Recently I saw an interesting thread on Flyertalk by JSteele that highlighted how certain flights operated by AirTran were now not only bookable on the Southwest website with Southwest points, but the Southwest Companion Passes could be used on those flights as well.  I have to admit I haven’t been following the AirTran and Southwest merger as closely as I should, but this definitely caught my eye.

So far the code-sharing is very limited (Atlanta/Ft Lauderdale), but this could be the sign of things to come.  Some interesting things that I noticed from comparing the same flights on both the AirTran and Southwest website, and on the linked FT thread above:

  • While operated by AirTran, the flights still were said to include “two free checked bags” like the regular Southwest policy on the Southwest website.
  • The flights can be booked using Southwest points and earn Southwest points via the Southwest website.
  • The Southwest Companion Pass can be used on the flights.
  • They do still have assigned seating unlike flights operated by Southwest.
  • If the flight is booked on AirTran then bag fees do seem to apply.
  • No change fee via the Southwest website, but AirTran does advertize a change fee via their site.
  • The prices for the tickets were the same.

Those with a Southwest Companion Pass are very anxiously waiting to see which AirTran routes they will be able to use it on.  Some of their international routes would be especially exciting!  Time will tell, but this is an interesting development.


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12 Responses to “Limited AirTran Flights Now Bookable with Southwest Points/Companion Pass”

  1. You can already start booking some of their “international” flights. By international, I mean to Puerto Rico and select other places in the Caribbean. For example, in mid April, Southwest will fly from BWI to Puerto Rico. More routes to come. I’m excited for this merger to be complete!

  2. Ryan E says:

    Great to see some progress on this!

  3. Jason Steele says:

    I just happened to be looking for flights from ATL to FLL and saw it and was pretty surprised. It doesn’t seem like they are doing any more codesharing at the moment other than ATL-FLL and ATL-RSW and maybe a few others.

    Kind of surprised there was no announcement of this development. My RR points and by extension, UR points, are much more valuable now. Big announcement on new fees this week, but not the new codeshare. Seems like misplaced priorities over at SWA PR.

  4. Jason says:

    Is it worth applying for the chase airtran card now? I already have both sw personal and business chase cards.

  5. baxterboy12 says:

    @Jason — yes. It gives 32 credits which is 38400 SW pts. I’m still kicking myself for not getting the chase continental card before it went the way of the dodo.

  6. carl y says:

    would anyone happen to know if the old rapid rewards vouchers can be used for airtran? thanks in advance!

  7. mowogo says:

    Southwest had been hinting at this, and this is really a test for the Southwest ticketing system, making sure that the codeshares actually work before they start launching them all over the network. I think once they verify the test with real customers, they will expand the codeshare, and announce it.

  8. I like these developments. I hope to see many more in this direction in the near future.

  9. c0ldlimit says:

    Hmm the rules still say: “The Companion Pass can only be used on Southwest-operated service.”

  10. Michelle says:

    Where would someone get a companion pass for SW? I have their Chase Visa and did get the 50k points but I somehow missed seeing companion passes. Is this a Rapid Rewards perk? Thanks.

  11. Michelle says:

    Just found the ABOVE answer myself. Sorry to be a bother!

  12. mommypoints says:

    Michelle, not a bother, but glad you found it!

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