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The TSA has released updated numbers on guns found in carry-on luggage in one week throughout the country. I was astounded at how many people try to bring a loaded gun onto a plane and think that they will get it through security. Geez, I am worried about getting through security with all my liquids without a hassle. Can you imagine!

Break Down

The first week of November, the TSA reported finding 35 guns trying to go through security in carry-on luggage. 33 of them were loaded. Really!?

You are allowed to check a gun as long as you declare it to the airline. I hope that these incidences were due to people who have never flown before and therefore are oblivious and not people who have bad intentions trying to bring a weapon onto a plane!

Bottom Line

Thank you to the TSA for their hard work finding these weapons.

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  • Corey said,

    Mind blown

  • Stephan said,

    No…people are morons.

  • DaninSTL said,

    This happens for various reasons. Some of these are military or police that try to carry on not realizing they aren’t allowed to in some cases. Most however are people like me that travel a lot by car (yes with a loaded handgun in my normal daily luggage) but forget to take the gun out when taking those occasional flights. We had a congressman from my area a few years ago that had left a gun in his briefcase and then figured it out the hard way at the airport. Then there are people who just don’t know better for some odd reason.

  • VG said,

    I hope they get added to the no fly list.

  • Rob Mark said,

    Wait just a second.

    Eleven years after 9/11 there are people sophisticated and wealthy enough to fly on an airliner who are not savvy enough to remember that carrying a loaded weapon into an airport — much less trying to get it through security — is going to get them in trouble?

    They FORGOT ???

    I’m having a little trouble with that one.

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    [...] 33 Loaded Guns [...]

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