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SPG offers a 25% discount on Starpoints purchases through December 13, 2013. There are a couple reasons why this can be a good deal to consider.

Gary at View From the Wing favors these points for airline miles. I find Starpoints best for hotel stays since there are so many opportunities to get hotel rate discounts using Starpoints.

Paying $26.25 for 1,000 points is a good price that you can certainly get back in value through Starwood Hotel reward nights.

That is the primary reason I see this as a good deal.

The other reason why this can be a good time to buy points is the annual purchase limit of 20,000 points is based on a calendar year. This means you can buy another 20,000 points on January 1 when the price will likely be $35 per 1,000 points or wait for the next sale in 2014 which is usually a 20% discount at $28 per 1,000 points. These sales happen every few months.

Hotel Reward Night Analysis

Basically you can buy 40,000 points over the next two months for $1,225. That is sufficient for a 5th night free reward stay at a category 4 hotel. With a household partner you can reduce this to $1,050 to buy 40,000 points and then combine your points for a reward stay.

New Orleans is blocked out for reward nights during Mardi Gras, but the week before and after are open for reward stays,

W New Orleans room rates are $312.75 per night February 19-24.

W New Orleans cash rate

W New Orleans 5-night stay = $1,563.75.

This category 4 hotel is available for the same five nights with 40,000 points.

Walt Disney World Dolphin is another category 4 hotel with similar room rates and savings in February 2014.

A couple can get 80,000 points for $2,450 when each buys 20,000 points now and another 20,000 points each at full price in 2014. That is sufficient for a 5th night free award at a category 6 hotel. A 20% sale on points in 2014 would reduce the cost to $560 per 20,000 points.

Westin Paris Vendome, SPG category 6

July 1-6, 2014 five night stay.

  • $601.65 (prepaid, nonrefundable)
  • $642.21 (day before arrival cancellation with no penalty)
  • 80,000 points (day before arrival cancellation with no penalty)

$2,450 to buy points with 40,000 points purchased between two people during the current sale at $525 per 20,000 points and 40,000 points purchased in January 2014 at $700 per 20,000 points. (or wait for another 20% sale in 2014 and total cost = $2,170 for 80,000 points).

$2,450 is $490 per room night compared to $642.21 per room night at the regular rate for Westin Paris Vendome.

Spreading out points for low category hotels.

Personally I tend to use my Starpoints for category 2 hotels on weekend nights at 3,000 points per night or weekdays for 4,000 points or for Cash & Points awards.

One of my frequented hotels on Starpoints is Four Points Ventura Harbor on my road trips to southern California.

November 15-17, 2013 this hotel has room rates at $135 per night with day before arrival cancellation without penalty ($150 after tax). $125 for prepaid, nonrefundable rate.

Buying Starpoints at $26.50 per 1,000 points makes this hotel $79.50 per night for Nov 15-17 weekend rather than the $150 rate.

This is the true redemption value I find with Starwood Hotels and SPG points. There are places all over the country where $50 per 1,000 points redemption value can be found.

Personally I do not find much value in getting a $650 per night hotel room in Paris for $500. I find great value in getting a $150 hotel night for $80.

That is why I find good value in this Starpoints sale for up to 25% off the price of points purchased by December 13, 2013.

Starpoints Sale

HT: Gary at View From the Wing


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  1. If you like the horses, a great redemption is the cat 2. Four Points in Lexington, KY. Just bumped up from a cat 1 a few months ago, unfortunately.

    3K SPG points on a weekend vs. $149 plus tax for next Keeneland racing meet, April 2014.

    Comment by toomanybooks on November 5th, 2013 at 4:02 pm
  2. Just stayed at the Four Points Lexington on Saturday for 3,000 pts + free breakfast for 2 with Platinum. Certainly worthwhile redemption in my mind.

  3. Slowly moving my business from Hilton to SPG… This and SPG Gold (via AmEx Platinum) definitely gets me started.

  4. Why paying $26.25 for 1,000 points is a bad deal, when you can buy them for $7.90 using SPG AMEX card?

  5. @ABC – enlighten us with the details behind the number.

  6. @ric garrido…. SPG Amex…CVS… VR… Bluebird

    Comment by alan satterwhite on November 5th, 2013 at 10:40 pm
  7. @alan – That assumes you have the cards and VR are available in your area. I and many others cannot make use of that process, for reasons that vary from person to person, so Ric’s analysis is *very* useful for us.

    Comment by Archon1995 on November 6th, 2013 at 9:31 am
  8. You don’t need VR/BB. Buy Visa/MC gift cards and cash them out at WM. Cost is slightly higher (1 cpp) but gc availability is excellent – effectively unlimited points.

    If you’ve got Kroger/Safeway/Vons, you can get points at negative cost during current promo period buying MC gcs thanks to $10 coupon that offsets the $5.95 fee.

  9. @Paul – can you load the MC gcs onto your bluebird at Walmart?

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