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I am headed to Vegas in a couple weeks and because of how dry it is out there, I decided to do some research on travel humidifiers. I read a lot of reviews and found that Air-O-Swiss is considered to be a top choice. It is compact and uses bottled water which seems convenient.

The deal

  • I went though Chase portal and found Sears to have 3 extra points/$1
  • The model I chose was Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Retailed for $39.99
  • =119 extra Chase points for my much needed travel purchase

Bottom Line

I am looking forward to trying it out and will post the results. I hope it lives up to the reviews! If anyone has tried this humidifier, please post your thoughts here to let us know what you think.

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  • nikdro said,

    Be sure to write a review once you get a chance to try it out!

  • Delta Points said,

    @TWF – I just got one for my ski trip to Utah. I very much like it but some info:

    1) you can only run it at about 60-70% or it makes a wet spot.
    2) It will only run at that level for about 5 hours so it will run out with a 500ml bottle.
    3) It does make a little noise and the blue light when running is bright.

    It says the max size bottle is a 750ml but if you can find a 1 liter with a small mouth opening, I would think it could run all night long on one fill.

    Being a bit older, I always get up 1x a night so I just had a 2nd bottle ready and switched when I got up. – René

  • clayd333 said,

    Bring chap-stick and eye-drops too. The casinos are very dry and obviously smokey as well.. Have a blast!

  • perryplatypus said,

    Great post, I was actually looking at buying a travel humidifier soon. Thanks!

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    DeltaPoints – Great tips, thanks.

    Clayd333 – More great suggestions. Will do.

    Perryplatypus – Thanks, welcome.

  • andy said,

    I had one and it works well except I like my room really dark and it omits an annoyingly bright blue light. Sold it on ebay.

  • Jon said,

    I have this humidifier and like it a lot. Rene is correct that it will run out of water in the middle of the night if you run it at full blast. I like to use distilled water in mine to reduce the chances of mineral/calcium deposits forming. Most of the hotels I stay at are located near a grocery store or drug store that sells distilled water. Theoretically, you could also pack a gallon in your checked luggage, or you could freeze some and bring it in a carryon (unless you get a cranky TSA agent that won’t let you bring solid, non-liquid ice on board).

  • bababooey said,

    Throw a wet towel over the air conditioner/ or just tough it out Twinkle Toes. Its VEGAS for God’s sake, you’re there for the food, broads and entertainment and to destroy your liver. Maybe we need to change the blog name.

  • Dry Las Vegas Air vs The Air-O-Swiss Portable Humidifier – Travel Gear Review - Points Miles and Martinis said,

    [...] few weeks ago I picked up the Air-O-Swiss portable humidifier through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. I purchased the Air-O-Swiss humidifier to use on when traveling and as a bonus I earned 3x points [...]

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