I’m a semi regular user of Quidco* in my spare time (Head for Points likes TopCashBack… as usual, your mileage may vary on the portal you use) as I like try and save a few pennies on my travel.

So when I’m booking tickets to far flung places, a few pennies back in my pocket aren’t a bad thing exactly.

But sometimes I wonder why I do this. Lets take a case in point with FlyBe, as I need to be in Paris in January (for something quite fun, but that’s besides the point). FlyBe has the best price on that segment, so I headed off to book a ticket.

Quidco offer 1% Cashback on the flight. Well, it’s not going pay for a banker to lift a finger, but I’m game as the saying goes.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 04.27.59

The flight came in at a total of £49.99 (Including the £5 to pay on a credit card), so we’re looking at 50p cashback if we’re lucky.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 04.34.47

It gets better. Because FlyBe only pay out on the FARE portion of the ticket (ie – non imposed surcharges). So that £49.99 drops to……. wait for it…


Which means cashback grand total of…


Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 04.41.00

And I ask myself why I bother sometimes going through online shopping portals when there are such riches to be had….

Although saying that, 4.5% on a Ibis hotel stay will net £2.38 on a £51 stay that’s related to this trip. A bit better. Not much granted, but there it is (and better than Hyatt who pay a derisory 3% on a hotel booking)

* For those who are remotely interested and want to join Quidco through my affiliate link it’s http://www.quidco.com/user/379602/1746671/. When you earn £5 through it, you’ll get a £5 bonus, as will I… though do buy insurance or mobile phone contracts through it. Flights and Hotels are sometimes not worth the effort….


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4 Responses to “Is going through a shopping portal worth it? Sometimes. Sometimes not…”

  1. DaninSTL says:

    Nice post.
    Just wondering how to avoid the credit card surcharge. Do they want you to use a debit card? or what?

  2. Raffles says:

    Sadly I can beat this. I booked a Virgin Little Red flight from Heathrow to Manchester ans they declared the cost to have been £8, ex all taxes, so I got 8p!

    • Kevincm says:

      It does make a mockery of 1% on fares… When it excludes the total fare.

      Heck, I’ve had walk-in cashback a that have tracked higher – regularly.

      On the other side, it does show how tight airline margins are some days…

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