Recently Hertz reached out to me to see if I would be interested in promoting their recent achievement of being voted “Best Overall Car Rental Company” in Zagat’s 2012/13 U.S. Car Rental Survey.  To celebrate they wanted to give away Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points to readers of this site.  Valuable Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points for readers of Mommy Points?!  Yes, sign me up, please.  In case you were curious, all of the points are going to the two contest winners, I just get the satisfaction of knowing two of you got some great points for free!

In all honesty, my husband and I use Hertz for the majority of our car rentals, as we have good luck with getting decent cars, and really like using Hertz points for free rentals.  We have used Hertz points to rent a SUV during ski season in Colorado, and that resulted in huge savings.  Well, until we turned it in a day late, but that was our own doing………..

Anyway, Hertz is offering one lucky reader the chance to win 1,500 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points for a weekend family road trip! In case you aren’t yet familiar with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points, 1500 points = 2 free weekend days on specially vehicles for Standard Rewards.  Available on Luxury, Mid-sized SUV, Minivans, or ConvertiblesPlus, Hertz will also send you a Zagat Guidebook to find the best restaurants to try with your family while traveling.  Or, you can save the Zagat rated restaurants for when you have “date night” without the kiddos!

Some of the recent innovations that Hertz is excited about include:

·         Hertz Gold Choice / “Choose Control”: Change your mind? Hertz Gold Choice gives the customer the power to keep the car they reserved or simply choose another, something no other car rental brand offers.

·         Hertz’s ExpressRent Kiosks / “Acceler-Rental”: To help you travel faster with your family, Hertz ExpressRent Interactive Kiosks let customers rent a car without a reservation and without a line. 153 Kiosks are live at both airport and Hertz Local Edition locations.

If you would like to add 1,500 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to your account, just leave a comment in this post and tell me where you would like to take your family this summer and why by June 18, 2012. Two winners will be selected at random, and the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards will be deposited directly into your membership account (Not a Hertz Gold member? It’s free to join here and/or Hertz can work with you to set this up).

* Available on Luxury (Lincoln Towncar or similar), MidSize SUV (Ford Explorer or similar), Minivans (Ford Freestar or similar), or Convertible (Ford Mustang Convertible or similar). A weekend rental is valid for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 days beginning no earlier than noon Thursday and ending no later than Monday. Car must be returned to original renting location. Some blackout dates will apply.


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466 Responses to “Win 1,500 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points!”

  1. Andy says:

    so many places… Yosemite would be nice this year.

  2. Carsten Varming says:

    A road trip to Harrisburg for a wedding.

  3. Lance says:

    We are off to Europe this summer – and this would be a nice extra day or two for a car rental while we’re there!!

  4. Dan says:

    I’d like to go to Big Sur this summer with a Hertz roadtrip from San Francisco!

  5. Hao says:

    I’d like to go to the UK. Summer 2012 with the Olympics and other festivities will be great!

  6. Mike says:

    Back to Key West, Florida

  7. Lee says:

    I have always wished to take a trip out of the Midwest(Nebraska) and fly to California to drive the pacific highway.
    Thanks for the consideration and running your site.

  8. Matt Perkins says:

    Want to go on a roadtrip to Yellowstone National Park!

  9. Bob says:

    I’d extend a family trip scheduled for NYC and take a side trip to Niagara Falls & Canada!

  10. pmv says:

    Either QUebec or NYC…. same drive either way so depends on our need for a quiet romantic weekend or an action packed city weekend!

  11. SHARAD BANSAL says:

    We are going to Phuket to relax by the sea and look at great attractions

  12. Johnson says:

    Myrtle beach with my wife. Enjoy the summer !

  13. Pat says:

    I would rent a car in Anchorage for a 2 day trip to Seward, supposedly a beautiful drive.

  14. Vinay says:

    Orlando to Disney World!! :-)

  15. Beth says:

    That would be a big help with a rental car in Hawaii this year.

  16. Kris says:

    Savannah, Georgia with my girlfriend

  17. Steve says:

    We want to go to Minneapolis to see the zoo there!

  18. Matt says:

    For a long weekend in Boston!

  19. Ken says:

    I’d like to take the family to Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh, getting across PA on backroads.

  20. Nick says:

    I am taking a trip to Las Vegas at the end of the summer!

  21. Eddy says:

    I’d go to Portland and spend the weekend indulging my foodie ways with lots of great good and wine!

  22. G. David says:

    I’d like to head to the northern Maine woods

  23. Sky says:

    We are heading to New York this August and driving to the Poconos. Would love some more Hertz points.

  24. Andrew says:

    We’re headed to Banff, and this would help a lot with the expensive rental cars up there!

  25. Ray says:

    I would love to do a road trip between San Diego and San Fran on Hwy 1. Several hundred miles of driving next to ocean front and be able to hit several cities along the way and end up in wine country.

  26. Jennifer Mc says:

    I would love to go to Wrightsville Beach!!

  27. Ralph L says:

    I would love to travel down the Pacific Coast

  28. Dave says:

    I’d like to drive up to the mountains of either Vermont or New Hampshire and go on the gondola with my husband and 5 year old son – I know he would love it.

  29. DaVe says:

    Planning to head on a road trip to Traverse City, MI this summer. It’s a great family vacation spot!

  30. Nadine says:

    oops – the previous comment 13 was from me – I didn’t realize that the computer had my husband’s name in it. My vote is what I wrote up above (Vermont or NH). My husband is always up for going to Maine, so that’s his vote.

  31. FTfan says:

    Palm spring

  32. Jonathan says:

    I’d love to go to the Florida Keys!

  33. Aaron says:

    Taking the family to Sesame Place in PA for fun with Elmo and friends.

  34. Owen G says:

    I would love to take my wife and daughter to Delaware to the beach. My little girl is ten months old and loves the water!

  35. Chris_A says:

    I’d like to take my family through the mountains of Northern Italy … Beautiful scenery!

  36. William says:

    Bullhead City, AZ to visit friends.

  37. Jeffrey says:

    We’re going to a wedding in Illinois on our Southwest points and it’d be great to have part of the car rental taken care of! Thanks!

  38. Evan says:

    roadtrip to vegas!

  39. Alter Gold says:

    My wif’s borthday coming up very soon! Imagine me pulling up to her work with her favorite car (BMW 1 Series) and hand her the keys for her FIRST drive as a Licenced Driver!!! Awesomeness!!!! Would love Hertz (and Mommy Points!) for rest of my life! :-)

  40. Stacey says:

    My husband and I are driving 1500 miles home so the family can meet the new dog!

  41. JoAnne Jenkins says:

    Just booked a flight to Buffalo/Niagara – now I need to figure out a car and a hotel…

  42. Ken says:

    We would like to drive to Disneyland!

  43. brian says:

    We would head of of DC down Skyline Drive to the Shenandoah National Park!

  44. Jay says:

    I would like to take my family to florida to visit my kids grandparents who live there.

  45. Bob says:

    Driving to the Midwest for a reunion of families who adopted from China :)

  46. JM says:

    Austin, TX!

  47. Lauren says:

    I would like to take a road trip to Cape Cod which is where I used to summer as a kid!

  48. CCORD says:

    I’m taking my 10 year old niece to Kauai for spring break in March. I’m using the companion code I got for the Alaska credit card for us to both fly first class. I transferred UR points I got for opening/spending on the Chase Sapphire and Freedom cards for 5 nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. I plan to follow Mommy Poiints tips for traveling with children. I’d love to use the car to take my niece on a tour of the island. Thanks Mommy Points!

  49. Charles S says:

    Drive to Atlanta to visit my family

  50. Kevin says:

    I just found out AAA offers free Hertz Gold + 600/1000 points with first Gold rental. A quick SW (+CP) flight to Florida and a nice slow drive to Key West.

  51. DavidAL says:

    We are going up north of GRB.

  52. irene says:

    Being able to take my mom on a nice trip up to Cape Cod this summer to do some antique shopping in all the cute quaint little towns would be wonderful.

  53. Adrian R says:

    We would go to Seattle for an underground tour and great seafood.

  54. Francisco C says:

    Would use the weekend rental on bay area trip this october. Thank you for your generosity.

  55. frank rubino says:

    I am taking my family to LA and would use the hertz points to rent a car for the drive to Las Vegas.

  56. Chris says:

    Off to the Rocky’s in Banff and Jasper

  57. DL says:

    We will be in France so I would love to use it to visit some of the chateaux in the Loire Valley.

  58. Susan says:

    We are heading up to Montreal in July (way to beat that Texas heat) and having a Hertz car for day trip excursions would be great!

  59. SEE says:

    I’d love to go on a road trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in CLE!

  60. Jean says:

    Would love to suprize my kids, grandkids in Jacksonville, NC with a visit and mini vacation for all of us. He will be deploying in Nov.

  61. Aarif says:

    Already took our “summer” family trip a little early, just got back last week from Yosemite and San Francisco. Our next trip will probably be mid-fall to Texas to see my parents.

  62. oneeyejack says:

    Road trip to Disneyworld for the family and kid.

  63. Kyle says:

    I’d take my future family (fiance now, wife after August) on the honeymoon of her dreams. East coast road trip!!!!

  64. Steve T says:

    Travel overseas highway through the Florida Keys.

  65. Jeff S says:

    Going to the outer banks in August!

  66. Mickey says:

    Disney World in Orlando! :-)

  67. Mayel says:

    I want to go to Antiparos island in Greece. Its beautiful.

  68. infamousdx says:

    Heading to Bali this summer!

  69. WanderLuster says:

    My grandmother has always talked about going to Maine and visiting the site where Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote Renascence. I’d like to take the train to Bosten, then rent a car and drive up the coast with her!

  70. Hiro says:

    I want to take my family to California road trip. From San Francisco to LA to San Diego.

  71. CatJo says:

    I’d take them to Kaui & Maui!

  72. Amy C says:

    myrtle beach sc

  73. Malorie S. says:

    In an effort to visit all 50 states, I’d love to visit Michigan this summer to check another off the list!

  74. Phil says:

    San Diego – Fun in the sun!

  75. tracey says:

    Heading to Hawaii – Woot Woot!

  76. Ram says:

    Weekend to Mt Washington and a factory tour to Ben & Jerrys in VT. Summer weekend in New England.

  77. Jon says:

    Id like to take my 4-year old son to San Diego to see Legoland (his obsession).

  78. Rookie10 says:

    Would like to take the family to NYC this summer.

  79. Dorothy says:

    Anywhere out of NYC on the weekends!

  80. rharrigill says:

    I’d like to make the trek to Yosemite!

  81. mike says:


  82. Erica says:

    We would like to drive to Niagara Falls this summer because we have never been and we only live 7 hours away.

  83. Eric says:

    Disney world with the kids.

  84. Maya says:

    Would love to go to the Grand Canyon!!

  85. D says:

    A road trip to Smuggler’s Notch in VT to have our disabled son check out the new water park- one of his favorite things.

  86. Ben says:

    Road trip to the Miami Beach!!

  87. Betsy says:

    We’re doing multiple road trips this summer throughout North America. For the shortest one – a wedding in Iowa and then blues music in Kansas City – this deal would be sweet! Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Brad says:

    Around the island of Kauai for our anniversary this fall! Love Hertz!

  89. Danny says:

    I would drive up to Napa and enjoy a glass of bubbly at Mumm.

  90. Jason says:

    A road trip to Florida to take the kids to WDW.

  91. Aleks says:

    I’d take my son to TN to visit the grandparents.

  92. Ward says:

    Road trip to the Smokies!!

  93. Mike says:

    I’d love to take the wife and kids to a state park here in Minnesota. I always loved camping as a kid, and it’s not something we’ve done yet as a family!

  94. Neet N says:

    A road trip to NY to see my little niece on her first birthday while picking up her grandparents (mom and dad) who will be celebrating their anniversary at the same time. It would be a perfect family moment to cherish for a lifetime. Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. KW says:

    I’d like to take my family to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

  96. Tracy says:

    Love to fly into San Francisco and road trip to Yosemite National park – on our bucket list.

  97. Ryan says:

    Roadtrip along the Pacific Coast Highway to see the most beautiful coastline in the US!

  98. Spencer W. says:

    A trip to someplace much cooler than the Texas summer–maybe CO or UT!

  99. Edwin says:

    Niagara Falls!

  100. J says:

    We are going to the beach for some fun in the sun.

  101. Wildtrail says:

    Want to drive with my family and some great music in the car from Albuquerque to Zion National Park !

  102. Terri says:

    Would love to go to Greece!

  103. Stargoldua says:

    I need to win

  104. Steelsnow says:

    Disneyland, because it’s been a long time.

  105. Stargoldua says:

    I can’t edit my comment but want to go to Poconos

  106. ASen says:

    I would like to tour Upper Michigan.

  107. Chris D. says:

    We would love to visit the Carolinas. Lovely part of the country. Thanks!

  108. RZ says:

    Thanks MP,
    Headed to Florida with my family of 4 and would like to take in the sights along the ocean drive.

  109. Emily says:

    It would be great to rent a car when my husband and I go to San Francisco to see friends and then drive up the California coast to Seattle.

  110. David G says:

    Santa Barbara for a wedding.

  111. Dale says:

    I would like to go skiing out in Colorado this winter. Never been skiing out west!

  112. ed says:

    cross country like thelma and louise

  113. Emily says:

    Driving through Yellowstone national park & the Northwest this summer. Time to meet old faithful!

  114. VictorL says:

    Myrtle beach with my girlfriend!

  115. Hans says:

    I would like to use in Hawaii.

  116. Kristi says:

    Travel along the Northeast Coast

  117. Ali says:

    Would like to take my family to florida and see miami beach!

  118. Nishanth says:

    For a long weekend with my wife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest :)

  119. Tovah says:

    The Black Forest in Germany.

  120. Miles says:

    The new cars land at Disneyland

  121. Luis says:

    Niagara falls, the whole family is excited to go there!

  122. Greg says:

    I’d like to take my wife back to our wedding location, Asheville, NC, to celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary!

  123. P T says:

    I’d use them to drive from Bhm to Atl for a chance to combine a weekend visiting my kids with a wedding..

  124. Colin C says:

    Exploring Hawaii’s volcanic island landscape.

  125. DAwn D says:

    Off to Orlando with youngest…every little bit helps!

  126. Wendy says:

    A trip to San Francisco would be great – cable cars, Alcatraz, and so much to do in that beautiful town.

  127. laurent says:

    Palm Springs, maybe Las Vegas, or Santa Fe or Santa Barbara. Will let my wife decide if we win the Hertz points. Happy wife = happy wife as they say :-) Cheers

  128. Kathy says:

    Going to Vegas and renting a car is MUST because there is so much to see and do!

  129. Alexis L says:

    Acadia national park!

  130. GolferWC says:

    Road trip to San Diego!

  131. Lauren says:

    We are heading to Italy in the summer and are leaning towards renting a car for the Amalfi Coast part. This would definitely help as I do have some free days but not enough.

  132. Dave says:

    A weekend in San Francisco for me. I desperately need a latte from Café Trieste.

  133. Lincoln says:

    I would like to Miami,FL with my wife for honeymoon in August.

  134. Illini says:

    I would love to go to Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia with my friends!

  135. Chris says:

    The wife and I are going on a belated honeymoon trip to Europe at the end of summer, and we’d love to drive around the French/Belgian countryside.

  136. Randy says:

    I would use the points in Italy for a trip I have planned in August to explore the Lake Como area by car!

  137. KK says:

    I’m going to Seattle next month and would love to drive up to Vancouver!

  138. Laura says:

    Use it for a weekend to the hill country near Austin!

  139. James Rosenberg says:

    I would like to go to Corpus Christi to visit my daughter.

  140. Nick says:

    Kauai because we need a relaxing vacation.

  141. Alex says:

    Roundtrip in Seattle

  142. Mike Pawlik says:

    I’d like to take the family on a trip out west and see the Grand Canyon. One of the most awesome sites to see that I would like to share with my family.

  143. Joseph M says:

    A road trip to Maine. Why – because it is beautiful and its really not on anyone’s travel radar!

  144. Jermey says:

    I want to take my family to Pittsburgh for a good friends wedding!

  145. vrte says:

    Going to NY City to see what it is all about.

  146. Norman says:

    I would use the points to travel from Amsterdam to the South of France and visit Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco.

  147. cathy says:

    Drive the kids to Florida to see grandpa. thanks

  148. Rob says:

    I’ve already got two Hertz reservations for separate trips to Florida this year, I would rebook one of those with these points!

  149. HansGolden says:

    I would like to take them to Marrakech, Morocco because I was just there and know they’d love it.

  150. Ron B says:

    I’d like to take my family on a drive in the Colorado mountains to go hiking this summer.

  151. Rob F says:

    I want to go to Martha’s Vineyard in the fall because it is relaxing!

  152. Chris L. says:

    Heading to Hawaii – the big island – this summer for fun & sun!

  153. David says:

    A drive down the NC outer Banks to Hatteras!

  154. Dell says:

    I’d like to take my family to Los Angeles, CA. LA is a great place to be during the summer!

  155. Greg Z says:

    Would love to take a convertible Mustang up the 101 to Carmel or Monterrey!

  156. viguera says:

    I’ve been meaning to go back to New Orleans and drive to Gulfport for a seafood binge, so that’s probably where we’d end up. :)

  157. kitty B says:

    Dallas to complete my club Carlson mattress runs!

  158. DC MOMO says:

    Would love to rent a car in Calgary and drive up the icefields parkway

  159. Jane says:

    I would love to travel down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Diego. My daughter and her husband are coming…this is their “fun” year before they have kids so let’s do it up in style with Hertz in a red convertible :)

  160. Amy says:

    We’re taking my parents to France and could use a van to tour Normandy.

  161. JC says:

    Taking my wife (and dog) to see Mt Rushmore!

  162. George says:

    Joshua Tree National Park – we’ve never been there ;).

  163. Mason says:

    I’d like to drive the pacific coast highway this summer.

  164. Branson says:

    I am moving and need a one way car rental. I have 500 Hertz points from the promo last year and with the 1500 I will hopefully win, I’ll have more than the 1200 points needed for a 1-way rental from Houston to Dallas.

  165. Lee says:

    I would take my wife and two daughters to Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas for some enjoyable and relaxing diamond mining!

  166. Nick says:

    I would like to take my family to the Grand Canyon!

  167. Mikes says:

    We’re headed on Carnival Splendor the week after Thanksgiving. We’re flying a day early, of course, but we could be convinced to spend an extra day in LA if the car were free. :)

  168. Li says:

    I would like to drive from Chicago to New York to see my sister!

  169. Shindou says:

    I would like to drive to San Diego/Los Angeles

  170. Enigma says:

    I’d like to go to Big Sur this summer with a Hertz roadtrip from San Jose

  171. Somsubhra Maity says:

    I would like to go to the Blue ridge Parkway, because the drive is so beautiful.

  172. Scott says:

    yosemite. need i say why? the view!

  173. Ron says:

    Austin, Texas to enjoy the Texas Hill Country.

  174. Robbie says:

    Out of NYC to Maine for some nature!!!

  175. vrgood2u says:

    I would really like to take my family to St. Louis and Chicago this summer to see baseball games! Plus none of us have been to these 2 cities! Thanks.

  176. Mike H says:

    Key West! :D

  177. Bathtubjake says:

    We are headed to Maine to see family. This would help us get there from the Boston airport

  178. RestlessLocationSyndrome says:

    Going to Vegas because that’s what we always do.

  179. Joe says:

    would love to drive to the smoky mountain for some photo shooting

  180. lvs23 says:

    I’m planing a road trip to Niagara Falls from NYC. This would be a nice mile saving on our own car.

  181. Ted F says:

    Portland, Maine, or somewhere up in New England for some yummy fresh seafood!

  182. longmanzz says:

    Hawaii, because beach and sun is always the best complement of a great summer

  183. Katie says:

    I would use them when I go back to KS with my new baby in tow later this summer. :)

  184. Julie says:

    Always wanted to take the fam up to Seattle. Starbucks started there so it has to be awesome =)

  185. bellagio says:

    We just came back from a weekend trip to LA during which the Hertz car rental was free for the 3 days we were there.
    We will be going to Napa, CA for the harvest in September timeframe. Will rent from Hertz as we always do.

  186. fred says:

    trip to winnepeg!!

  187. Nick says:

    Taking the wife to Ireland this summer for a second honeymoon!

  188. Heather says:

    I’d like to take my husband to Oregon for a weekend trip to visit my grandma. I’m pregnant, and she can’t come see me since she had a heart attack last year and has been restricted to no travel, so would love to visit her!

  189. Chris says:

    Vacationing in Oahu and Kauai this summer and haven’t selected rental cars yet. Hertz would be great. Got a convertible?

  190. Tania P. says:

    I want to enjoy the Hamptons this summer. Coopers Beach is a great getaway from NYC.

  191. DrSifu says:

    Vegas to spend quality time with the ATM

  192. Lisha says:

    NYC because it’s the greatest city on earth.

  193. Gt5309a says:

    Out to Denver, CO for our family

  194. Srini says:

    We’ll be off to Lake Tahoe….it’ll be nice to rent a car and drive over to Tahoe with friends….Thanks MommyPoints, for all the advice you’ve been offering.

  195. HR says:

    San Diego and Legoland. 2 day car trip would be nice if it were free with the 1500 points!

  196. nycjayhawk says:

    I have yet to visit Maine while living in NYC. A car would be great for a long weekend driving around the Northeast.

  197. DeanT says:

    Driving through Ireland prior to the Olympics.

  198. Brenda says:

    I would use them in Miami, Florida. It would be my first at Hertz

  199. Carol says:

    Driving down to Santa Barbara has always been on my list of things to do and wouldn’t it be great to do it in style! A convertible anyone:)

  200. CodeAdam10 says:

    Planning to have a reunion with some close friends in Vegas later this Summer. One of the best places to celebrate abd have unlimited fun! ;)

  201. caveman says:

    A family road trip on Pacific highway along the western coast of CA is on my radar before the end of this year.

  202. Nikki O says:

    I’m going to Florida (sans kids!) to visit my best friend who moved down there last week.

  203. CU says:

    Truro, Cape Cod and also Aruba!

  204. thrashsoundly says:

    I’d go to Oregon coast for the weekend. Never been before, but don’t want to drive my old car that far.

  205. Tracy says:

    Gatlinburg becuase there is lots to do there even though it is cheesy

  206. HB says:

    Kauai! It seems like a small island so hoping to explore a lot of it by driving around.

  207. Maury says:

    I would love to take the family to Lake Tahoe this summer. I love your blog! Thank you

  208. Clay says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I would use the weekend rental to explore charming Oklahoma state parks.

  209. Joey says:

    I feel like heading to Vancouver, BC. Beautiful and sunny this time of year!

  210. We’d love to go to Carmel to escape the heat in Texas.

  211. Lindsay says:

    I’d love to take a roadtrip to Napa Valley. I live in San Francisco but have never been!!

  212. Tracy says:

    Road trip in new England!

  213. Andrew says:

    grand canyon in a vw van. but if those aren’t available from hertz, i guess i’d settle for an audi.

  214. Nicole says:

    I’d like to go to Big Sur this summer with a Hertz rental from SF!

  215. Carling says:

    I would like to take my family to the Lost Pines resort.

  216. Tim M says:

    I would like to take my kids to the Detroit Zoo and to a Detroit Tigers baseball game. Our family used to live in Detroit, and my children have never seen the attractions.

  217. rohit says:

    Santa Barbara. It’s a fun place and a beautiful drive.

  218. Valerie says:

    Taking the family to Europe soon and love to do a day trip

  219. Chase says:

    Would love to use these points on a road trip to New Mexico!

  220. Max says:

    Would like to show parents (first time US visitor) around the WAS/NYC/BOS before the University’s centennial commences in October!

  221. David says:

    I would like to go to southern california and visit my family! Would be great to have a car!

  222. Kevin says:

    To Alaska this summer!

  223. Timothy says:

    I’d love to take my family to the Northwest and drive around the coast!

  224. DaninSTL says:

    I would like to take my family to San Diego to see Sea World and the Zoo.

  225. Russ says:

    I like to go to Grand Canyon using Hertz

  226. ben r says:

    To Washington DC, I want to take them to the Smithsonian museums!

  227. Carrie says:

    We are hoping to go to Hawaii.

  228. Benj says:

    Glacier National Park!

  229. chemist661 says:

    After my hospital stay for Stage 4 Cancer (neck), we rented several times from HLE (Hertz Local Editions) and took many road trips to San Diego & surroundings. We both enjoy seeing the sites there!

  230. Walker says:

    A week in Yellowstone National Park is finally happening for my family of five.

  231. Susan says:

    I want to take my Mom on a road trip down the PCH! She loves the ocean and it would be so great to see more of this country instead of always jetting off somewhere else.

  232. Avery says:

    I’d like to take my wife back to England to the place we met for our anniversary.

  233. Thomas says:

    I’d love going back to the West Coast!

  234. Mike says:

    Gallup, NM here I come

  235. Jen C says:

    I would take a road trip with the kids to Sandusky, OH for Cedar Point amusement park!

  236. David says:

    I would love to use Hertz points in our trip to Auckland New Zealand to rent a van for the family!

  237. Zach says:

    For me its all about convenience with kids. unless we are in a big city vacation can become prohibitively expensive if I want to rent a car for 5 day that is big enough for all our stuff and 2 car seats. This would come in handy for a trip to Tahoe this fall.

  238. Stils says:

    The Florida Keys with our 7 month old! It’s a perfect road trip weekend from West Palm!

  239. dwh says:

    San Francisco down the Pacific Coast Highway

  240. Andrew says:

    Napa for a wine tasting trip.

  241. Jo says:

    to the beach!

  242. Julien says:

    Palm beach to enjoy sea and sand!

  243. Lindsay says:

    Would love to take the kids to Disney. They’re getting to be “that age”:)

  244. R Gage says:

    I’d like to head to the northern Oregon woods

  245. Stephanie says:

    The happiest place on earth – Disney World!

  246. telco says:

    i am heading to yosemite in July. This point would extremely helpful for my family

  247. garipi says:

    would like to take the family up to the blackhills of SD and see mount rushmore…over 10 hrs drive from where I live so a rental would be great!

  248. LRZ says:

    We are off to San Francisco in the Fall…and a couple of days with a car would be great for exploring the wine country. We’d love it!

  249. Jeremy G says:

    Grand Canyon because we’ve never been.

  250. Vik says:

    I have some friends visiting from the UK so we could use the points for a mini roadtrip

  251. chris says:

    spend a weekend at Cedar Point!

  252. Michael says:

    We’re off to Kauai and we’d love to explore the island.

  253. [...] can win 1,500 Hertz Gold Plus Reward points from Mommy [...]

  254. Jordan says:

    I would love the rental car for our trip down the california coast this summer

  255. sushiguy says:

    Portland, driving up through Seattle to Vancouver this fall

  256. fc123 says:

    Any US Nat’l park

  257. Steve says:

    A bit of a drive around Northern Europe would be great – the colder countries are beautiful in the summer.

  258. LIH Prem says:

    thx .. NYC or anywhere with my daughter.


  259. vishal gupta says:

    Roadtrip through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton!

  260. david says:

    Would love to take roadtrip to Williamsburg, VA!

  261. pebs says:

    Trip to NYC.

  262. mangoMan says:

    We’d pop down to LA to visit friends and maybe Disneyland, if the kids behave :)

  263. Jessica says:

    Beach time!!!

  264. Shaun says:

    I would like to take my family to Maui this summer and drive up the Haleakala!

  265. Sheila says:

    Would love a rental car to explore Chicago!

  266. Mark says:

    I would like to take a road trip from Seattle all the way down the California coast to San Diego. Why? Because its beautiful pacific country and I have never been to the west coast before!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Darren says:

    weekend trip with the family to Zion National Park

  268. Arnold says:

    I would head from Philly to Gettysburg as I have always wanted to check it out!

  269. Jeffrey says:

    San Diego with the family for all the great beaches!

  270. Kohei says:

    I’d like to take my family for a road trip to Mt. Shasta in CA.

  271. BostonBen says:

    A family trip to the Grand Canyon would be a dream come true. It would be even better with a Hertz convertible.

  272. Lindsay A says:

    We would love a weekend road trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado!

  273. Jodi says:

    My family is renting a cabin In Washington State near Cascades nat’l park late this summer. We need a rental from Seattle.

  274. Naif says:

    going to Cleveland and Detroit

  275. mommafrica says:

    Taking my SO across country to visit her relatives. Need as much help as possible! She deserves it!

  276. Romeo J says:

    Going to Europe in August with my beloved girlfriend (and since she doesn’t know about this blog I am going to take a risk and share it with you that I am going to propose her on this trip) wish me luck ;)

  277. Terry says:

    A nice trip to Chicago for all the family activities.

  278. DealsSeeker says:

    Would love to use this to take the triplets to Lake George.

  279. Nick says:

    Heading to Cayucos, CA for a college friend’s wedding. Driving from LAX to Cayucos and heard the drive is gorgeous. Would love the Hertz miles to upgrade to a convertible!

  280. James says:

    I’d like to drive around Guam USA with family on an upcoming vacation.

  281. Sam says:

    Would love to go to Ocean City, NJ for the weekend!

  282. Merrily says:

    Headed to Idaho and Utah!

  283. Not Amused says:

    I’m going to the Outer Banks. A Hertz rental would make things 10x better/easier!

  284. zensync says:

    I would go see mama, 4 hours away.


  285. Scooter says:

    I love driving the beaches of Pure Michigan.

  286. Linda says:

    We’d like to get out of Dublin for a couple of days during our trip to IE

  287. Rafiq says:

    Driving to Niagara Falls and Hertz miles would be handy :-)

  288. Chris says:

    I’d love to go to the Bay Area to visit some family & friends this summer.

  289. Nancy says:

    I’m off to Alaska this summer to go fishing, but have to forego a rental the first couple of days in Anchorage due to the exorbinant cost. Would love to have a car to see all I can see!

  290. Serion says:

    Would love to drive across country (to CA) to see some of America!

  291. Saurabh says:

    will go to Ocean City MD as thats our favorite beach destination …

  292. bsmsnr says:

    Australia because it’s a lot like the US but completely different. The people are great, the food and sights are also great.

  293. B.H says:

    To the florida keys:)!

  294. Silvia says:

    Yosemite National Park

  295. Jeanna C. says:

    Orlando; our youngest needs to meet the Mouse!

  296. Jon says:

    I want to go to Miami!

  297. David says:

    Disney Land, my granddaughter would love it.

  298. Tara says:

    We’d like to take a quick trip back to Seattle where we used to live. A free car rental would be great!

  299. Cathy says:

    Would love to head to from NYC to Montreal for the Jazz Festival in 2 weeks with my grandchildren.

  300. Liz says:

    Taking my parents to visit relatives in California, who they haven’t seen in 20+ years.

  301. Dale W says:

    Disneyland. I have a 4 and 6 year old and they are the perfect age for Disney magic

  302. MSPDeltaDude says:

    I would like to take the family down the PCH in Cali this summer to get away from the big city life and hang on the coast!

  303. Crash says:

    Roadtrip to the Grand Canyon!

  304. Bitachu says:

    I want to go back to Upstate NY to visit family

  305. GoodTimes says:

    I’d like to head out to Spain or South Africa this fall and would love a couple of days driving compliments of Hertz.

  306. Kiet says:

    My aunt is coming to the US for the first time, and I would like to introduce her to America.

  307. Cassie says:

    We’re driving cross country with a stop at Glacier National Park for the Going-to-the-Sun road!

  308. Clift says:

    We’re moving to Scotland in September, so I’d like to take my girls (wife and two daughters!) for a trip through Florida to see all our family before we head across the pond. Plus, a FL beach would be nice this time of year!

  309. CJ says:

    Maui to see volcanoes

  310. umut says:

    roadtrip in Alaska where I live. From Anchorage to Seward.. Beautiful scenery

  311. jetsetting eric says:

    The Hamptons

  312. twsaving says:

    going to anchorage, alaska this summer. the points will make good use!

  313. James says:

    This would be perfect for a trip to British Columbia this summer for some whale watching

  314. BOS Eph says:

    A road trip down PCH. Have always wanted to do that.

  315. Rajnish says:

    Roadtrip to key west to see my girlfriend.

  316. Kay says:

    I’m saving Hertz points for a Loire Valley road trip with my mother!

  317. tiffany taylor says:

    Road trip to Marta to see the mystery lights…

  318. GREG says:

    I’d like to see my family in New England.

  319. Iain says:

    My family would use the rental for our first trip to Maui. Thanks.

  320. Yana says:

    New York, New York!

  321. Lisa says:

    Tybee Island with grandma and the kids…would love a couple of free car rental days :)

  322. john says:

    Sleeping Bear Dunes; because it’s cooler than Florida.
    Happy to see so much response to this. Hertz is not #1 with me; but they do run good promos. Right now they have a good promo for those of us who are with Amtrak Guest Rewards. I rented last weekend @ ATL; but my econo car was kind of a dog. :(

  323. Tim says:

    Texas because everything’s bigger there.

  324. EagerTraveler says:

    Love Hertz….Looking to use the points in Britain this summer. Would be a great help!!!

  325. Pat says:

    Taking a trip to sacramento to see my brother and his family would be a great summertime trip!

  326. Eugene says:

    Road trip to San Diego to go to the beach.

  327. Walton says:

    1st choice, Yellowstone National Park
    2nd choice, Cape Cod

  328. Gregory says:

    I would like to like to go to reno, NV to eat, drink, and invest my money in the video poker machines!

  329. Jackie says:

    I’d like to take a family road trip to the southwestern US!

  330. Jill says:

    Road trip through the north woods of Wisconsin

  331. Noah Kimmel says:

    Not quite my family, but my girlfriend is moving across the country and she could use a lift!

  332. Jen says:

    I need to help my son get from the airport to a conference in Germany this year. Some Hertz points would be a big help!

  333. Andy O says:

    I would take my family to Disneyland since I’ve never been there with my daughter and wife.

  334. Kurian says:

    Roadtrip across the Konkan route in Southern India

  335. Jake says:

    Atlantic City, because we’re degenerates!

  336. Steve says:

    Pacific Coast Highway from SF to Oregon!

  337. Curtis Tomlin says:

    I want to visit wine country in Oregon this July!

  338. Juni says:

    Summer road trip to White Sands National Monument

  339. Eric says:

    Fly to Anchorage, then drive the Alaska loop via Denali, Fairbanks, Valdez, and back to Anchorage.

  340. Max M says:

    A trip to Williamsburg, VA to see the colonial sites, and of course, Busch Gardens.

  341. Peter says:

    I am counting the days to visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan, Vietnam…..

  342. Tina says:

    Hertz rental car will be great for my coming Asian country visit.

  343. Kyle says:

    I am doing summer intern in Palo Alto w/o car. FREE Hertz rental car will be great.

  344. greek2me says:

    Love the hertz points for a San Diego trip!

  345. Beth says:

    Could use them on a Hawaii rental

  346. Allen says:

    San Diego!

  347. Mike says:

    Disney World!

  348. Eric says:

    I would like to take my family to Niagara Falls

  349. Don says:

    Yosemite as I’ve been there 20 times but have yet had the chance to take my family!!

  350. Angie says:

    Florida because I need to de-stress on the beach!

  351. Candice says:

    A trip to Eureka Springs, AR to see the quaint charm and neat shops there.

  352. Dream rental: National park tour of the West. Mt. Rushmore, Bryce, Zions, Arches, Grand Canyon, Redwoods, Yosemite, and Glacier.

    Practical: Rent the nicest ride on the lot and cruise with my sweetheart around town.

  353. Ray says:

    I’d like to take my nearest and dearest on a trip to the Delaware shore!

  354. JohnB says:

    Las Vegas, baby…

  355. joan says:

    I want to go visit a friend who’s moved all the way across the country to southern CA and is battling some medical issues right now. We’ll cheer her right up!

  356. JuiceBox2Go says:

    I’m hoping to take the fam to San Diego and then swing by Cars Land this year! And I’d love to be driving a Hertz rental while we do it. :-)

  357. David says:

    We’re off on an Asian tour – Osaka, Seoul and Bangkok, and it would be great to be driving a Hertz rental on this tour :)

  358. joyce says:

    A convertible for a girls weekend with my daughter would be awesome!

  359. drsp says:

    We would drive from Texas to Tacoma, Washington to visit family and old college friends

  360. Rachael says:

    My 15 year high school reunion is this year! It would be great to show up in a sweet ride from Hertz!

  361. ASh says:

    Colorado for the nature!

  362. christo says:

    will be in Europe and will rent from Hertz for the first time

  363. Abe says:

    we’ll be driving through the English and Irish countryside

  364. Shweta says:

    I am definitely looking forward to doing a road trip on CA highway 1 from San Francisco to the Redwood National Park.

  365. Susan says:

    Ireland to visit family!

  366. MCB says:

    The road to Hana in Hawaii with my friend because it’s so beautiful!

  367. Duane H says:

    Myrtle Beach to visit family.

  368. Jacob says:

    This would be just in time to rent a car at my brother’s destination wedding.

  369. Chad says:

    I would love to take my fiancée to Hawaii! Neither of us has been before, and we want to do a “trial run” to see if it would be a good honeymoon spot (I am guessing yes).

  370. Robin says:

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming !

  371. Chris J says:

    A minivan in Hawaii would be nice!

  372. Jason B. says:

    My wife and I would go see her grandparents in California. Her grandfather has not been able to travel so we need to introduce our little one to him!

  373. Darin says:

    Hoping to take the family and kids up to Vancouver, BC this summer.

  374. kodoma says:

    Would love to take my nieces to Niagara Falls!

  375. James says:

    I would take a drive to lovely Fresno to visit my 86 year old grandmother. Thanks!

  376. Up&Away says:

    Already took the family to Disney World this summer and a road trip to New Mexico. Still have a family trip to the beach to go!

  377. Joe says:

    To Illinois to visit their grandparents.

  378. Igor says:

    would love to get them, Will spend it cruising in south california with my wife and friends. Need large vehicle for it.

  379. Cyndi says:

    Denver CO to get away from some of this Texas summer heat!

  380. Melo says:

    I’d like to take my 87 year old, legally blind mom to St. Louis to visit family. Probably the last time she will be able to travel there.

  381. Ang says:

    I’d like to take my family to Disneyworld!

  382. lkt says:

    Going in August to drop my friend to college in CT.

  383. JeffISU says:

    Take our two kids to see family in MSP and DEN that cannot (or will not) travel!

  384. Jose says:

    I want to go see Jazz in NOLA!!!

  385. Mark says:

    I want to go see the ice castle in Sweden
    Saw a pic somewhere, and thought.. Wow that looks nice

  386. MileHighBug says:

    I want to zoom around Italy so I can try all kinds of authentic Italian food in different regions!

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  388. Askia says:

    We’re planning to take the family to New York City for the Christmas decorations! Would love to have a Hertz rental while we’re there!

  389. aznprzn says:

    Chicago so I can drive to Elks Grove to broaden my horizons

  390. Randix says:

    weekly rental around Palo Alto

  391. Cara says:

    I would take my family on a roadtrip to Virginia to see my new home!

  392. jerry says:

    duluth for the weekend

  393. john says:

    We go to San Diego every summer and always need a car.

  394. Carlo says:

    I’d love to go take my family to San Juan, PR. There’s something there for the whole family to enjoy such as museums, old colonial towns, hiking, rainforest adventures, beaches, and bio bay! :)

  395. MikelinTN says:

    Portland to visit Oregon’s wine country

  396. Kent Currie says:

    Northern Michigan to see my family. We don’t get to see them very often during the year and would like to introduce them to our new baby coming July 9th.

  397. bluekz7479 says:

    I would like to drive to Genola Caves from Katoomba … Aussie Summer.

  398. Jean says:

    I would use it to drive around Maui. What better place to see the sights!!

  399. SUZAN says:

    I would like to take my 2 young sons to New York to see their cousins. I’d also like to take them to a national park or forest to see mountains and hike in nature.

  400. brian says:

    I want to go to Chi town.

  401. Ed says:

    Through Southern Canada from Vancouver to Calgary and Banff. We hear it is supposed to be gorgeous!

  402. Alex says:

    Go to mexico

  403. Cher says:

    I would love to do a west coast road trip and visit Mt Raina, Yellowstone and Joshua Tree national parks!

  404. Coolmom says:

    Would love the points to help with the “hopefully” 2012 USAIR Grand Slam!

  405. Sandra says:

    We are flying from California to Washington D.C. (for sightseeing, very excited) then renting a car and driving to Baltimore, MD. Those extra points would sure help a lot in reducing expenses for the trip. Thanks!

  406. Tung says:

    Will do a bit of a roadtrip from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe!

  407. LauraS. says:

    My husband and I are going to Carmel/Big Sur for my birthday in October… A rental car will be a “must”!

  408. Cigaice213 says:

    I would love to take my wife to Orlando cuz she’s never been. We would love the hertz points to take us around to the different theme parks!

  409. Ari says:

    Walla Walla, WA for me :)

  410. B-Rad says:

    Road trip around Texas! :)

  411. SH says:

    San Diego to visit friends

  412. Stan says:

    Definitely going to Las Vegas for some family bonding time!

  413. tot says:

    Yosemite and Yellowstone!

  414. Greg says:

    I would travel to Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies since these areas are the most stunningly beautiful portion of the Rocky Mountains and provide an excellent opportunity to recharge both the mind and body!

  415. Dan Y says:

    My wife and I are headed to Austin for an extended weekend in August, so a free rental would be awesome!

  416. Jonathan says:

    We want to drive from KC to Omaha with the kids. Need to rent a roomier car for that much time in the car.

  417. Karlyn says:

    I’d drive to the Everglades to watch the alligators

  418. Kenny says:

    Disneyland to celebrate the opening of their new car attraction!

  419. M.W. says:

    We would enjoy the car while driving along the California Coast.

  420. james horne says:

    Newport, RI to tour the mansions.

  421. Kevin R says:

    We would take my daughters to Miami and drive down to Key West

  422. Mac says:

    I’d head to Napa and Calistoga for a nice weekend.

  423. Yong says:

    We plan to go to Auckland this summer.

  424. Isabelle says:

    I would enjoy to drive in Brisbane, Australie.

  425. Corky Putt Putt says:

    Omaha, Nebraska, because we have to.

  426. Nachama says:

    Perfect for a trip to hawaii!

  427. riverchica says:

    Looking forward to a road trip through the Four Corners area of the Southwest!

  428. corey says:

    I would like to take them to the catskills in NY to relive old summer memories.

  429. Ann Firestine says:

    Would love to fly to LA and drive to Palm Springs

  430. Joseph says:

    Orlando – DISNEY!

  431. john gu says:

    Prince Edward island to have fun

  432. Scott Wallace says:

    The Grand Canyon would be a grand trip.

  433. virtualfmgrrl says:

    To Palm Springs to soak in some thermal waters & get some rest or Mexico for some more-affordable medical treatment!

  434. Steve says:


  435. Jan says:

    Yellowstone National Park.

  436. Chris says:

    A trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco, it would be a great experience and allow us to see some of what California has to offer.

  437. Jeremy says:

    I would like to go to the Texas Coast this summer as we’ve never been to beach together.

  438. Sandeep says:

    would love to go back to Alaska this summer and just aimlessly drive around. One of the best things I did last year. One of the best states in this country.

  439. Golan says:

    Would love to get out to Florida this summer

  440. Surja Sutanto says:

    Three islands in Hawaii: Maui, Kauai and Big Island.

  441. kodoma says:

    I would love to take my nieces to Niagara Falls thanks!

  442. Melita says:

    I would like to drive arround in Switzerland.

  443. winlo says:

    going to Europe, so any extra points will be helpful

  444. Michelle says:

    I’d love the points to take my son to Washingotn DC for a weekend to learn more about the roots of our country!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  445. Lauren G says:

    I would love to go to Las Vegas or to Miami!!!!!!!!!!

  446. Babs says:

    I’d be Montana bound for sure, on the road to the English Shepherd gathering in Red Lodge.

  447. LenaB says:

    Trip down Oregon coast highway 101

  448. Mike M says:

    Car rental to visit my new niece.

  449. particleman says:

    I would love to get to Arizona with my wife & son! Never been there!

  450. Marc W says:

    I am spending my honeymoon in LA with my beautiful wife and the 1500 points would go a very long way in saving me a lot of money. I want the trip to be special and by saving on the car I can put it toward something else. Here’s to hoping I am the lucky winner and have MommyPoints to thank for it!

  451. Jin says:

    I want to take a road trip fro San Antonio to San Diego!

  452. Bruegger says:

    I would like to drive arround in France.

  453. YBZ says:

    I would enjoy driving arround in Germany.

  454. lkt says:

    Retracting my old post. I actually need to go to New Haven this Friday to look at housing. Rental rates are around $80 including tax and liability insurance. Help to make my trip down would be appreciated ;)

  455. AliciaTC says:

    I’m going to visit family in Richmond, VA this summer and would love to have a mini-van so we can all ride together!

  456. Chris says:

    Off to California, Colorado and Texas with my youngest son to scout colleges in preparation for the admission gauntlet that starts this fall.

  457. Susan N says:

    Would love to return to Acadia National Park and take my son with me.

  458. Bill N says:

    Need a minivan for San Francisco. Thanks

  459. Mark says:

    North Carolina to visit the family

  460. Henry says:

    Road trip across the U.S.

  461. I’d like to use it for California.

  462. Murali says:

    Thanks Mommy points. I hope i win this time :). I never win anything :)

  463. Anna says:

    Thanks Mommy points, i am in!

  464. Michael Salamone says:

    I’m driving my mother from Ohio to Birmingham, AL to meet long lost siblings she has never met in all her 70 years. Would love a free Hertz rental to help get us there for that special meeting.

  465. [...] Last week Hertz and I teamed up to offer 1,500 Hertz Gold Plus Reward points to two lucky Mommy Points readers.  They wanted to celebrate their new title of “Best Overall Car Rental Company” in Zagat’s 2012/13 U.S. Car Rental Survey, and I was happy to help them give away points to Mommy Points readers as a form of celebration!  1,500 Hertz points is fairly substantial as those points can get you two free weekend days on specially vehicles for Standard Rewards.  This includes Luxury, Mid-sized SUV, Minivans, or ConvertiblesPlus, and Hertz will also send you a Zagat Guidebook to the winners! [...]

  466. Srinivasan Shankar says:

    We would like to spend the weekend in San Francisco bay area

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