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There is something refreshing about taking a road trip through small town America. Looking for a place to eat breakfast couldn’t be easier.

For example, stopping for waffles at a Waffle House or a traditional meal at Cracker Barrel not only brings back memories, but also makes it easier to decide on what to order for breakfast. You won’t have difficult choices like you would if you were a Diamond member ordering breakfast at the The Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. The Cracker Barrel has a simple menu with something for everyone.

Cracker Barrel

They aren’t hard to find, pretty much every one of them looks like this.

photo 1


If you get tired or need to wait for friends, they have relaxing rocking chairs out front to relax in.

photo 2


And if you ever need anything while you are on the road, they make it convenient to pick up just about anything. You feel like you walk into a general store when entering a Cracker Barrel.

photo 3


The decor is, well, what it is.

photo 4


The menu has traditional favorites including the old timers breakfast for only 7.19, which was an easy choice for this quick stop off the highway. Just needed something to fill up on and this would do the trick.

photo 5


Or you could go for pancakes n’ such if you are into pancakes, which I’m not, I much prefer jelly donuts.

photo 6


The old timers order comes with eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits and gravy, hash, and grits. I added a diet coke and coffee for good measure.

photo 7


The hash isn’t just any hash, it’s hash casserole, with a cheesy flavor crunchy topping.

photo 8


The biscuits are warm and the gravy could clog just about any healthy artery.

photo 9

Bottom Line

Cracker Barrel can be found along your major highways and sure does make selecting a breakfast meal easy. What’s your (would you) order at Cracker Barrel?

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  • Jack said,

    I think you’d be much better served going to and finding something more local.

  • gene said,

    You may want to reconsider giving your business to this company. Google ACTUP and Cracker Barell.

  • DeToqueville said,

    What motivated the trip to Cracker Barrel?

  • Cody said,

    @gene – But they their breakfast is hard to pass up.

  • Anonymous said,

    Yuck! There are so much better breakfast cafes in small towns that serve much better breakfast for a much cheaper price. You need to break away from the chain restaurants.

  • Bill n DC said,

    Cracker Barrel was really bad – affirmatively firing LGBT folks and my Mom was so disappointed when I told her she could not go there any more – we had 1st stopped at CB in Tenn back in the 60s on the way to visit my Dad’s family in Florida. But CB changed within the last 10 years adding Sexual orientation to its non-discrimination policy and the Human Rights Campaign’s 2011 survey noted that the firm had established a non-discrimination policy and had introduced diversity training that included training related to sexual orientation so it got a rating of 55.

  • Dan Lester said,

    We like CB. They’re consistent and fast. If you’re on the road and want something more than McDonalds muffins, they’re a good choice. And yes they have healthier options than biscuits and gravy. I don’t know about their politics, and generally avoid all politics about businesses. I say that as one with a gay son who died of AIDS and another gay son and a bisexual son. Whether I do or don’t eat at CB on occasion won’t make a difference at all.

  • Shindig said,

    What’s simple about their menu? Compare it to your small town cafe’s choices.

    Oh, and for all the C.B. haters, there’s always Chik-fil-A which hires,serves and treats everyone with respect despite their position on gay marriage.

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