How to save 20% on your Christmas purchases through Amazon

Posted by: jason

I’m always looking for ways to save money so that I can travel more. There is a great opportunity right now to save 20% on your purchases through Amazon. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: I create a separate Twitter account and corresponding gmail address for each registered Amex user.

Step 2: Tweet #AmexLowes. To manage all of my Twitter accounts, I like to use a free Twitter client like TweetDeck. It gives you the ability to tweet from all of your accounts simultaneously.

Step 3: Confirm that you have the offer by clicking on @connect

Step 4:Spend $50 in one transaction at Lowe’s to get a $10 statement credit by November 15th. I have been purchasing Amazon gift cards, hence the 20% discount on my Christmas purchases.

Step 5: You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly after your purchase letting you know that you’ve saved $10 by using your synced card.

I’ve personally done this on three cards and have received statement credits on all. Enjoy the 20% savings so you can use that money to travel.

  • farbster said,

    another thing to consider is buying amazon gift cards at your office supply store and getting 5x…

  • thewhitezone said,

    can this be done multiple times on the same card? doesn’t seem worth the effort unless it could be done in volume

  • jason said,

    @thewhitezone – only one credit per card.

  • poorstudentblog said,

    If you are in the midwest, you can safe ~30% at Amazon. I wrote about this at

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