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The TSA is in the news again today for causing a 2 hour delay at JFK airport. A screener “watching” the metal detector in the lane 1 at Terminal 7 made a huge mistake, and it caused the massive delay that rippled across the airlines.

As screener Alija Abdul Majed was watching passengers go through the metal detector, he apparently forgot his main responsibility was to ensure the metal detector was screening passengers for metal objects. It turns out the metal detector wasn’t even plugged in and people were allowed to go through security un-screened for metal objects.

The problem was discovered around 9:40 AM. Unfortunately, hundreds of passengers were already allowed to pass through the screening area by the time the issue was identified. So officials had to close down the terminal and even call back to jets to the terminal.

Apparently the screener was so oblivious, he wasn’t even able to tell officials how long the metal detector was in the off position.

The TSA is responding by calling this an equipment “malfunction” gone wrong. I wonder what consequences the screener will face as a result of the problem going unnoticed for so long.

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