AvGeek or not, this should definitely interest you. A MegaDo, as some of us airplane and travel nerds define it, is an opportunity to get behind the scenes with airlines and alliances and see how an airline works. I was on the oneworld MegaDo in January 2012, and I met people from all over who were excited about flying. Check out the full details of that experience here. Here are a few of the experiences we shared:


A simulated water evacuation


A trip to the Boeing 737 plant in Everett


Inside the charter flight…at 35K feet

BoardingArea is giving away a couple of seats on the StarMegaDo 4 charter this year. You get to hobnob with the United executives, fly with Randy Petersen, collect swag along the way and make new best friends who share your passion for flying. You can look up this thread on MilePoint for all the details on the MegaDo.


The Contest: Me and 28 other BoardingArea bloggers will be participating in a giveaway for 2 seats on the SMD4 charter. We will all pick one winning entry each, out of which two winners will be chosen by the BoardingArea team.

How to Enter? In the comments segment below, tell me which is your favourite Star Alliance airline and why? You can only participate once in this contest on this blog. Your entries should be coming in by 23:59 Mountain Time on October 7, 2012.

What do you win? A seat next to Randy Petersen on the upcoming StarMegaDo to be held between November 13, 2012 and November 16, 2012. Additionally, your tab for a night’s stay at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, Hyatt Regency Houston and Hyatt Regency Schaumberg and $250 for spending along the way are also yours.

How to increase your chances of winning? You can participate and answer once in each of the BoardingArea blogs who are participating in the contest. Here are the links to their entry posts:

I will update this with other participating posts as soon as they go up so do check back. Here are the rules of the contest spread across BoardingArea.

Just one thing I ask of you, if you are the winner, do make sure you get your correct email address in the post which will make life easier to get across to you! And while you are here, let’s connect for future contests, giveaways and promotions via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Good Luck!! Now just tell me which is your favourite Star Alliance Airline and why?

Disclosure: If you get to win the BoardingArea SMD4 seat giveaway (this giveaway), I get a yet-to-be-launched version of the iPad.

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202 Responses to “Get closer to your free ticket to the Star MegaDo here…”

  1. Michael H.(oldfox) says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is United! It gives me great service to places I want to visit in Latin America.

  2. KOMAL says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is none other than Singapore Airlines.With a great inflight service and unlimited entertainment options,it makes it easier for me to thoroughly enjoy my flight if i can’t get sleep.
    Plus it allows me to travel the many destinations with good connections which most other airlines do not.
    So,for me it is SINGAPORE AIRLINES from STAR ALLIANCE,my perfect cake with the best icing!!

  3. Mike says:

    My favorite *A airline is Aegean Airlines. Was a fleet of new airplanes and very friendly cabin crew!

  4. Sandy says:

    Singapore. Never flew it but when i hear about their services and their product, i get so jealous!

  5. Scott C says:

    United, I guess because it has been years since I have flown them so any bad memories are gone. :)

  6. Omar says:

    Lufthansa is my favorite Star Alliance Airline- their economy service is not that bad, but when you travel in business or first it is awesome! Not to mention the FCT and FCLs

  7. Mike Stuben says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is Lufthansa. I got to visit/use the first class terminal once at FRA, and I knew this was the way I always wanted to fly.

  8. Bryan says:

    Lufthansa, hands down! Whether in coach, business or first, service is always top notch.

  9. Jene S says:

    I would love to fly Aegean. Their name is so romantic and ethereal, I can only imagine that would translate to destinations I have never been.

  10. vince says:

    I would have to say UA.

    The only *A I’ve flown is UA/TG, but I will be flying NH/UA/TG later this year, thus that might change.

  11. Nick D says:

    US Airways because they have direct flights to PHX for me

  12. aptraveler says:

    Singapore Airlines is my favorite Star Alliance airline, for their extraordinary quality of service!

  13. SC Flier says:

    US, only because it has a hub nearby and sometimes has some good promos.

  14. Nathaniel W says:

    Since UA is the only star airline I have flown I guess they auto are my favorite.. Though I would love to try out Lufthansa and visit the first class Terminal.

  15. jessica says:

    Lufthansa – great planes and service!

  16. Phillip M. says:

    United, because they travel to the places I need to go and usually get me there without the hassles i’ve had with other airlines.

  17. hal says:

    United airlines rocks!

  18. Andrew says:


  19. Dave says:

    Asiana – Great food!

  20. Ben says:

    United, I have been a mileage plus member since I was 9 years old and flew unaccompanied. I have loved flying ever since.

  21. dmel says:

    UA for me, but it’s really my only exposure to *A to date. I’d love to experience more of *A!

  22. colleen says:

    SQ – their planes and service are impeccable!

  23. Rob says:

    My favorite is probably United, because they’re the one that has taken me all over the world or given the ability to earn points to use to travel all over the world.

  24. Steelsnow says:

    Right now, Singapore – because I am looking forward to an upcoming trip!

  25. PH says:

    UA – because I live near SFO.

  26. Deanna says:

    United, because it’s the only one I’ve had status with and I miss the benefits of my 1K days…

  27. Jason A says:

    I love US Air because I have the ability to collect on United!

  28. Carl says:

    I fly most on United, but I think my favorite is either LH, LX or SQ – at least on intercontinental premium flights. The food and lounge are also great on TK

  29. WB Lee says:


  30. Nick says:

    United because they travel where I need to go at the most reasonable fares.

  31. United is my favorite because that is where my miles are at. Singapore is my favorite for actual flying!

  32. Jason says:

    I say UA because of the upgrades and service.

  33. Cat T says:

    United. It’s close and goes everywhere I ever need to.

  34. Mike T says:

    United–It’s got a hub in my home town.

  35. Chris says:

    My favorite would be Air Canada. Flights are comfortable and service is good.

  36. tiffany l says:

    singapore airlines b/c they offer an amazing premium class product

  37. KAVITA BANSAL says:

    My favorite is SQ. They have the best service and planes!!

  38. Todd R says:

    SQ – their planes and service are wonderful

  39. AK says:

    Favorite *A airline is SQ: can’t beat their service.

  40. IndyDavid says:

    My favorite Star carrier is Swiss.

  41. Lynn says:

    Lufthansa as the economy service is better than United or US Air (which I have also flown).

  42. Paolo S says:

    I like United because they fly nonstop from Italy to the U.S.A.

  43. HR says:

    My favorite is United, too many miles earned and redeemed!

  44. Susan N says:

    I like United. It’s easy to work their system (a little harder since the merger) and I can almost always get the flights I need with some flexibility

  45. Lettie says:

    My favorite is USAir..friendly and easy

  46. Pradeep N says:

    My favourite star alliance member is Aegean. What better way to explore the magical Mediterranean islands of Myknos, Santorini and Paros.

  47. Michelle S says:

    SQ for their service. TG for ease of using United miles.

  48. Dave says:

    I didn’t really have a favorite until I started to learn more about the various programs. I am starting to come around to United because of all the great things I read about them and the award availability. I also like that the Chase Sapphire Preferred transfers 1:1

  49. Saad Bhamla says:

    Oh, got to be Air NewZealand. Oh, they are the best.

  50. Gail Schultz says:

    My favorite Star Alliance partner is Air New Zealand because they had Richard Simmons do the safety video! No really, the exercise nut, Sweatin’ to the Oldies and all that. It was great. I don’t know if they’re still doing it, but that was a great idea.

  51. Abhishek Duggal says:

    Singapore Airlines because that’s what she said!

  52. Yas says:

    Would be SQ hands down. Girlfriend is a CA for NH and we always fly SQ if we need to stay on a *A

  53. Michael says:

    My favorite Star Alliance Airline would be Singapore Airlines; they have the best premium seating/cabins of all the Star carriers….and the overall best premium experience for Business/First class passengers.

  54. jerry says:

    United…..but Air New Zealand , I`d like to fly because I never have before

  55. Bruce says:


  56. Barbara says:

    United…ya sure!

  57. Sarah says:

    United is pretty dang good!!!

  58. Sam says:


  59. DCA Rob says:

    United is my favorite because of the large number of nonstop destinations they serve from Dulles.

  60. Joseph says:


  61. Eric W says:

    I like United because of Economy Plus.

  62. Jing Li says:

    United, because I live in the US and fly them quite frequently, it’s easy to earn miles with them through Chase, and their website makes redemption pretty hassle-free!

  63. Mark S. says:

    United is my favorite because it keeps the Continental logo alive.

  64. Patrick says:

    United because of direct service between Newark Int’l and Honolulu.

  65. Raghs says:

    United…without a doubt. Their reward ticket terms are the best!

  66. Sonal Gaurav says:

    My favorite *A is the founding member: Thai Airways(TG).Last Dec-Jan I flew them many times for my vacations and they impressed me a lot totally giving me relaxed vacation flights.A classic Thai care from great Thai meals to great Thai customer service even to economy.Their Boeing 777-200 flew me out from Bangalore to Singapore,Thailand made a great trip.

  67. zbender says:

    Lufthansa, by a mile.

    Because no matter how you got that First Class ticket, they treat you like a king in their Frankfurt First Class Terminal, drive you over the tarmac in a Mercedes like you are a private jet passenger, and give you a seat AND a separate bed for your trip.


  68. Chris says:

    United as it has a strong rewards program compared to the rest of the members of *A.

  69. Lewis F. says:

    My most frequent would be United, but, my favorite would be Lufthansa if I could fly them more often.

  70. Cyrus N says:

    Although UA is my primary airline, I prefer LH since I like the premium cabins better.

  71. DanRoma says:

    Believe it or not, AA. I am a loyal customer, even if they seats are wobbly…

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  72. Robert says:

    UA – for their expansive US network.

  73. Ryan B says:

    I’ve only flown LH twice, but they were hands down better than United.

  74. Tonei G says:

    I live in Chicago, so I have to say United – even though I rarely fly *A.

  75. Bill n DC says:

    Yes I am excited about the United 787. More excited than I was to Meet Randy – which was a lot! Growing up and living in Iowa, United was my way out so I have a long love of United (My husband & I flew Global First to AMS this spring to see the Tulips)

    And very excited for the 787. After following the development since the Sonic Cruiser morphed into the 787, we toured the factory in July this year, in August I won a contest at IAD to welcome the 1st 787 commercial flight where we got to get up close and personal with Ethiopian Airline’s new 787 (I can send pics of me in front of the engine and enjoying champagne in the business class seat as well as the beautiful wing) BTW knocking my knuckle on the fuselage does sound like plastic.

    UNITED 787: I’m booked for a December weekend RT in BusinessFirst EWR-IAH-SFO-IAH-DEN 14 hours worth of Flying.

    And I have 787 squeeze toys for all the contest judges


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  76. Bill n DC says:

    To clearly answer your question about favorite Star Airline – United

    Although that SA 380 business class is nice :-)

  77. Felipe In Dallas says:

    I would say Singapore Air, never have floan but I hear nothing but nice things about their servicce.

  78. gpapadop says:

    Aegean…somebody needs to support them Greeks!

  79. Sandeep says:

    Thats a tough one…Id have to say United for all domestic, but internationally I would probably have to say Turkish for a great Premium Econ experience, and Singapore for everything else.

  80. kodoma says:

    USAirways, I get lots of upgrades there. And extra miles are super easy since the hub is a 15 min flight from my origination city!

  81. Dan says:

    United for me. Living in SFO and DEN let me build up a good deal of miles and good memories of Business and First Class on United.

  82. Peter D. says:

    Singapore! Great service and consistently updating their hard product!

  83. Russ says:

    Asiana, the best food

  84. Bill H says:

    Five years is a long time. But, pessimisim aside, we are all going to keep finding ways to travel the world through incredible deals. Especially by communicating great finds instantly throughout our unique, if diverse and sometimes fragmented, community. Its always going to be too hard for the average traveller to follow this fastinating pursuit.

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  85. Seth says:

    Singapore airlines…best premium cabins

  86. LindaRZ says:

    United for me is reliable and we go way back!

  87. David K says:

    TG .. because of the great treatment in BKK.

  88. Biggles209 says:

    United – because I like the Million Miler companion benefit and the way my status is reflected on award reservations I make for others

  89. Pat says:

    Earn on UA and burn on SQ/LH/LX. Based in SFO and HNL UA provides the most frequent service to build the miles and the opportunity to burn them on many high quality international *A carriers.

  90. Singapore Airlines – whether at the front or back of the plane the service is amazing

  91. Sarah says:

    Swiss is my favorite alliance carrier…..like the country itself that I discovered 27 years ago, I feel safe and well taken care of on this airline which I co tenuously fly between Zurich and Tel Aviv and the States!

  92. Mari P. says:

    Lufthansa because my experiences with them have always been good.

  93. Singapore is the nicest one I’ve ever been on. It makes flying coach feel like business (minus the cramped seats) and their entertainment options are out of this world.

  94. Susan Lucas says:

    United because I have their lounge pass!

  95. G_G says:

    My favorite airline is SQ : great crew and… Singapore Sling in all classes

  96. Rongbiao Fu says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline will be United, as it has favorable member flights with decent reward requirement =)

  97. Brian says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is United Airlines, because it’s the only one I can access in Tulsa.

  98. Joe N says:

    United because I mostly travel domestic USA and haven’t had any opportunity to try the vast majority of the network.

  99. Bas says:

    Swiss for their great service.

  100. Megan Z says:

    Lufthansa. Why?
    (1) I love the name.
    (2) Service is excellent.
    (3) Flew them on my first trip to Europe. They have a special place in my heart as a result.

  101. pilot says:

    I am an x B727 pilot , and would love to fly the B787 and take a look at the cockpit to see how much things changed.

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  102. Tim says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is US Airways. It’s great when you’re in a hub city with low level status.

  103. Elizabeth W. says:

    United, but I might change my mind after flying Singapore for the first time later this month. :)

  104. carwag25 - carol says:

    I love LH airlines. It was the first plane I had ever been on with lavatories downstairs!

  105. Daphne L says:

    Lufthansa! Great service and pretty decent food.

  106. Lufthansa…it is fun to say and fun to fly.

  107. Dan says:

    UAL — convenience unfortunately

  108. ashley says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is Singapore Airlines,first all the way!!

  109. Ed C says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is United Airlines (UA). Why? That one is easy — it’s because I haven’t flown on any other *A airline yet!

  110. Susan says:

    US Airways… For its convenience for my airport……and partner awards. Plus, running about 100% on upgrades this year.

  111. smitty06 says:

    United. It takes me where I want to go and gets me back at convenient time.

  112. Ari says:

    Guess I have a place in my heart for US…not from fond in-flight experiences or anything good about their organization, but because I’m from the Philly area. Weird, I know.

  113. Susan N says:

    Swiss for the great first class

  114. Jenn S. says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is United. In DSM, there are not a lot of choices….. :-)

  115. Jigar Shah says:

    Aegean Airlines is my favorite star alliance airline since it is so easy to earn Silver status and keep it for a few years. It saves you a lot of money in checked bag fees.

  116. Aceman says:

    Thai for the FA’s.

  117. Neet says:

    My favorite star alliance airline is the Singapore Airlines – their service, care, attention to detail is top notch and you don’t feel different regardless of whatever class of service you travel – economy, business or first. I also love hanging out in Singapore airport :)

  118. SBG says:

    I’ll have to say United because of economy plus, But if could afford more biz class… I’d say Thai airways, amazing service. (better than SQ for me)

  119. Manish says:

    My fav star alliance airline without doubt is Singapore Airlines. Excellent service quality, nice entertainment options and great crew!

  120. Eoin K says:

    Lufthansa though i wish they flew more to London

  121. Bill says:

    I love upgrades! and it should be a lot of Fun!

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  122. DEVENDRA RVS says:

    My favorite is SIA,for their great quality of service,the great food and booze even in the cheapest economy seat.They make feel like a king

  123. Greg says:

    Lufthansa. I’ve had status with them for a long time and they treat me well. More than that, they’re just a class act.

  124. Nathaniel says:

    Lufthansa for their first class on board and on the ground.

  125. zensync says:

    US Airways because they fly where my wife and I want to go and have given us a ton og points.

  126. C M says:

    SQ – best all-around service!

  127. Kristina says:

    Although I ended up in Asiana economy by accident, I have to say I was so pleased with the quality of their product. The staff and food and entertainment selection were fabulous, so I’m a bit sweet on them right now.

  128. Aleks says:

    United, but not for flying but for mileage accumulation. I like to use them on Lufthansa and other *A airlines to get to Europe.

  129. Ruy says:

    Singapore Airlines… the best.

  130. Zach says:

    My favorite is actually United. Their Mileage Plus program makes redeeming on their excellent partner premium cabins possible at very low cost and generous routing possibilities.

  131. Chris Reed says:

    Singapore, service is outstanding (even in coach)!

  132. meriaten long says:

    Lufthansa :)

  133. redcat255 says:

    Aegean because they have an outstanding elite program that lets me get access to UA/US lounges.

  134. Bri says:

    Asiana because they almost always answer the phone with a minimal delay.

  135. Nancy O says:

    Singapore by far — always polite service, always clean rigs, always had a great experience flying (in various classes)!

  136. John M says:

    I’ve only flown United so far, I really like how I can combine my UA miles with Chase UR points. I’m really looking forward to flying Singapore and Thai airlines in the future!

  137. BothofUs2 says:

    I would have to say United, but haven’t experienced a lot of other star alliance airlines really

  138. Bill N says:

    United because it’s all I’ve really ever flown on Star

  139. Tim J says:

    US Airways because they make it easy to get miles and cheap to spend them.

  140. PlowJockey says:

    Singapore Air – because they’re currently at the top of my aspirational list. Gotta start somewhere, why not the best?

    MOD Comment: Disqualified, since only 1 entry allowed per person

  141. PlowJockey says:

    Emirates, because it’s now a partner with Alaska Airlines!

    MOD Comment: Disqualified since this does not answer the contes question

  142. anant says:

    Definitely Swiss. Traveled with an 18 month old by myself from delhi to Zurich and the level of care I got on the flight was absolutely fantastic. Helpful staff, went the extra mile to make us comfortable on the flight and after disembarking.

  143. Aditya says:

    Turkish Airlines – because its Turkish name ‘Türk Hava Yolları’ (THY) sounds fun. And not to mention that Turkey is an awesome place as well. Good food, pretty air hostesses. Aye, there isn’t a better way to start a journey this way to Istanbul. Cheers.

  144. Spencer says:

    My favourite Star Alliance partner is Air New Zealand. Great seats, great entertainment, great customer service, and I loved that the Kora Club lounge in Sydney had a hot dog cart.

  145. Vishal Mehra says:

    Lufthansa without a shadow of a doubt. One of the widest networks in the world, especially ideal for someone like me flying out of DEL, superior in-flight product, brand new aircraft & dedicated lounges. What more can you ask for?

  146. Xavier says:

    My favorite Star Alliance member is Swiss: grommet good + superior service

  147. RonR says:

    United. My only other SA experiences have been on LH US and the old CO.

  148. Junyang says:

    SQ – from my home country. Every single time I step into an SQ plane, hear the Singlish accent, it just feels SO much like home, even though we’re 10,000 miles away. It’s like I’ve reached home earlier.

  149. MrAOK says:

    I also like Singapore Air, though I’ve flown few of their flights. Luckily, one of the flights I did fly was EWR to SIN

  150. Joe Nevin says:

    Hard for many of you to believe but my favorite Star Alliance airline is United (when you live in ASE you have to learn to like them … and I do).

  151. Tracie says:

    I haven’t flown them yet, but I’m intrigued by Singapore. But given that I can’t call an airline my favorite when I actually have no experience, I will say United given that I know them better than the other Star alliance members.

  152. Jovan M says:

    Lufthansa, mainly as they can get me quickest to where I want to go.

  153. Y. Jiang says:

    Singapore Air since everyone spoke really highly of their service.
    I’d like to try it myself at some point :)

  154. Ronald B says:

    United, because i am elete and they are good to elite’s

  155. Nguyen says:

    Singapore Airline is my favorite because of its excellent service. Thanks.

  156. JamesP says:

    I’ll got with United. They’ve taken lots of wonderful places and still in business! Thanks for the contest.

  157. Jimgotkp says:

    OZ because I never had a bad flight with them in both Economy and Business.

  158. boxo says:

    United, but only for the fact I can get E+.

  159. Timothy says:

    I like United, they’re a decent domestic airline.

  160. Karung99 says:

    United for me because of SFO hub

  161. Nancy H says:

    US Air. They are the only SA carrier that services the tiny airport in the Tennessee town where my extended family lives (hence where I end up flying each year for the holidays).

  162. Crash says:

    Singapore airlines – great service and food

  163. gleasonja says:

    United – routes with economy plus!

  164. Chris says:

    United because they are the most available at a non-hub city.

  165. John says:

    LH…the rubber ducks!

  166. Yigal says:

    united since best award avaliblity

  167. Suzanne says:

    USAirways is my option out of Philly and i use those points to redeem on all of the Star carriers

  168. Mark The Shark says:

    My favorite Star Alliance airline is United because they are the largest, so there are the most options for flights, as well as the fact that they have the best frequent flier program (in my opinion).

  169. Tpallini says:

    My favorite Star Alliance Airline is United because they have a relatively new fleet because of the continental merger (Especially the 737 fleet, which they use for hub-hub flights out of Newark and Houston), more hubs because of the merger, and whenever I fly, I either get excellent service in which I am happy with them, or I get completely terrible service in which I send them an email and get a lot of money from them (In the form of a voucher, so either way, Im happy. Also, I can have the miles be put on my US Airways account.

  170. Jordan says:

    My favorite is TACA, it’s got an exotic and exciting route map, great redemption rates, and a modern fleet. The crew’s are always laid back and friendly! I love that part of the world, so I may be a bit partial.

  171. Karlyn says:

    Thai, bc I love their Mork & Mindy egg halfshell 1sr class pods!

  172. Vince S says:

    united, large and convenient with the number of flights from/to different locals

  173. Jonathan says:

    United would be my favorite. They seem pretty good at getting the job done

  174. mtlfire says:

    Air Canada. Free, individual, inflight entertainment in all seats, all classes, and all flights. Even on short haul domestic flights.

  175. the fifth amendment says:

    United. For someone who’s flown 4 million miles on United, and lives by the Chicago hub, there really is no other airline that gives as many options.

  176. Yana K says:

    Lufthansa because it flies to my hometown of PEE.

  177. Erndog says:

    I flew Air Canada once and was impressed by great service and a very clean aircraft.

  178. Gee K. says:

    Even though I have never flown Aegean, it is my favorite because of its generous Star Alliance Silver and Gold qualifications.

  179. Paul A says:

    Right ow United is my favorite as i have had good luck with them. My first ever airline and elite status was US and i don’t like them very much. I have not flown any other Star Alliance carriers so i cannot comment on others

  180. Lori B says:

    United Airlines. I have had 100% perfect experiences flying where ever they go!

  181. Greg says:

    I will try to win this although the chance is slim.

    MOD Comment: Disqualified since the answer was not inline with the question

  182. Abrar K says:

    Singapore Airlines no doubt about it

  183. James M says:

    My favorite is Aegean due to the ability to hit SA Gold with only 20K miles! And then keeping it appears to be really simple too!

  184. Natalie M says:

    Singapore looks like they will be my favorite because it looks so luxurious in the premium classes!

  185. David says:

    Turkish for the Star Gold status match. I now have domestic lounge access for two years.

  186. Shannon M. says:

    I actually don’t have a favorite Star Alliance airline due to not being part of Star Alliance, HOWEVER, I really want to begin building my United program (always have let miles expire in the past) ad really want to fly Singapore Airlines.

    MOD Comment: Did not stick to the question, hence disqualified!

  187. Andy Nguyen says:

    Lufthansa, the first class terminal is awesome!

  188. mike says:

    Aegean for the easy *G. Gives me a soft landing whenever I give up on Delta.

  189. Dennis says:

    Singapore Airlines… The only way to fly,

  190. John B says:

    LH because of their inflight service experience and the FRA FCT.

  191. Tina says:

    Singapore Airlines for their great food!

  192. MM says:

    UA because I’m 1K.

  193. Corey W says:

    Singapore, flew them only once but had great service and the fight attendants were hot!

  194. Boaz H. says:

    My favorite is SQ since they truly are kings in the service department.

  195. Jeanne M says:

    United, because of the ability to transfer points from Chase.

  196. TrunkSpace says:

    Absolutely UA, best routes domestic and international

  197. Doreen d says:


  198. Larry L (In NYC) says:

    I’m going to have to go with US Airways for the simple fact that I don’t know if I’ve been on another star alliance carrier (old Continental, I guess but I don’t have any memories of them fond or otherwise). With US Airways we’ve been able to do a number of inexpensive last minute trips, including Ireland last year in April.

  199. Flamingo says:


  200. late4breakfast says:

    Lufthansa — wonderful premium service, on the ground too

  201. dc says:

    i want to love us airways b/c i’m in their hub, but i haven’t flown them for so long…. maybe my love for them will be renewed soon!

  202. Steven W says:

    United, simply for the ease domestically!

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