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Yesterday we shared an offer that appeared to good to be true. Instant Hilton Gold Status and 50,000 bonus points after only four stays turned out to be a targeted offer. But we called Hilton anyway and received conflicting answers.

Most interestingly, I learned that specific codes need to be applied to receive the promotional offer.

Hilton Promotion Offer Codes

The Hilton agent I spoke to indicated that Hilton was having issues applying the promotional offer to accounts. She directed me to call back on Monday to request the codes be added to my account once they’ve sorted out the issues. Before I hung up she offered the codes for American Airlines and Delta Airlines promotions.

If you received an email with the codes below, you should be able to add the promotion to your account.

  • American Airlines Code: QAA1
  • Delta Airlines Code: QB62

Bottom Line

Sometimes offers are too good to be true. This one is still up in the air.

Interested to hear how your experience has been with this promotion. Drop a comment in this post if you have had success or failure with this promotion.

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  • Ansh said,

    I didn’t get the e-mail, but the agent said she added it to my account! Thanks for the blog post about this offer.

  • Scott said,

    third try for me. no go. I was told that if you were targeted which i wasn’t that you will have the code QAAE on your account. This offer was intended for non Hilton members but was sent out to some AA flyers that were Hilton members. I was also told for the second time today that because of the inadvertant communication to non targeted people if you were not a targeted member that they would offer 2500 points after your next qualified stay completed by the end of Dec.

    I am getting consistent stories from Hilton when I call, I guess it was not meant to be for me. I will just take the 2500 when I stay at Hilton this year.

  • Michael said,

    I just called and was told it was for new members only. I got the same 2500 point promotion but for a stay within the next 60 days.

  • BunMama said,

    Got my 2500 points with next stay in 60 days. Thanks!

  • Sal said,

    just called diamond desk….said that they’re suppose to offer 2,500 (no mention of stay). rep was nice and said she was going to make it 5,000 since she had ability to do it….not too bad for 2 minute call

  • Jer said,

    where do you put this code in online?

  • Li said,

    Wondering which number did you guys call?

  • DaninSTL said,

    Ditto jer, where can you apply the code or is this something the rep has to do?

  • Noah Kimmel said,

    I got 2500 on next stay (and I have gold status)…

    just called the customer care number: 1 (800) 548-8690

    and hit 0

  • Marvin said,

    just call diamond desk….5,000 points immediately w/o any stays

  • Kathy said,

    I called twice with no luck (even though I provided them with the promotion codes).

  • David said,

    I just applied for and was instantly approved for the Citi Hilton Visa Sig, the next day I received an offer from Hilton to upgrade my AmEx Hilton card to a Surpass card, $75 fee and after a 3k spend 50k Bonus points awarded. unfortunately I have a 6500 spend to do in the next 3 months for 2 other cards and can’t take the offer. I looked for an e-mail address to forward the offer to you but c/n find one.

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi David – Our email addresses can always be found on our “about us” page.


  • bnaguy said,

    Called Hilton Honors Cust Service – they signed me right up for the American Airlines promo.

  • PY said,

    Called HH CS and they tested my account and no dice but offered 2500 bonus points after next stay within 90 days.

  • EU Traveler said,

    I did call in and was asked to provide copy of original email. I did not receive one so I did not get anything.

  • DavidL said,

    Took 7 min but got the 2500 next stay pay off…BONUS!!

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  • alohastephen said,

    2500 worked for me! thanks!

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