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The USA Today is a great newspaper for road warrior’s given its presence in most major hotels. I always grab the copy left outside my hotel room door on the days I fly.  I use it to keep me entertained during takeoff and landing. My routine is consistent.  I quickly scan the headlines and rush to the most important part, the weather map! While perusing the map,  I plan out my next adventures in my head and at the same time wonder why I don’t live in Hawaii. For years now, I have dreamed about being in the city (un)fortunate enough to hold that days’ weather extreme title.

My trip to Barrow had many connections, one of which was Deadhorse, Alaska, the gateway to Prudhoe Bay.

DSCN0287_thumb1May 10th was a chilly day in Deadhorse, AK! 

The weather extremes in the USA Today are posted for the previous day so you never really know if you’ve made it until the day is over.  I knew I had a shot at this so I informed the flight attendant of my intentions. She laughed and gave me permission to step outside to make it official. The next day I flipped open my USA Today and found success!  -9° Fahrenheit in May never felt soooo good!

What was your finest 2011 travel achievement?

  • newbie said,

    USA Today is a trash newspaper. I have never been able to read it for more than 2 mins. The only two newspaper which are good are NY Times and WSJ. The Washington Post also does something ok. But i refuse to honor the USA Today with the title of good.

  • James said,

    My finest 2011 travel achievement was using miles from the 75k Citicard AA signup and a few other mileage grabs to take my wife to Ecuador in business class for 6 days. We had a great time.

  • Deirdre said,

    Paris by Accident!

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