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Baby Weekly Flyer had a great first flight and was quiet the entire time. I’m still just a little nervous because 3.5 hours worth of flying is longer than any flight before. We’re giving away a noise canceling headset in honor of the first long flight. I just wish I could bring a set for each of the seats around us just in case. But we’ve planned as best as we can to keep Baby Weekly Flyer fed, safe, quiet, entertained and happy during the flight.

I realized something when preparing for Baby Weekly Flyer’s first long flight, babies require a lot of stuff. We’ve gone through a detailed packing process and outlined each of the items we’re bringing for Baby Weekly Flyer’s comfort.

Can you think of anything we missed or anything that you’ve found helpful when flying with a baby?

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Planning Baby Weekly Flyer’s First Long Flight

1. Get Baby Weekly Flyer Passport

Earlier this year we went through the process to apply for Baby Weekly Flyer’s first passport. The process was simple and it only took 3 weeks to get Baby Weekly Flyer’s passport in hand.

2. Get Car Seat + Wheeling Adapter

We picked up a Cosco seat for Baby Flyer’s comfort and safety while on the 3.5 flight. We also picked up the Brica universal wheel adapter to tow the seat through the airport like a carry on wheel bag.

3. Bring Entertainment

In case Baby Weekly Flyer doesn’t sleep the entire time (highly unlikely) we’ve packed a Dvd player, plenty of toys and a tie mechanism to attach each toy to the seat to avoid flying objects during flight.

4. Sanitation Items

Sanitation is something we’ve also planned for. We’ve packed plenty of Purell hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers, etc. We are just hoping we time Baby’s changing cycle right to avoid a visit the bathroom in flight.

5. Baby Food

Several weeks before the trip, we started stocking up on baby food. Of course we used a strategy to earn points while ordering the food online. We’ll check most of the food like organic baby food pouches, rice cereal, spoons, bowls, snacks, puffs and extra medicine just in case.

6. Baby Clothes

Baby Weekly Flyer will have a separate suit case. Since we’ve booked a third seat just for baby to sit in the car seat, we’ll be able to check extra bags. Items including clothes and food will be included in the suitcase because we don’t want to risk having to search for baby food while on the trip.

7. Other Baby Stuff

Baby’s come with a lot of stuff. From beach stuff, to sunscreen, to hats, to floaties, we have it covered. We even picked up a small umbrella stroller which should be easy to carry on the plane.

8. Prepare Hotel For Baby Arrival

Lastly, I called the hotel and car rental agency to prepare for Baby’s arrival. I asked for a crib, a small refrigerator and a car seat with the rental car.

Bottom Line

Planning for a long flight with a baby takes some time to think through all of the extra items. Baby’s require a lot of stuff and we think we have it covered with the list above. But you never know what to expect on a 3.5 hour flight with a Baby.

Can you think of anything we missed, or anything you’ve found helpful when flying with a baby for long periods of time?

Wish us luck!

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  • sachin said,

    Thanks in advance!! We also have a first long haul flight with the baby coming up…great tips.

  • rahul said,

    We did 2 long haul flights w/ our baby this year in Sept SFO to Sydney and in Nov/Dec SFO to Male, Maldives, she was 15 and 18 months, this year alone she did 45k miles. We also found the following carryons a must.

    Wet bags or ziplocks for any clothes that get solied and need to be stored so as not to contaminate other stuff

    Extra set of clothes for mom and dad incase you get thrown up on or something else…

    Milk at least on UA short haul they don’t have any on board

    Snack food container, favorite toy, extra pacifier

    I know it’s a lot, but if you loose it at the airport or on the flight it can be a LONG trip, or if things get dirty and you can’t clean immediatly a spare is helpful.

    Lastly, don’t stress out and stay as relaxed as possible. If the baby crys or screams it’s normal and if you’re doing the best you can to manage that and people still give you dirty looks, stuff em. If you’re doing the best you can there’s nothing else you can do.

  • mommypoints said,

    Agree totally with rahul, but it sounds like you are very much on the right track! Since you are bringing it anyway, you may want to use your own car seat in the rental car as they can be pretty, um, gross/flimsy sometimes.

    Have a great time!

  • Davud said,

    Did a LAX-ATL-GRU with daughter at six months. At that age, try to book ‘bassinet’ seats and it will be an easy trip. These are bulkhead seats into which a bassinet will attach into the bulkhead.

    When they get a bit older, we always brought something new for them to play with. Also, foam stickers in the shapes of dinosaurs, etc. that they can stick all over the plane (clean them off when you leave.) In a pinch, coloring puppets from barf bags buys you an hour or so of entertainment.

  • hulagrrl210 said,

    Benadryl? I’m just kidding ;) Our must-haves are either a bottle or pacifier for take/off and landings to help prevent ear pain. Of course, if they are already sleeping, let them be. I wouldn’t wake them up to give them these items. Good luck!

  • Mariah said,

    Not sure why you are getting a car seat with the rental since you are bringing one on the airplane.

  • Richard said,

    We always brought a empty thermos that we would fill with boiling hot water from the lounges once you got past security. Always good to have to warm milk or food. And useful for to clean the pacifier, bottles , spoons ect.

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi Sachin – You are welcome. We’ll learn the ropes together.

    Hi Rahul – Thanks for the tips. Very much appreciated. The ziplock baggies is something we did not anticipate. We’ll add these to the packing list.

    Hi MommyPoints – That makes sense. I’m not sure the Cosco seat will work in the car in a rear facing position, so better safe than sorry. Plus, I can just drop off the seat at the counter if dirty or not needed. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Hi Davud – What a brilliant use of barf bags! I’ve used them before, but never in that capacity :)

    Hi Hulagrrl210 – Never wake a sleeping baby is rule #1 I learned. I heard about that, but Baby Weekly Flyer prefers bourbon, jk!

    Hi Mariah – Just in case. I can always drop it off at the counter. The one I’m using may not fit in car, just not sure so is more of a fail safe.

    Hi Richard – Ah, very smart idea. Genius!

    Really, this is great feedback. Thank you all so very much.

  • tammigirl said,

    I really don’t have anything to add, but I think the empty thermos is brilliant!

    My first daughter was on the plane 2 weeks old!

  • Stargoldua said,

    Try the tommy tippe thermos + tommy tippe bottles. Perfect match and life saver. Water stays hot for a day

  • Cook said,

    Thoughts: Hope you, Mrs. W.F. and B.W.F. – and those around you – have a pleasant flight. Sounds like you are well prepared, but don’t forget DRUGS.
    TIPS: Please do not use/apply B.W.F. list, item #4 while in your seat; please use the LAV. (Duh!) if you are forced to violate this, under NO circumstances hand the used items to your friendly FA; his/her “Friendly Skies” attitude will change much faster that you changed B.W.F.

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  • Michelle H. said,

    Great tips, I didn’t think of hand sanitizer but that’s a must on an airplane. We’ll be traveling with our newborn granddaughter in a few months to visit relatives in Florida so the post was very useful.

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  • Spanish baby clothes said,

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