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Alex shared our monster day of airline award bookings earlier this week. We couldn’t have done it without this crazy points and miles hobby of ours. But as you know, flights are only half of an award trip. So we spent the next few days plotting out our hotel stays and booked over 25 award nights combined. Since we like Park Hyatt’s as an aspirational award, there was a slight slant towards staying at those properties.

These award nights are spread out all across the world given our flight plans illustrated below. We’ve added in two more awards to the Caribbean that were recently booked.

Total Hotel Award Booking Damage To Loyalty Accounts

1 ) Park Hyatt Maldivesbooked 5 nights for 132,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points

2 ) Hyatt Regency Aruba – booked 2 night getaway in club level room for 54,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points

3 ) Ritz Carlton St Thomas – booked 5 nights for 200,000 Marriott points

4 ) St Regis Singapore – booked 1 night for connection to Maldives for 20,000 SPG points

5 ) Park Hyatt Sydney – booked 5 nights for 110,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points

6 ) Sheraton Port Douglas – booked 5 nights for 48,000 SPG points

7 ) Park Hyatt Washington DC – booked 1 night for 22,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points

8 ) Hyatt Regency Maui – 1 suite night from the Hyatt Gold Passport credit card

All in, we redeemed about 586,000 points for hotel stays during our flights of over 63,063 miles. This is a lot of points considering I had just redeemed over 1,734,000 points and miles last year alone with Mrs Weekly Flyer. These awards will make it possible to visit some interesting places that we could not have otherwise afforded to take. Keep an eye out for these trip reports later in the year, we’ll definitely share updates along the way.

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  • Debt Free Teen said,

    I’m in awe! I’m just starting out on my personal finance journey and I plan to use mileage award credit cards to travel (just like my parents do with their southwest companion flights). I just want to say I enjoy reading your blog even if I don’t always understand it!

  • David said,

    Pretty amazing. This is actually my fav part of travel planning, although it drives me nuts sometimes…$500+ hotels are no-brainers, but those in between $150-250 hotels…I can’t decide, earn (pay $) or burn?

    I am in Sydney in Oct, and have 2 nts booked at the PH on pts. However, I have 2 other nts, and was thinking about either staying at the PH, or trying another property in a diff area, like right on Darling Harbour. Do you ever consider hotel hopping to try diff lounges and breakfasts, etc? (Of course, if it’s an HH AXON or SPG 5 nt, that’s understandable, but Hyatt has no pts savings for longer bookings.)

  • ikonos said,

    Impressive not just booking those hotels but to accumulate so many points even after spending 1.7 million of them last year. I spend about 4 nights a week and about 25 weeks of the year on road and still haven’t reached a million points even with some CC bonuses. Just shows how impressive your haul is. Keep it up :)

  • RT said,

    dang, how do you get so many pts

  • oneeyejack said,

    Just curious, why would you spend 20,000 points at the St Regis Singapore when some of those nights are ~$300/night? That’s a value of 1.5 cent a point.

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Ooneeyejack – Good point. We typically reserve a placeholder award and will check rates as we get closer. I’m always in favor of saving funds and burning points. This will be one we likely consider revising, but have always wanted to stay at this property.

  • oneeyejack said,

    You’ll get better value, granted not much, if you book a points plus cash redemption! I’ll be in Singapore in Sept but was also looking at this place but I’m probably gonna cancel my award booking since it’s not worth it to me.

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Oneeyejack – Thanks for sharing C&P at this property is good value. I’ve found C&P is usually the best value at most properties that offer it.

  • Gabriel said,

    How on earth did you earn that many Hyatt points!?

  • betty lopez said,

    My husband travels a lot due to his work(average of 9 months travelling in a year) but he has not accumulated that much points(1M?) in a year. In a years time we could probably only redeem 3 savers awards in United for short haul flights Toronto-Las Vegas (total 75,000 pts) and 3 savers awards Toronto to Asia(total 195,000).I cant believe u can earn so many hotel and airline rewards points in a year? How do you do that? Incidentally my husband stays in Holiday inn most of the time and so far we only can redeem about 6 nights…so why do u have so much points?

  • David said,

    @Betty: Lots of credit cards!

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