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Many business travelers know travel expense policies inside and out. As a result, most expenses are by the book. But these ten expense report items can’t possibly be part of any travel policy.

Here are the ten craziest business expenses of 2012 according to Businessweek.

  1. Goat
  2. Body Oil
  3. Deer Urine
  4. Baby Giraffe – Must have been a Hyatt Diamond Guest :)
  5. Live Baby Octopuses
  6. Dunk Tank – What? That is awesome!
  7. Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments
  8. Laser Tattoo Removal
  9. $1,300 for Henry IV Cognac – This wasn’t me, I promise.
  10. A Trip For A Job Interview

Bottom Line

Most business travels follow expense policies by the book. But there are some bad apples that spoil the bunch.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on an expense list? I hear the “good ole days” were back in 1999…


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  • Jason said,

    Had an employee that submitted cash “guest checks” for a weeks worth of meals. The doofus used sequential check numbers from the pad…

  • Lynn M. said,

    Someone in my organization got fired for a $10.00 cab ride from the airport. Lied about the cab ride when asked, went to inquiry and lied under oath and was fired. The reason it went to inquiry was the boss was told by a fellow employee that he gave the original guy a ride home from the airport.

  • Dan said,

    I was doing travel/expenses in college and an employee submitted a cab reciept for a 70 dollar ride between BWI and their hotel in downtown DC. Only problem was I had booked their flight. It landed at DCA.

  • Archon1995 said,

    A few years ago we received an expense report for “three cases of beer, bartered for use of local resident’s backhoe.” This was in a very remote, rural part of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, and during demobilization the backhoe was needed as a makeshift tractor to pull large equipment out of the work site to solid ground. The amazing thing was, it was valid! We were able to contact the backhoe’s owner and he confirmed it. We still have a copy of the expense report…

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