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Daraius Dubash at has published a number of interviews with travel bloggers on his website and now glimpses of me are online in his post “Earn and burn your miles and points.”

I guess I should have talked up hotels more. Being in new places and seeing how people live and work in different environments and cultures is still my primary objective for travel. Nice hotels are a bonus.

My favorite question from Daraius was “What would your readers be surprised to know about you?”

Here is another thing I realized is characteristic of my travels. I spend a lot of time in grocery stores wherever I go. I buy most of my food at stores and prepare it myself when traveling. That keeps travel expenses way down.

While I generally can’t talk much about fine dining and hotel restaurants, I have extensive experience with grocery store shopping in many countries.

Grocery shopping in Australia.








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  1. That’s funny… and interesting… in most Western countries grocery stores are largely the same model so easy to find your way around. More interesting and challenging when abroad. I remember going to Maldives to Alila Villas (now Park Hyatt) and on one of our dive trips we stopped off at a local island in between dives and strode down the “high street” and saw one shop selling odds and ends… cigarettes, detergent, fruit and veg, some soups. That would be an interesting shop! Actually reminded me of the small-town store I worked in where I grew up in a remote part of the UK

  2. I love to cook whenever I have the chance even when travel, going to farmers market is one of the destination :)

  3. I often do the same. It started when we traveled with our kids, who we didn’t want to take out to eat three times a day. Now, when I travel with my adult children, with my partner or friends, they all enjoy the experience of food shopping with me as well. And, it is an excellent way to keep down the costs of eating while traveling.

  4. I enjoyed reading the article about you from Darius! Thanks for all your interesting reading!

    Comment by worldtraveller2 on November 28th, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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