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I am at BlogWorld Expo 2009 in Las Vegas. Yesterday at the keynote address of BWE09 a campaign started at 9am or so to send out the largest social media mass  message ever #beatcancer via Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

For every mention of the hashtag #beatcancer in a social media platform over 24 hours there will be a donation from eBay/PayPal and MillerCoors to cancer research. This is also a campaign approved by Guinness World Records for a world record entry as the largest social media mass message ever.

I remember those days in grade school back in the 1960s when I always had an annual edition of the Guinness Book of World Records and read the various entries. I actually haven’t seen the book in a number of years.

So if you ever wanted to be part of a world record there are still a couple of hours left to contribute your share to the effort for the largest social media mass message ever –


Post on Twitter, post on Facebook, post a blog using #beatcancer to be part of the world record attempt.

Here is a blog post on the topic from another blogger with far more details:

And I’m off to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a full Saturday session @BlogWorld2009.


You know we can if we give it our concentrated effort.

BlogWorld New Media Expo 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center

BlogWorld New Media Expo 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center

 October 24, 2009 Update:

#BeatCancer set the Guinness World Record with 209,771 total mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts.

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  1. The Genesis Davies article linked to in this post had loads of comments from people skeptical and questioning whether the whole #beatcancer social media message was some sort of hoax.

    I had difficulty finding information about the campaign on the web when I wrote this piece. My source was hearing the announcement for the campaign at the BlogWorld09 conference keynote on Friday morning October 16 at a panel of media persons including CNN’s Don Lemon.

    Here are three links with follow-up information regarding #beatcancer campaign:
    (This piece states the Guinness World Record was set and how the event originated.)
    (Says $70,000 was raised and includes MillerCoors statement.)
    (article “Lessons learned from the #beatcancer social media event” – Mihaela Lica)

  2. This article gives plenty of background for anyone still skeptical of the authenticity of this #beatcancer campaign. There is a 9 minute CNN video with Don Lemon and the key players regarding this social media effort:

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