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Since today was part of TSA grope-your-mother-brother-sister opt-out week, I couldn’t resist the urge to travel. Well, I could have, but I actually needed to travel. My eyes were laser focused on finding any anomalies. I departed the first flight of the day and caught an early flight back after the day was done.

The TSA screening process already costs about $11.38 per screening according to some reports. So on national opt-out day the price was likely higher per screening and of course everything went as smooth as slicing warm butter.

Departure was a breeze in Atlanta. I took TSA Pre Check lane and went through security in about 60 seconds. No kidding, it was that fast.

On the return flight, TSA Pre Check again called my name and we breezed through security in about 45 seconds. It would have been faster but the money roll in my suit jacket (totally kidding) must have caused a delay and it was slow through the conveyor belt.

Even though our TSA opt-out week was flawless, not all reports today were the same.

According to this report, the TSA exposed the breast of an underage minor related to Texas representative Ralf Hall. Really?

Did you get your $11.38 worth this week?

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  • FlyTD said,

    I’ve been cleared for Pre-Check for a while now and the past 3 times I have tried to use it at PHL airport, they scan my boarding pass and they tell me to go to regular security and that it’s “random” – - i’ve been able to use it before and re-confirmed i am still enrolled. any thoughts?

  • Kris Ziel said,

    Pre Check is hit and miss for me. Worked first time at SEA, but since then it hasn’t worked for me (although I’ve only been to a couple Pre Check airports since).

  • Haloastro said,

    If people don’t like the idea of a pat-down, then they should just opt to go for the scanner (or get Global Entry so that they can use Pre-Check most of the time). I know that I haven’t read all of your posts, but as a fellow frequent traveler I don’t understand the cynicism about the TSA.

  • TSA Director Refuses “Enhanced Screening” After Big Changes - Points Miles and Martinis said,

    [...] The TSA has been catching a lot of flack lately for the changes to their enhanced screening policies, unionizing a government workforce 1 week after the election and the use of move of their costly backscatter machines to smaller airports. The TSA has caught so much attention, last week there was a call for a national TSA opt-out week. [...]

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