Of course, I was happy when my mother got PreCheck, but still…. For background, I booked an award ticket to Atlanta for my mother recently. I made sure her Delta.com profile was updated with full name, birthdate, etc. when her travel day arrived, I even helped her check in. We were both surprised to see TSA PRECHECK on her boarding pass. I schooled her on what not to do like remove shoes, 311 bag etc, and she flew just fine.

All was well, and why the heck shouldn’t my 70 year old harmless mother be eligible for expedited screening? Exactly. That said, PreCheck lines are growing longer and I think it has as much to do with people not knowing the rules as it does with more people actually getting in line.

So PreCheck noobies, welcome! Just remember keep your shoes on unless they have metal shanks and keep your laptops In your bags unless you travel with more than one. Light jackets are OK too. And please leave your 311 bag in your carry on as well.

-MJ, December 12, 2013

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  1. It’s ridiculous that they are allowing everyone. The whole point was for pre-screened security. If they are going to do this they might as well just shut down precheck. Last few times I have flown only once was there a smaller line at pre-check than the elite line.

  2. The sense of entitlement among “elite” flyers would be comical if it weren’t so offensive.

    Pray tell, what makes you entitled to shorter lines, if you are paying the same amount of taxes on your ticket as a non-elite flyer, and you both have been pre-screened by the TSA?

    Comment by Voice of reason on December 12th, 2013 at 12:48 pm
  3. I agree, this is starting to get ridiculous. I don’t even think elites from the airline programs should be eligible for Pre-Check just because they have status.

    It should only be for those pre-screened, so people with Global Entry, NEXUS, and those who apply for just Pre-Check.

  4. PreCheck and politically correct share the same two key letters and have more than a bit in common.

    PreCheck for those the government considers to be sufficiently “politically correct”. The AARP and young primary school children included.

  5. Is it possible this is just age based? My 3 year old almost always seems to get PreCheck, not that it does us any good if the rest of the family doesn’t have it. TSA has been piloting letting kids and old folks keep their shoes on etc. for a while, so why not just call it PreCheck?

  6. @Voice We are called elite flyers for a reason. Grandma may have paid the same amount of tax on this trip as me but I have paid it way more times than her. Pray tell did you learn multiplication? Or are you just a 99%er? I pay the $1k first class fares that the airline sells out of my own pocket did grandma? That aside I don’t care if grandma gets precheck as long as someone has told her the procedure about going through security in a precheck line. It’s irritating as a business traveler to get upstairs at LAX AA to see the giant line at precheck straight out of up in the air. Also I went out of my way on a Friday night at 9:45 pm to go to LAX to get the interview done. Why should someone who didn’t even bother going to the airport to get the interview done get the same benefit as me or anyone else who went through all the trouble? Nevermind that grandma didn’t even know the program existed. If grandma did that fine all is fair but in this case it was obvious she did not. It’s people like you who expect to get benefits without putting in the effort and then gets upset when someone who earned the benefit complains about those who did nothing and still got the same benefit. Pretty sure that is called communism where everyone gets the same benefit no matter how much or how little effort was put in.

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