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For medallions, if we did not clear at the 6,5,3&1 day window, we are more than a bit obsessive about our position on “the list” (hey James – I am still waiting for you to “coin” that term btw)! The nice thing has been that, for the most part, the Delta “Fly App” has been very reliable when comparing it to the GIDS or the Gate Information Displays that is the final word on upgrades (well other than gate shenanigans that is).

delta-com upgrade list now shows the same as fly delta app upgrade list delta points blog

But on my recent trip down to Grand Cayman I checked closely the Delta.com list, that has for a long time been highly inaccurate compared to the App or the GIDS, which has now apparently been fixed. It correctly showed the same information when clicking on the full view list (no we did not clear as Golds, that is both flying as the lowest common medallion level if on the same itinerary).

Delta has been making some nice incremental “IT” changes this year and I have, dare I say it, high hopes that just maybe, perhaps, in 2014 we will see improvements to the award booking engine.

Have you noticed things getting better? Have you seen the same results I have from the upgrade list? I would love to get some more feedback and data points! – René

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5 Responses to “Delta seems to have fixed the Delta.com upgrade list errors!”

  1. Mike G says:

    The Delta App is as pathetically slow as ever. Until they fix the 10-15 second load time then DL IT gets no credit from me.

    As far as the Award Calendar issues go remember that Bob Kupbens (DL VP of e-Commerce) promised on Oct 21, 2010 that (1) “it’s not working like we want”; (2) “we know it”; and (3) “we’re working on it”.

    I’m sure they’re T H I S close to having it fixed, right?

  2. Louis C says:

    I have noticed over the past year or so that I am often not clearing the upgrade list at the 5 day mark as a PM . However, I doubt this is an IT issue and suspect it is Delta hoping to sell more seats in FC so they are holding the upgrades for PM’s and maybe even DM’s until 3 or fewer days out. This seems to be the case particularly on the longer haul DL flights than the short haul DL Connection flights, where I usually clear the upgrade list at the 5 day mark.

  3. Judy says:

    As a PM, I haven’t cleared for ages until arriving at the airport. Much to my surprise I received my upgrade today for my flight on the 18th from DFW to DTW. Wonder if they know they’ll be cancelling the flight so everyone gets the gift of an upgrade??? ;-)

  4. AjayLA says:

    I am one of the few who has a Windows phone, and the Fly Delta application is almost useless. I am diamond and am booked tonight on an LAX-JFK flight. Fly Delta does not even show me on the upgrade list. On Delta.com, I am number 6, with 21 seats remaining. I know Windows Phone users make up a small number, but I wish the IT people would give it some attention. That said, I hope the flight will operate normally, as I have little flexibility in date. I also hope “displaced” people will not push me down the upgrade list, as these flights, especially those using 767-300 international aircraft, are really nice up front. :)

  5. dotti cahill says:

    i was 79 on 2 lists this week for an upgrade after 10 they should just ditch the list pathetic gold does not cut it……………………….

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