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Steven Frischling, aka: Fish, is globe hopping professional photographer, airline emerging media consultant working with large global airlines and founder of The Travel Strategist. Fish has racked up more than 1,000,000 miles since he started to track his mileage in 2005.

Fish's travel tends to be less than leisurely, including flying from New York to Basrah, Iraq, for six hours; Hong Kong for eight hours, Kuwait City for two hours and traveling around the world in 3.5 days to shoot a series of photo assignments in 4 cities and 4 countries on 3 separate continents.

Fish grew up at the end of New York's JFK International Airport's Runway 4R/22L, which probably explains his enjoyment of watching planes, fly overhead. When not shooting photos or traveling Fish designs camera bags, hones is expertise on airline security and spends his time at home cheering for the Red Sox with his 3 kids 102 yards from the ocean.

Southwest’s Historian Passes Into History. So Long Brian.

If you read Southwest Airlines’ Nuts About Southwest Blog then you are probably familiar with the regular Flashback Fridays series … well it is Friday and sadly it is time to flashback on the man who brought us these flashbacks.


Brian Lusk, Southwest Airlines’ in house historian, who had been with Southwest Airlines for 18 years, and Delta Air Lines for 18 years before that, passed away the other night. Brian’s encyclopedic knowledge of airlines and aviation would put nearly every other walking-talking airline encyclopedic mind to shame.    Brian was in the right industry, he loved everything about airlines and the industry and being in his presence you knew it immediately.


I had the pleasure of meeting Brian a few times. Listening to him talk about items on display at Southwest’s headquarters was better than any museum. Discussing random aviation topics was always a welcome treat because he could out wit me without even breaking a sweat. The last time I saw Brian was at AirVenture in Oshkosh Wisconsin this past summer, having flown there with Southwest Airlines. He was all smiles watching the air shows while sharing his love of Southwest and airplanes as he talked to people taking tours of the Southwest 737 on display at the show.


Aside from planes, Brian loved trains. The night before flying from Chicago to Oshkosh this summer, while sitting in a bar with Brian, he was ribbing me about my son’s love of trains. Its hard to forget sitting at a table full of airline folks, about to fly to the greatest air show on earth, with an airline historian, discussing of all things trains.  For me, that is the memory I have of Brian that sticks out in my mind.


If you never got the chance to know Brian, take a few moments and read today’s Flashback Fridays post on the Nuts About Southwest Blog – Flashback Fridays: Farewell to a Friend


Hopefully Brian and Matt Molner find each other somewhere in the here after to exchange their rapier wit and love of airplanes. The last time I saw either of these two wonderful AvGeeks who have recently passed away was together, both happy, smiling and watching things fly by.


Happy Flying Brian!



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  1. Thank you, Fish! He was a very special guy among a very special group of people…you included! xoxo, Paula Berg

  2. Paula,

    Thanks :0)

    Last night I was sitting in a meeting in Boston, with a clear view of planes landing at Logan, a few minutes before I heard Brian had passed away, an SWA question popped into my head and thought to myself “I should drop Brian an email.”

    The rare visits to SWA’s HQ won’t be the same.

    Happy Flying


  3. Lovely tribute.

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