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It is amazing how technology is changing the way we communicate while traveling. From making reservations on a smart phone to communicating with friends, technology makes traveling easier.

Did you know a simple call to home from half way around the world is now free thanks to iPhone and the Magic Jack application? I’m amazed. It seems every other week I hear of a friend who didn’t know you can call internationally for free when traveling internationally. The Magic Jack iPhone application is one of my tried and true travel applications.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours. What other applications are good for frequent travelers?

This application changed the way I thought about communicating while traveling when I found out about it. I can now dial home to the U.S. (or Canada) for free from any international location as long as I have a wifi connection. You can use it with a few simple steps.


How To Get And Use Magic Jack

The Magic Jack iPhone application is free to download. Simply follow a few simple steps and you’ll be able to dial internationally and receive international phone calls for free in no time.

  1. Download the Magic Jack application from the iTunes application store (free)
  2. Open the Magic Jack application (free)
  3. Dial a number or select one of your contacts from your iPhone (free)
  4. Enjoy free international calling (free)

New User Options

There are a few options if you are new to the Magic Jack iPhone application.

  1. Test drive it! No account needed. Make outgoing calls to U.S. and Canadian landlines and cell numbers and any magicJack number.
  2. Receive a free magicNumber phone number to make and receive FREE calls and receive FREE Voicemail.

A magicNumber starts and ends with an asterisk/star, like so: *0123456777* and can be dialed directly from any magicJack.

How To Dial A Magic Jack Phone Number

Once you know your friends Magic Jack number you can call it anywhere with a few simple steps:

  1. First dialing the access number 1-305-848-TALK (1-305-848-8255)
  2. After the prompt, enter the magicNumber: Including the asterisks/stars, like so: *01234567*

Bottom Line

It surprises me the number of times I hear that people don’t know you can dial internationally for free when traveling. Technology is an amazing thing so we are glad to share this tip to help you catch up with friends, for free, while traveling internationally.

Do you have any neat travel applications that can help others travel better? Share your favorite travel application in the comments section for a chance to win a Free Gogo Wifi card good through 12/31/12. We’ll select a random winner this week from the comments.

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  • FrequentFlyerRS said,

    Even better than Magic Jack is to use Google Voice in symphony with an app called Talkatone. Nice thing about this one is you can migrate your actual cell # to google voice and you can use your local # internationally. I just moved overseas and can send and receive calls/text for free and I didn’t even have to give out a new # to any of my contacts!

  • gregorygrady said,

    Great post!!!! I definitely learned something new here today!!!

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi FrequentFlyerRS – Thanks for the tip. Will have to check that option out.

    Hi Gregorygrady – Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the post.

  • Elijah said,

    My favorite app to use while traveling is Hotspot Shield ($35/year and can be installed on computers, iOS devices and other devices), which allows me to use pandora and netflix when overseas.

  • Gee K. said,

    I religiously use Yelp to find all my good eats in new cities.

  • Joe C. said,

    Uber has been my go-to app when it comes to traveling in big cities. Hailing a cab without any of the hassle. What could possibly go wrong?

  • ffi said,

    You can use Viber that does not need any access codes.
    or Tango, another app for iphone that works just as well.

  • Travelmi said,

    I use Skype for international calls. Works from computer or my iPhone with $3 per month unlimited to USA and Canada

  • Daniel J. said,

    The best APP I’ve ever used is Vonage. It can call any U.S. number for free, just like any other APPs. However, the beauty of Vonage is it keeps your phone number. You don’t need to tell people your new number. When you call people’s cellphone, they will see your phone number, rather than a new number.

    Viber is also great, but it requires the receiver to have Viber as well.

  • Lord Fish said,

    I’m happy with Facetime over WiFi.

  • HIS said,

    No need for special App. How about T-Mobile Wifi Calling. The most under-appreciated free service out there in my opinion. You call with your own cell phone number and receive texts for free also.

  • Abhishek Duggal said,


  • EricP said,

    did i miss the part about free GoGo?

  • EricP said,

    whoops! found it. sorry!

  • Acker said,

    FoxFi for Droids rocks.

  • Glenn said,

    Favorite travel app? Probably TripIt honestly. I just think it does a great job, is easy to use, and I constantly find my self using it.

    Also like AwardWallet, Park Place, FlightTrack and FlightBoard, Jets, SeatGuru, GateGuru, and Seat Alerts.

  • Jim said,

    Kinda of misleading with the title of “Free Gogo”, probably would say “Chance To Win Free Gogo”

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi Jim – Thanks for pointing that out. No intent to mislead so I’ve added the term “giveaway” to the post title. That way, no one will click on the link thinking they’ll learn of a completely free way to get Gogo without having to leave a comment for a chance to win.

  • Laura said,

    Skype works well for me with speaker ear plugs on the itouch when abroad (but you need the free wifi connection at a hotel or coffee shop)

  • MSPpete said,

    I use the free/pre-installed T-Mobile wifi calling app, too. It requires a medium fast wifi connection (about .9 mbps down and .5 up, check your speed with or the speedtest android app). Allows me to call the airline 800 numbers from anywhere I can get wifi. Works pretty well, takes a few minutes to actually start up and make the wifi connection to the US ‘base’.

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  • Free Gogo Wifi Winner And Favorite Travel Applications - Points Miles and Martinis said,

    [...] In this post I shared my favorite travel application, the Magic Jack iPhone application that gives the user free international calls to the U.S. and Canada. [...]

  • Neet said,

    Viber has been wonderful for Free calls with Wifi and then there’s the “FREE Wifi Finder” app to help you search for places nearby with free wifi. Also, there’s the “Fly Rights” app that helps with reporting directly to Dept of Justice when TSA screws up your rights. I also love the “Flight+” app that lets you access real-time flight boards for every airport in the world. I love “XE” app for foreign currency conversions, “Camera+” app to let me leave my point and shoot camera at home and “Trip it Pro” for managing my itineraries and “Seat Guru” for picking the best seats on my flight and “Just Landed” app that lets me know the perfect time to go to the airport to pick someone up and never having to wait. These are among the few I can think of immediately.

  • Mary said,

    Why do u get network connection error response when trying to call ?

  • Jonathan Deaux said,

    Has anyone ever bothered to read the privacy policy on these “free” calling aps. I just read several of them. Viber says it can use your contacts (it uploads your phone book to its servers) for just about anything it wants including selling your data to whoever it chooses.

    The least offensive (note my choice of words) was talkatone. They make many promises of privacy, however they still store your phonebook on THEIR servers. Including any notes or messages associated with your contacts.

    Tomorrow I am looking at an app called “Line 2″. I don’t have high hopes, but there is a chance I wont be sickened by the intrusions we agree to as “Line 2″ is not free (nothing is).

    Good luck. Free isn’t always what it appears to be.

  • dario said,

    is very very good

  • sam said,

    MJ application works just in US , it will never conect if you are using IP adress that not US !!! i used this aplication ,also i have the regular MJ (not +) and this one works outside US fine (because u paid for it)but the only thing is that needs activation in US before you go outside …

  • Andrew said,

    The KAYAK app is great. you can replace most of those with it. its great for finding cheap flights and last minute hotels. they have other stuff, like find rent-a-car.
    MagicJack has been one of those most useful for me as well. I use it daily.

  • hash said,

    dear sir or ma’am

    i have Nokia 701 and i am trying to download Magic Jack for free callings but i cant so i request the Nokia company to add Magic Jack for all Nokia phones in the Ovi store thanks
    very respectfully

  • Nick said,

    I wanna used magic jack for calling long distance Do you have any neat travel applications that can help others travel better? Share your favorite travel application in the comments section for a chance to win a Free Gogo Wifi card good through 12/31/12. We’ll select a random winner this week from the comments.

  • HMm said,

    This blog/article is actually a quasi ad for Magic Jack. How do I know? Look at here: How To Dial A Magic Jack Phone Number

    Once you know your friends Magic Jack number you can call it anywhere with a few simple steps:

    1.First dialing the access number 1-305-848-TALK (1-305-848-8255)”

    You have to pay long distance to call the 305 number unless of course you are in Miami-Dade or the Florida Keys portion of Monroe County.

    Also, Magic jack claims you can make calls without a computer. But only after digging and digging around on their website, do you actually see that you must have an internet connection. Having an internet connection without a computer is pointless, now isn’t it? Goes to show you how slimy Magic Jack is.

    I wouldn’t recommend buying their service. Just use their app on your iPhone or Android. People complain incessantly that they cannot reach Magic Jack customer service. BTW, Magic Jack’s long distance rates are rather high.

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  • Enas said,

    It,s a very good way to call friend for free

  • leidi gattorno said,

    Thais for the magic Jack

  • Tiffany said,

    I’ve been using MJ apps for a few week and now it’s stopped working. Do u have any idea why I can’t use it nay more?

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Hi Tiffany – Not sure why it would stop working for you. Perhaps try updating the application.

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    I have the magic jack app for my phone and it comes up as a us number how do I change it to a Canadian number?

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    What if I want to call from the U.S. to another country?

  • Abhi said,


    I am planning to use the magic jack app in India using a wifi connection on an iphone. Will I still be able to make calls to the US for free? Also I am planning to set up call forward to that magic jack number so whenever someone calls me on my US number, it will forward the call to the magic jack number on my iphone which is active on wifi in India. Does this work? Any response is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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  • Puddycatdoll1 said,

    After using my Magicjack for 1 year it cronked out on Dec 31 and I can’t get it to work anymore … Why has this happened. I was using this on my iPhone. Any ideas!

  • Puddycatdoll1 said,

    Please notify me by email regarding my comment I sent earlier about Magicjack!

  • Mary said,

    I have majic jack app but beginning of this new year I logged in to make a call and continuously getting error code 20 and saying I need to be logged into Internet but u am and log out and back in but still receiving same msg

  • said,

    Puddycat I think I have the same issue if it gets resolved pls inform me on how to correct this issue

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

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    Call free USA and Canada

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    hi i would like to download this free international call magic jack phone.

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    I have a magic jack app on my iPhone and I have been using it and loved it, but now for some reason I can’t make calls.
    Can you please tell me if I can speak to somebody over the phone

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    I have the App. but I can’t use it now because the it’s over a year.
    What do I do?

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    Can i col Botswana frm Australia for free? If so how do i call, i have installed it into my phone but everytime i try to call there is an error message said by a male voice.

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    I have iphone3 and install magicjack free call, when i open asked me to enter user name/email address and password. i did and come up your device is not on this account? really appreciate if someone could help me

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