? How much is the cost of loading the vanilla card? I’m sure you have a tab on your blog already so I apologize if this is a question I shouldn’t be asking because of that.

  10. Noah Mark Blaustein says:

    Can you SDC a leg of a flight. Example MIA-LAX-SFO. could I SDC the LAX-SFO so that I could spend a few hours in LAX before going to SFO?

  11. Christine says:

    I know you can rollover any “unused” mqd’s but can you also rollover any “unused” dollars that didn’t get you to the bonus level? I.e. you have to spend $30000 to get 10000 mqds. I’ve charged close to $25000 towards that. If I don’t make that $30000, can I carryover so that I only have to spend $5000 in 2014 and I will get the mqd’s? I’m trying to decide whether to prepay insurance, etc. trying to reach that level but don’t want to waste the dollars in case i don’t get there.

  12. Guy says:

    In what order does the million miler status come up during upgrade considerations. Does being a one or two million miler help at all??

  13. Doug Talbott Jr says:

    Dear Rene,
    First, I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving! And thank you for your valuable info.
    One general “newbie” question. Would you please give us some guidelines about when to cancel the credit cards you recommend? I assume we don’t keep all of them forever once we received the bonuses. I know in many cases they have to be cancelled for more than one year before we can repurchase them and therefore get the bonuses again.

  14. dotti cahill says:

    i just did my first miles run i hope it helped got only 270 miles to atlanta (X) class but it is usually 650 0r more hope it was not for nothing,,,,

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