Do I really need to say more about what is wrong with this airline?

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7 Responses to “United: The airline where a 20,000 mile upgrade award costs 21,364”

  1. DTO says:

    This is nothing compared to Delta’s award calendar and pricing algorithm, and AA’s good looking but dysfunctional website.

  2. Matthew says:

    Is that a display error or were those miles actually deducted?

  3. RobinHD says:

    Must be the conversion from metric. Silly Americans!

  4. They’re taking up collection for the 787 grounding.

  5. JAG says:

    Welcome to Amerika, where incompetence is running rampant; get used to it – only gonna get worse!

  6. phazedowt says:

    Sales tax? :P

  7. @Matthew – Deducted! That’s my online statement

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