Sandy was a nasty heck of a storm (first hurricane and then a storm) – and its after effects will be around for a long time.

I was almost stuck because of this storm, and only got out just in time before life in the Midwest got interesting (and it was troublesome enough – trust me).

However, its left the North Eastern Corridor in one hell of a state, and be it donations of time, money, items or miles, there are a load of ways you can help. Some of them can accrue miles (and if you do it through your affiliated airline credit card, you’ll earn miles anyway), but here is a small list courtesy of MommyPoints and  Wandering Aramean – of airline and hotel related how to helps:

I’m also going to put my foot in this to help because I can (as well as some of the other Boarding Area bloggers)

Leave a comment about the storm -  either how you were affected, if your travel plans were hit, or what you’re doing to help.  

Drop your comment in the comments box below and I’ll donate $1 per comment. Deadline is 12:00 8th November 2012EST.

Together with the blogs, above, we’re aiming to donate up to US$1800, and we need your help by filling in the comments boxes please!

In addition, I’ve found a three extra “remove before flight” keyrings so there will be a draw for those for those who add a comment to the box below.

Thank you for your consideration and reading this post – Lets do some good together people and show that we care.

And a special note of thanks to MommyPoints who has organised this.

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63 Responses to “After Sandy – Ways to help and get points… and a way to get me to help!”

  1. Jimgotkp says:

    I go to school in the Atlantic City area which was affected by the hurricane and I have family in Northern NJ. Fortunately, my family is okay and there was no property damage.

    I plan on volunteering in the Atlantic City area at a rescue mission.

  2. Jes says:

    This is a great idea and good initiative. Well done to all the bloggers who are participating. Although I no longer live there I grew up in NJ and NY. All my family are still there and all have been affected, although quite mildly compared to what so many others are going through. I have already donated to several charities to help. I chose to focus on smaller charities, rather than the Red Cross for now, who are doing good and vital work in the area but are often overlooked.

  3. James W says:

    It is very nice of the boarding area bloggers to come together in this time of need.

  4. Michael R. says:

    Very happy to support this effort

  5. Sam says:

    This is great! I have 2,000 little Delta miles I have no use for. Now I know what to do with them.

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  7. Diane S says:

    I just donated my balance of Delta miles.

  8. Jerry223 says:

    Nice to see boardingarea getting involved!

  9. Ann says:

    I’m commenting on blogs so my favorite bloggers will donate. :)

  10. Alex says:

    I’ll be donating $50 to keep my United miles alive for another 18 months.

  11. dealswelike says:

    Luckily I wasn’t affected too much as uptown did not lose their power. Many downtown are still without power and it is deemed dangerous to go back to their apts.

  12. Elena Garcia says:

    I just missed the storm but I will be donating too! Thanks for your support!

  13. Dave says:

    From a Hoboken NJ resident who thankfully sustained just a little damage and just got power back Saturday, thanks for what you’re doing to support my neighbors and everyone else affected by the storm.

  14. Donating to Red Cross. Another dollar raised. Thanks!

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  16. mommypoints says:

    Thank you for what you are doing to help!

  17. Joanna says:

    Very luckily, the DC area, where I live, wasn’t hit very hard. Just a lot of rain and heavy winds. I didn’t even lose power. But seeing all the people who did, or lost even worse than just power, really makes me sad. I made a couple different monetary donations and it’s so nice that the Boarding Area bloggers are going to, also.

  18. Alexis L says:

    I was unaffected, just worried about friends and family.

  19. Chris says:

    You guys are great!

  20. Lea says:

    I was not affected but I’ve donated some money to the Red Cross and encourage others to do the same.

  21. Oliver says:

    Thanks for doing this. And don’t forget Haiti. they got Sandied, too. I am donating to CARE.

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  24. Brendan says:

    The storm has crippled NJ Transit, which is making life difficult for those who commute into/out of NYC from NJ

  25. Rick says:

    I live in lower Manhattan where we had no electric, steam (heat & hot water) or elevators for 5 days (I live on the 25th floor of my building so I got some extra exercise). Others continue to have it much, much worse. Keep up the good work!

  26. Isaac says:

    I’m getting ready to donate bone marrow to a patient in the next couple weeks but bc of the storm the process has been delayed/slowed down

  27. Mike says:

    Great effort to help those in need!

  28. roberto says:

    I am helping by unclogging debris and garbage from sewage and keeping the waterways clear so the water can naturally flow.

  29. Chase says:

    My friends were affected by the storm. Thank you for doing this. I donated to the Red Cross.

  30. Great thing for the Boarding Area bloggers to do!

  31. Raffles says:

    Good show Kevin

  32. Mo says:

    I lost power for 6 days but everything else is ok, thank god.

  33. John says:

    American Red Cross

  34. boxo says:

    Two of my Monterey DO attendees left the weekend early before the flights shut down. Thankfully, both made it home safely.

  35. Joy says:

    You are great! :)

  36. Lee says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  37. oneeyejack says:

    Thanks for donating!

  38. Merrily says:

    You rock!

  39. Jeanne says:

    One more comment

  40. Halo says:

    Well done indeed.

  41. Tyler says:

    Right on! Great idea!

  42. riverchica says:

    This is great! Thanks for donating!

  43. George says:

    Thanks for your generosity

  44. Bill N says:

    Good job

  45. Gideon says:

    Two days of canceled class here in Rhode Island.

  46. Jackie says:

    Many of my family & friends here in NY were affected. Thanks for your efforts!

  47. Mattolo says:

    Here’s my donation

  48. glen says:

    Great cause!

  49. Globalg says:

    Some of mythe relatives were without electricity into this week. Even if you were not impacted this time, keep in mind how you’d want others to help you. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, tsunami…

  50. Joe says:

    Great idea by all of you, keep up the good work!

  51. Kelly says:

    Go for it

  52. michaelp says:

    I am donating thru AA – giving and receiving!

  53. Ketan says:

    $1 :)

  54. eamo says:

    I’ve been volunteering and their sense of community is awesome but their suffering is hard to see.

  55. Jordan says:

    Donating cash… and this is a great idea!

  56. Abhishek Duggal says:

    Thanks for your efforts! It was sad to see the devastation that was caused by the storm!

  57. Marlene says:

    great idea!

  58. Chris says:

    I wasn’t affected personally, but friends and family were-though thankfully everyone I know is okay.

  59. Mizliz says:

    Give to Red Cross Disaster Relief

  60. JoshL says:

    Never knew a simple comment could help out like this :)

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